Snap: Emptying stands bad omen for Groh

news-footballstandsemptying-med Big holes like this one were opening up as dejected fans began fleeing Scott Stadium even before the fourth quarter began in UVA's 30-14 loss to TCU Saturday afternoon. But this is how Section 123 looked with 11:57 left in the game.

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Virginia football

one hellUVA joke

Agreed, bring back the ties and I'll bet you'll see a serious football team .

i don't think the choice of the uva fan's clothing has anything to do with the horribleness of the team. they could come to the stadium naked and uva would still loose.

I drove by the stadium an hour after the game began (4pm) and it looked half empty. Accept for the blaring amplified music there were no hoots or hollers when the game ended --dead silence It did look like Groh accomplished one thing --a sea of orange fans.

At least that would turn out the fans !

maybe it's time to change the school colors? The Blue/Orange combo always seemed pretty mamby-pamby to me. I mean, it is not threatening in the least. no wonder the football team stinks!

Get rid of Groh. Get rid of the silly Sword design and the last names on the uniforms. And bring back Coach Welch or someone with similar offensive and defensive game plans. Thats the only way to turn this program around.

Remember there is life without football --lots of great music in this town --maybe that's where you want to spend your time and money--bet U2 wouldn't have any trouble packing Scott Stadium --that's an idea teach the Cavs to sing and dance

Al Groh promised us if the fans wore orange t-shirts instead of ties we would have a serious football program. How could such a brilliant plan go wrong?

Don't now what's wrong with my fingers today. I meant:

Those shirts are almost as ugly as the *ones* flocks of Virginia Tech fans come out in.

Those shirts are almost as ugly as the only flocks of Virginia Tech fans come out in.