Trust Company

When Trust Company first showed up to the alt-rock party just as the keg started to dry up in 2002, there was something unsettlingly corporate about them. They sounded a bit like Linkin Park might if they swapped out the rapper for a sludgier bassist from the likes of Alice In Chains or Tool, and fer chrissakes, their name even had the word "company" in it (they had changed it from "41 Down" to avoid confusion with pop-punk boy band Sum 41, who had broken out the year before). But that, in a way, is also their strength: the EMI-approved hooks were stronger than any real metal band's should ever be, which is probably why the All Music Guide praised their debut, not unreasonably, as "one of the most infectious alternative metal albums" of the year.

They hung it all up in about 2005, and curiously enough are only reuniting now even though their niche is dramatically out of vogue. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense on paper, but we're clearly not talking about a band that doesn't know when to quit and keeps holding out for the comeback album. When it comes to reviving deceased alt-metal bands, we could do a whole lot worse.