More forgeries, more duped

Congressman Tom Perriello wasn't the only lawmaker to get forged constituent letters trying to sway his Cap-and-Trade vote, reports Brian McNeill, who broke in the Daily Progress what's become a national story. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, which hired the D.C. lobbying firm– Bonner & Associates– that sent out the fake letters, says it's a victim, too, and "outraged."

Not since Dems 4 Day in 1995 has such a dubious tactic electrified the political scene, and this one actually goes farther, as instead of concocting a bogus group, it involved forged letters purporting to come from real groups such as the local chapter of the NAACP.

–last updated 1:12pm, August 11

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Could this be just another diversion so people won't think about Obamacare? Has anyone not received mail that does NOT belong to them especially from the wrong "PARTY"? What next?