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This is as far as the canoe could get on August 3, 2009.
On May 2, 2008, the dock was surrounded by water.
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What a difference a year has made in Loch Leigh, a rapidly-shrinking water body in the West Leigh subdivision. Last year, the dock in the background was surrounded by water and geese. This year, by grass. Whether by siltation, a drop in the water level, or both, the surface area shows shrinkage as seen in this view from a canoe (which bottomed out in the five-inch-deep water at this point). Perhaps the residents will make like the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority and study dredging.


Maybe West Leigh can partner with Rivanna when a firm is hired to dredge the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir and get a deal. Wonder how many other lakes-ponds need dredging in the area ? Think there's a dredging career waiting for some enterprising local person.

The lowering of Loch Leigh's water level appears to be more the consequence of the rusting out of the water-exit-standpipe at the dam's end of the lake,rather than siltation.(which more effects its depth than footprint.)

As the pipe shortens, so the lake level lowers. We, in the neighborhood, are working on ways to restore the lake and dam, and to return it to the amenity it has been, and can be again, with a little help from its friends....