Dog vomit slime mold

news-yellowfungus-actuallydogvomitslimemold With this unually moist summer, so-called dog vomit slime mold has been having a banner year. Photographed here August 8 near Ivy.

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How is it that Sick of the Local Rambo's hasn't hijacked this thread yet? Seems like exactly his sort of thing. Maybe some long tirade on how police blah blah blah... did him wrong and made him sick...

Ssshhh, CC, keep it down! Sick is home asleep in his little jammies, dreaming that he's a sheriff in the old Wild West with a gen-u-wine tin star on his chest and a six-shooter at his waist. When that mean ol'Bad Bart comes to town, Sheriff Sick is gonna show all the other deputies who's boss when he takes that no-good hombre down.

Or maybe he's dreaming he's an outer space Bounty Hunter tracking down alien evildoers in his rocket ship (but never chasing them so recklessly that they smash into any innocent asteroids, because that would be irresponsible).

will it make me holusinate? you know, see funney stuff?

Maybe. Check this out if you're a science fiction lover.

what will it look like after the sun melts it?

If you're lucky enough to have this in your yard, it has nothing to do with dogs or vomit, and you may want to scramble it with your eggs tomorrow morning the way the Mexicans do, considered a culinary delicacy called " "caca de luna".

One other factoid--it inspired the movie, " The Blob "

quote: "How is it that Sick of the Local Rambo’s hasn’t hijacked this thread yet?"

Had a rookie make a deposit like this on the side of the road one night. It was the first fatal crash the rookie had ever responded to. Even worse yet, a volunteer with the rescue squad came along and slipped in the stuff. He ended up with a twisted ankle.

sometimes reality sucks, but this time i loved it