Greene makes bolder bark ban

Greene, that scenic semi-rural county just to Albemarle's north, has created a dog-barking ban tougher than Albemarle's, with only a 20-minute rule (contrasted with Albemarle's 30), according to NBC29, which has the story.

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How about the helicopters that fly over and shake the glasses off the shelves or the beef dealer that gets in a load of calves that squall for a week??? No ban on these and yet they make triple the noise. Folks need to contact their neighbors if there is a problem and leave the law out of it. Maybe we should just call Obama and have a beer conference on this as he is now our CEO.

Looks like some residents of Greene will not get relief. And that the Free Enterprise Folks oppose these ordinances all together.

"The new ordinance will apply to all areas of the County except lots of 5 acres or more in C-1 or A-1 districts.

When Albemarle considered adopting a similar ordinance, Free Enterprise Forum President Neil Williamson questioned the wisdom in ââ?¬Å?abdicat[ing] all aspects of personal responsibility and creat[ing] an Orwellian world where the Board of Supervisors is empowered to legislate good neighborship?”

The Free Enterprise Forum wonders if Greene County should be so eager for follow Albemarle’s example. While Greene County is admittedly in transition from a rural county, one wonders ââ?¬Å?have we already progressed or regressed so much that the best solution for a bad neighbor is to slap them with criminal penalties?”

There won't be a migration north to Greene unless the schools improve. New residents with kids move to Albemarle. That's why so much of the population growth in Greene is retirees who in turn, don't want more money spent on the schools.

Btw, I doubt the airport noise in Greene is very much compared to what it is in Advance Mills, Earlysville, Forest Lakes and Hollymeade all of which are closer to the airport than is Greene.

Looking for drugs, marihuana patches.

Does this barking ban extend to the rural areas in Greene as well ?
That would really attract Albemarle barking averse homeowners.

Greene has figured out a way to attract sleep deprived, dog harassed, Albemarle residents who want some peace and quiet. Wonder if we'll see a migration ?

Why are helicopters flying over Greene County? I don't know where they would be coming from or why you would hear them enough to note them. Now the calves, that I understand.

the charlottesville airport is only a 10 minute drive from the county line is good to see the sups to the north of Albemarle have more sense than the bury your head in the sand Albemarle supervisors.

The grass height should be handled through mediation as we are told negligent barking should be by Albemarle's lame board.