Ashpet: An Applalachian Cinderella Story

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Set in the Shenandoah Valley at the start of the Civil War, "Ashpet" tells the classic tale of a servant girl who loses a shoe and falls in love. With catchy Roots-inspired music, the Fiddlesticks Production is sure to charm audiences of all ages. Tickets are available at the door or by email reservation. Live Arts. 321 East Water St. 860-538-0705.


Hi Fiddlesticks! The dates are all there...just hover your cursor over the date and it will list all the dates and times. I'm looking forward to seeing the show! Thanks for checking.

Hi All!
I guess it hasn't made it onto the Hook calendar for both shows, but there is a 7pm show as well as a 2 pm show on Saturday, August 8th. Reserve your tickets now at!