Daughtry plays JPJ

He started as a Fluco, befriended Andy Waldeck, got daily gushes in the Progress when he was on American Idol in 2006, came back in triumph in 2007 to Starr Hill Music Hall, back again last year at the Paramount Theater–- and now suddenly he leaps to ginormous John Paul Jones Arena. It's Daughtry, Chris Daughtry; And tickets for the November 20 show ($31.50-$41.50) go on sale this Saturday, September 19 at 10am. (There's time to buy them online and still rush to Court Square for the unveiling of a bust of Meriwether Lewis at 11am!)

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anybody else notice his music SUCKS!

Anybody else know Chris and some of his current band members who used to play at Trax and work at local music stores? If you don't like his music well great thanks for your thoughts. But these guys are local and they ain't playin the Pav. I bet a ton of people go see them at the John. Congrats guys way to come back home in style. I guess selling records and playing shows is so easy anyone can do it. Ever notice the ones not doing s*$# are always the ones talking s^%$?

anybody else notice his photo looks like a dildo?