Another reason to visit

American newspapers are now losing movietime advertising, according to the AP. Indeed, in Charlottesville, the theater chains may still run a tiny ad in the Progress, but often it'll merely point readers to a chain's website. We recommend (and own) this one:


I don't go to the movies anymore. Too expensive. Too crowded. The few times I have wanted to go, have been when I discovered I had a few xtra hours in the middle of the day (and mid-week) free to kill. But then ultimately scrapped the idea because there were no movie time listings in ANY of the papers.

All of the above, and...there is so little worth watching at the movies these least worth paying to watch.

If you can post a message here at 3:54 on a weekday, then you could go to and look up a movie listing. :)

I don't find the Charlottesville theaters too crowded, especially before 5:00 or so. But the ads they show before the movies annoy me, why am I paying $8 to watch advertisements?

If you can go in the middle of the week and before 5, no it's not too crowded. But it's near impossible to "Plan" a trip to the movies in the middle of the week for me. A trip to the movies before 5 in the middle of the week is a "spur of the moment" type of thing. Work doesn't allow for web access. And I'm not paying for one of those wireless web phone gadgets to visit the internet and check movie listings.

I had just gotten off work early and was at home. It's a 45 minute drive to cville (the nearest theaters). That isn't a spur of the moment decision to go to the movies. A spur of the moment decision is when I'm still in town with time to kill to see a movie- and can find out what's playing where and at what time. That function used to be filled by the newspapers and not just in Fridays edition.