Supes crack down on 'moonscapes'

news-hollymeadmoonscape-deganHollymead Town Center inspired a new county ordinance August 6 that requires contractors to install permanent vegetation nine months after grading a site. Parts of the north 29 shopping center have been denuded for three years, and downstream neighbors claim Lake Hollymead picked up 50 years worth of siltation from the "moonscape," hence the amended water protection ordinance. Developer Wendell Wood contends the County required grading of the whole site and points out that the project was never cited by the County or State Water Control Board.
–Updated 12:15pm
–2006 photo of Hollymead Town Center by Skip Degan


A "little too late." The damage is already there!

The Board of Supervisors is ALWAYS years behind the curve. They have yet to get out in front of an issue. Visionary is a word they can't even spell. Not proactive. Not active, Not even reactive. Just plain SLOW!

why would the county cite it while they were rubbing their fists counting the $$$ they could spend? let us see what they do about livestock denuding the stream banks and fields - or is that viewed as rural character?

Dump trucks need to pass a fifty foot rumble strip prior to entry to a public roadway. Why not a vegitation strip for water? or something man made thats cheeper then the retention pond.