Chick Tragic and the Roosters

This particular gig is revelatory, in a way: Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson turned their awkwardly eponymous alt-folk duo thing into a rock band a few months back – "Chick Tragic and the Roosters," they called it, after a little deliberation (and one gig under the even-more-awkward name "The Carl Anderson and Carleigh Nesbit Band"). But being that this acoustic trio performance is still being billed as a Chick Tragic show despite including only newly-added violinist Shankar Srinivasan, it's pretty clear that somewhere along the way Anderson was downgraded from namesake to mere Rooster. Sorry dude. Good thing he loves roosters!

Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Three Steps Out The Door [live]
Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Passing Through
Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Train Song

Carleigh Nesbit - Three Steps Out The Door
Carleigh Nesbit - River Run Dry
Carleigh Nesbit - Turn On The Heat
Carleigh Nesbit - Your City Skies


Clearly, it should have been billed as "Chick Tragic and Carl Anderson featuring special guest One Rooster."

Chick Tragic and the Roosters played for Mary Anderson and Matt Lang's wedding on Sunday 8/30/09 and they were GREAT!!! A very nice addition to the celebration!

great ...

Now Wade and Jeff are going to be "crowing,"

I wanna be the "special rooster."

More madness in the hen house ...

...thanks Vijith!


Hey Vijith,

A little miscommunication from us when we sent you the info about this gig.

The Millmont Grille wanted an acoustic set for their patio so we went small. It turned out to be a great night, Shankar was killer, and we're planning on coming back soon.

But, for the full Rooster barnyard experience, we're doing a show with YARN this Thursday (August 20th) at Is Venue. Should be a tight show with the boys from Brooklyn.

Carl? Shankar? Jeff? Wade? So many roosters to put in their "pecking order." What's a girl to do?

These kids are amazing songwriters! If this is the stuff they are writing NOW.....the future looks bright for them!!