Hunt's book scores big

hunt-bookPhotographer Billy Hunt's book A CLAW to Remember  has received an honorable mention in the Photography Book Now international competition of self-published books. Of the more than 2,400 submissions from 50 countries, Hunt's book was one of 25 to receive honorable mentions in the editorial category and will be part of a worldwide touring exhibit. The contest comes with a $25,000 grand prize.


this guy rocks --- congrats Billy great book !

yeah, whats up, why aren't you'll givin' Sheridan any props?

Jon's book is awesome. Here is a link to his book.

And, in fairness to The Hook, Jon is a lot more modest then me. I tend to trumpet my accomplishments a more then him.

Agreed - Billy's work in general is great, and the CLAW book/pics are as cool as it gets.

Jon-Phillip Sheridan also received an Honorable Mention. C'ville photographers are badass!