Supes see [photo] red

news-photo-enforcedThe public can weigh in on photo-red stoplight enforcement before the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors votes on installing cameras at three intersections– U.S. 29 and Rio Road, U.S. 29 and Hydraulic, and Richmond and Stony Point roads– at its Wednesday, August 5, meeting. Proponents say the cameras deter red-light running; critics claim the devices increase rear-end crashes. The public hearing portion starts 10:15am, and photo red, or "traffic light signal violation monitoring systems," as it's dubbed on the agenda, is the last item.


But there is a constitutional right. No unfair or Crual Punishment. The state just goy done vetoing some of that.

Why not just install a box in your car that reports you every time you speed?

Another problem red light cameras create is the increase of people taking the front license plate off their cars.

Anybody taking the front license plate off their car should be sentenced to a mandatory 6 months in jail. And maybe a $1,000 fine. This could generate a tremendous amount of revenue.

hoolarius rambo and richard the lion hearted..
Don't praise it until you have lived under it.

Anyone that says that they have never run a red light has never turned left from 29 south onto Rio rd. If you enter that intersection at even a moderate speed and the light turns yellow once you are committed it WILL be red before you get all the way through.

The part that you folks don't understand is that these "land mines" create MORE road rage as people try and navigate their way through them. In NOVA people purposely slow down and then speed up to nail the person behind them. The speed cameras are set on downhills and around curves and are there to generate income. The other thing that often happens is that as you are going across an intersection the vehicle three cars up decides to turn into a parking lot and stops to let the person out first thus impeding traffic all the way back. One cannot be expected to stop at at every green light to make sure that this is not occurring.

I am not against tickets for running red lights but that is why it needs to be witnessed by an officer of the court who can make a reasonable judgment and testify to the judge. as much as I question officers judgment it at least brings common sense to the circumstance.

The other issue is that if you want to contest it you have to take a day off work and for most it is easier to pay the balckmail then lose time from work. Also those who are innocent but cannot afford the time off work (for job security reasons in additon to the money) are the real victims.

I received a red light ticket for moving out of the way of a firetuck. I had the choice of paying or driving to arlington to contest it. A Police officer would have NEVER written the ticket.

The punishment is also unfair. A person working at Hardees has to give up an entire days net pay for geting caught on the way to work while the overpaid government worker who wastes taxpayers money might only give up 1/4 of a days pay. If this were jail time it would be unconstituional on its face.

There is enough stress in this town without adding this to it.

Yeah, it's simple, if your breaking the law, you're breaking the law. If you don't want a ticket, don't run a red light. People want clearly marked red lights. Come on, do you get a clearly marked cop with a radar gun on 29? No. Again, it's simple, don't break the law. This is a simple issue. If the light is red, or is going to be, don't run it.

I don't have a problem with red light cameras as long as the intersections with them are clearly marked as having them- and as long as the leave the long yellow.

What I do have issue with is how the BoS is holding this hearing in the middle of a work week at 10:15am. How many opponents do you think will be able to take off from work to participate? And the tucking it all the way at the end of the meetings agenda. "Oops, we've only got 5 minutes left for the public hearing portion of our meeting today."

I think anybody who runs a red light should have their driver's license revoked for 6 months. And no work permit exceptions allowed as well. That's one of the major problems with DUI, people are given a license to get to and from work.

The existing "traffic cameras" perched on stoplights have a dual purpose. Ordinarily they monitor car counts to adjust light timing. But if some snipers start shooting up highways (you will recall the three week reign of terror of Mohammed and Malvo and the highway shooters in Waynesboro) they can convert to police surveillance cameras. Right now they are not connected to any video tape or DVD; that would change with a need for surveillance. Red light cameras, a different type camera altogether, were opposed in the General Assembly, but that changed over time--police state safety trumps what's left of liberty. Wangitus is right. These cameras are anathema. Any Board of Sup. who votes for it? Find out their opponent in the next election and contribute every dime you can.

Hoolarious... FINALLY, some sense spoken in this colum! Thank you very much, all points made are right on the money! 3 years ago I moved from a town in MD that had the red light photo system at a particularly bad intersection. Too many very serious and deady accidents to number, happend all to frequently there. Once those cameras were installed and drivers finally realized that the state meant business on enforcing the law... accidents were reduced and the initial spike in tickets declined. It's all a matter of drivers getting the message and driving like it's the most dangerous activity/PRIVLAGE we as cititzens have. People should embrace this measure, not fight it. Why shouldn't people who break the law and have no consideration for others safety be allowed to continue these actions and not PAY THE PRICE?!

I am sure there is a lot of money to be collected and that is probably the main reason for this, but as someone who rides a motorcycle everyday in this town I can honestly say there are a lot of people running red lights. I understand that we all get caught in a yellow where you don't know if you should stop or keep going, but I see a least one person each day cross an intersection as it is turning red. As far an rear ending someone, it seems they must be following too close to begin with if someone decides to stop during a yellow light and they keep going.

In the agenda it says there will be sensors in the lines, and a half second grace to get through before the pictures of car and license plate are snapped. No word on if they're going to get a shot of the driver.

I think what we're all talking about here are heat sensors to trigger the lights. They used to use wires in the road but these are the new way of doing it.

this is a link to an article about a town in Ohio that gave out 10,000 tickets in the FIRST MONTH. They collected a MILLION DOLLARS that will NOT be going to local businesses.....

Do the math people.... this is 100% about money.

Only 20% of the traffic down 29 is "pass thru" the rest is on us.

I have a really simple solution: Don't run red lights.

Not the problem Andrew. Many localities are using this as a revenue stream and shortening yellow light time to catch more people. The real way to avoid crashes in intersections is longer yellow time and more delay from red to next green. That and actual enforcement of existing laws.

Besides, the burden of proof needs to be on the locality, and a photograph of a license plate is not enough to prove the person driving is the person who owns a car. It's a creepy, underhanded, illegal tax.

That was less serious a contention than the rest, but I definitely didn't present it that way. My bad. It's a "tax."

So I guess all the other cameras at various intersections in the county are FAKE then?

teen driver, many emergency vehicles are equipped with a device called Opticom that emits a flashing light, much like a strobe light. Select intersections have sensors mounted on the traffic signal head that receive the flashing light from the approaching emergency vehicle. Once the sensor recognizes the emergency vehicle, the traffic signal head will change to green from whatever color is displaying to traffic. This is what you are obviously mistaking for cameras.

ps - the city does have some cameras to monitor traffic in select intersections as well.

I'm getting Rambos's front licence plate and putting it on my steer cleer and running every red light in town!

Yeap Rambos in the front, Farm use in the Back! Be like a mullet.

Unbeknownst to the public for the most part, you can go on the Virginia DMV web site and order a sample plate with any personalization you want on it.

For example, if you want a purple heart vanity plate with the personalization of "USARMY" on it, you can order a sample for $20. You do not have to meet the normal requirements a person has to prove in order to posess these as samples. If you order 2, you could actually put decals on them and run them illegally on your car if so inclined.

This is a pretty scary thought. DMV has no business issuing any number, digits or personalization that a citizen already has reserved and displayed on their car legally. Somebody already has "USARMY" reserved and displayed on one of their cars in Virginia.

I don't have a problem with having police officers man these troublesome intersections, but I do have an issue with being surveiled where ever I go ...

Luckily ...

And rear-end crashes with ~~serious injuries~~ will increase.

Revenue placed ahead of public safety! You gotta love it!

You have to be there at 10:15 AM on a workday to comment? Does the Albemarle BOS typically meet during work hours?

Crap. Watch the yellow time get shorter if they get it through. It's all about raising money.

If it's such good policy, why not buy the system outright instead of letting a FOR-PROFIT COMPANY take a cut from every ticket?

Privatizing law enforcement is a bad idea.

teen driver, I could be totally wrong, but I think those are sensors for the fire department, police, etc. to change the light when there is an emergency.

So, how does it work? The Rio-29 intersection is so large that you can enter it early in the yellow cycle and not clear it by the time the light turns red. Does that man you get a ticket? Should you slam on the brakes the moment the light turns yellow?

It's not a "tax", Jimbo. It may be stupid, but it ain't a "tax."

I have a big problem with this unless it's the type of system that focuses on the license plate AND the driver's face. Otherwise, it's up to the car's owner to prove that he or she wasn't driving at the time. The burden of proof must be on the county, not the vehicle owner. And the 3rd party element of this is offensive.

Hopefully, if this is adopted it will have a sunset provision and if they can't prove conclusively that the red light cameras reduced accidents, injuries, and death, they pull the program regardless of how much $ it has generated.

You guys and girls can debate this thing until Jupiter becomes inhabited with humans. But the reality of it is the fact Albemarle County has already decided to go ahead with this. They are just like every other city and county in Virginia, they're hurting for money and need it fast. They can't follow VDOT's lead and lay off anybody during this major recession. The city likewise. It's full speed ahead for both the city and county, they're going to keep every employee they have.

Wait, we can inhabit Jupiter?

I knew about the flashing lights for emergency vehicles. What I am referring to are the obvious looking cameras that are perched about 3 feet above the traffic lights pointed at the line where you're supposed to stop at. I've heard of such "cameras" being placed in strategic locations nationwide in order to create the illusion that we're being monitored. Then again this was hear-say not something that was published or broadcasted.

check out what happens when they put in these traffic cameras....

They are quite unfair... it is too easy to get caught in a bad situation.. suppose you are going through green and someone sudennly stops to turn 5 cars ahead and things come to a standstill... the light is green when you enter and red when you leave.. this will happen at least once an hour.. is that fair???


no sympathy for the complainers, no concerns about red-light cameras at all. I don't run red lights. I don't tailgate behind people who do run red lights. I don't want to be t-boned when I pull into a green-lighted intersection by some a$$ who runs a red light because he figures his time is more important than anyone else's life. you can see lighted intersections from a long way off. put down your cell phone, pay attention to the road, take note of whether or not that light has been green for a long time or not. if it's been green for a long time, ease off the accelerator because it's probably going to turn yellow. every time you approach a lighted intersection you should be thinking defensively, easing off, getting ready to slow down, even if it's green. if you don't, you're a self-involved, irresponsible driver who shouldn't be allowed to drive in the first place (it's a responsibility more than it is a right). wah, wah, unfair--DRIVE RESPONSIBLY, for crying out loud.




DOH! Wrong discussion, sorry.

Ooops...correction above. I meant Rio and 29...not Hydraulic and 29.