Truck driver gets 2 years in teen's death

news-barbourKenneth Barbour, 55, who had already pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving for plowing into Albemarle High student Sydney Aichs as she turned out of Forest Lakes onto U.S. 29 on her way to school May 9, 2008, was sentenced to 10 years in jail July 28, with eight suspended on the manslaughter charge, a $500 fine and six months suspended on the reckless driving charge. He goes back to court November 12 for a $15 million civil suit filed by the Aichs family.

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I think its terrible when a family loses a child so my heart goes out to the family..But My heart goes out to the Barbour family also..I believe Mr.Barbour truely had shown that he knows that he was at blame..So The reason that I am writing this is that I think that the Aichs Family shouldn't be sueing Mr Barbour..Do they really think that 15 million will bring back thier child and also isn't 15 million a little high for a working man with a family..What are they trying to tell the Charlottesville area??? It was a terrible Tragic Accident and I feel for both sides Really I don't know Why I wrote this..Maybe WE ALL SHOULD SAY A PRAYER...