Mac is back: Voice of Cavs leaps to rival

news-mcdonald-gottschalkMac McDonald starts broadcasting August 31 and takes his former UVA play-by-play colleague Adam Gottschalk's afternoon slot on WKAV while Gottschalk moves his sports talk to the morning.

More than a year ago, Mac McDonald abruptly left his job doing sports radio play-by-play on WINA radio. Almost as unexpectedly, he's back on the air starting Monday, August 31, not for UVA nor his old pals at WINA, but with his own drive-time syndicated show airing on the competition AM station, WKAV Sports Radio 1400.

McDonald says he was about to move to Orlando after working on a book for the past year. "I had people pushing me to get back on radio and do UVA and ACC sports," says McDonald.

He found a partner– MLC Advertising in Harrisonburg– and the MLC Network was formed.

"Inbound with Mac McDonald" airs from 3 to 6pm weekdays in Harrisonburg, Staunton, Lexington, Lynchburg and Roanoke, as well as Charlottesville. They're looking to expand to other markets, and McDonald hints he has something in the works with NBC29.

McDonald calls it a case of doing what you know best. "I've been in radio for 35 years," he says, "and I've never had my own show for any length of time."

The show will focus on colleges in the region. "A lot of UVA, a lot of Virginia Tech, a lot of ACC," he says. "I'm going to talk about what fans want to talk about."

That includes unjailed football star Michael Vick and disappearing former Glenmore homeowners' treasurer Michael Comer. "I would have done that from the golf standpoint," explains McDonald, whose promos seem to promise inside info.

The biggest change being back on the radio? No longer the Voice of the Cavaliers, he doesn't have to flack for the UVA football and basketball. He says he parted on good terms with UVA and its coaches, expects good access, and isn't interested in an attack show. However, he does get to opine.

"For the first time," he declares, "I've got a venue, and I can voice my opinion."


With McDonald taking the afternoon slot, Adam Gottschalk, host of "The Fourth Quarter," moves to the a.m. on AM.

"It's great," says Gottschalk, whose own departure from the Virginia Sports Network and calling UVA games coincided with McDonald's. "Everyone in radio aspires to mornings."

Gottschalk foresees a more fast-paced show. "It'll still be driven by my opinions, and it'll still be my show," he says.

"His audience is younger," says WKAV program manager Joe Thomas. "There are no AM morning sports shows. He'll draw 25 to 34 males– the same audience as 3WV."

Gottschalk is working on a new name for the 7 to 9am show, maybe "The First Quarter" or "Kickoff." For now, it's just "WKAV Morning Show."

"I'm nervously optimistic," Gottschalk says. "I'm excited at the chance to do it and to be the first voice people hear in the morning."
Updated 4:40pm with the omitted time of Gottschalk's show.


Ah well. Hope Mac's good then. If not, there's always your show.

And that came out wrong. Keep up the good work, Joe.

Sorry, Jim. As of now it will be 7am-9am.

Dropping Czaban's show is a big mistake. Guess I'll have to move over to 840 for the morning sports news.

Is 1400 simulcast on FM? I can't seem to get 1400 in many places.

Even the promos for Dan Patrick's show suck: something about en fuego. It's every bit as tired as Stu Scott and Chris Berman.

Joe Thomas: I don't know if you're still reading this, but is there any chance of rebroadcasting Czaban's show when Petros and Money air in the evening? That show is completely LA-centric, and the hosts yell for no reason. Not even a remotely decent replacement for Siciliano. I know I'd listen to Czabe in the evening, and I bet I'm not alone.

With Roanoke being the biggest market, does this mean more VaTech coverage in CVille the "Voice of the HOOS?" There's too much already and that's why I can't stand the "Home of the HOkies" 1400 Am.

This is CVIlle the "Home of the Hoos" Thats why I don't listen to 1400 AM. I can't get 840 anywhere either. More VT means I change to XM.

Welcome back Mac! You've been missed. The new UVa guy is below average. Can't hold a candle to you. When he first started, he pronounced Greenwich, CT as "greenwitch," not "grennich." All I kept thinking was "Where's the turnip truck that guy fell off of and where's Mac?" LOL

The Mac is back!!! HOORAY!!!

What time is Gottschalk's show running? Please say 9AM, please say 9AM. I can't stand Dan Patrick's show but enjoy Czaban's.

Gottschalk is the morning is a terrible idea. He's going head to head with Mike and Mike on ESPN 840... which means Adam will be off the air in 90 days.

As for Mac, he's never had his own show for a reason. I'd rather listen to a can opener than hear that washed up has-been regale us with who he slept with at the Continental Tire Bowl. Now I have no reason to listen to anything BUT 840.


There's always XM as well. I'll give Mac a shot, but will likely move on to Joe Thomas's show fulltime. I can't get 840 anywhere. But I wish there was a way to continue to get Czaban without paying for it.

Are you kidding me? Dropping Czabe for Gotschalk? Bad, bad move.

What's next, dropping Rome for Jerry Miller? What happened to that dude anyways?

To 840 I go in the mornings.