Afton man charged in runner car robberies

news-theft-suspect-corbinAfter a spate of thefts from the vehicles of runners who parked in a pastoral spot in Western Albemarle County, police have arrested a suspect: 20-year-old Afton resident Ricky Allen Corbin Jr. of Pugh's Store Road. Police say they arrested Corbin around noon on Friday, September 4, when they caught him in the act of attempting to steal items from a parked vehicle located in the 2500 block of Ridge Road. The site is popular with runners for its mountain views, canopy of shade trees, and–- until recently–- freedom from urban ills. Corbin has been charged with one felony count of attempted grand larceny, one misdemeanor count of vehicle tampering, and one misdemeanor count of  marijuana possession. A call to the telephone number listed for Corbin, who has been released on bond, resulted in a message that it has been disconnected.

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The County is very effective with using bait cars too.


Maybe the county cops can teach the city cops how to catch the person(s) busting Charlottesville wide open every night!