Snap: Sunset on Court Square

news-courtsquaresunset-med Court Square glows in the sunset at 7:24pm on Friday, 9/11.


and looking at this picture you'd think Charlottesville was a quiet, picturesque, small town, sparsely populated, with little traffic and tree lined streets --oh those were the days

Clover, in my family one was always suppose to smile and move on if something changed for better or worse --never a time to miss what had been and was no more -- there are many good changes that have come to Charlottesville, but not all, and perhaps it was that particular day when remembering was in the air that I allowed myself that feeling too.

Cvillelover: adores automobiles and hates trees. Tool, why don't YOU move?

Mean people


little mean people!

Then MOVE!!! Things change....get used to it. Move to Louisa or maybe Mayberry.