60 years for Wood Grill Buffet killer

mcdowell1Roderick McDowell, 25, the man convicted of fatally bludgeoning William Godsey, 48, with a baseball bat outside the eatery where Godsey's wife, Sandra, worked and was leaving with the day's proceeds April 12, 2007, is sentenced to 45 years for first-degree murder and 15 for robbery July 29 in Albemarle Circuit Court. McDowell, a former employee at the buffet, was convicted on the testimony of jailhouse witnesses, and his accomplice has not been charged.


how can he get 45 years for first degree murder. but the guy who killed the teen in the car crash only got 2? he shouldve got more for killing a minor.

Ain't no Cookie Crisp in the big house, Bro.