Coyote takes Jessica Simpson's dog

Suburban fears may rise as word spreads that singer (and recent JPJ performer) Jessica Simpson watched in horror as her tiny poodle-maltese slipped into the clutches of a coyote before her eyes at home in California.

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Thats what happens when Mankind moves into animals territory. We have invaded and ruined their territory with homes and shopping centers. They have to eat as well, so they prey upon small pets. I live in the countryside in Texas, and we also have a coyote problem. All my neighbors have had small dogs eaten by coyotes. You learn to take precautions. In our neighborhood we no longer let our cats and dogs out at night, and people take their dogs out for a walk on a leash. Coyotes are usually scared off by adult people. Jessica knows there are coyotes in her area. I don't know why Jessica didn't take her dog out on a leash. If she saw the dog get taken by coyotes, why didn't she go after it, she might have scare the coyote off. I think Jessica is jusing Sympathy once again for publicity since her new show is coming out.

what liberal responses ? Sounds like we agree with you. The value may not be the story but the responses that follow.

Obama, sounds as if you might be a misanthropist.

Do you ever have suicidal thoughts?

If so, please seek professional help.

Hey "Obama", sounds like you're the one doing most of the whining.

I doubt seriously if Jessica Simpson needs anybody's sympathy.

Because unfortunately this is what most Americans gobble up every day as news and then spend the rest of the day having panic attacks and killing helpless animals to protect themselves and their domesticated pets.

With NewerCviller in asking if this is newsworthy. I've lived in several places with coyotes, and, yes, they sometimes eat pets. That's just the way of the world.

It would be more news worthy if her poodle ate a coyote.

Really, who cares about this story or about the stupid liberal responses that follow. We live in a wild world. Try as we may to avoid the wild, it will always win and guaranteed it will be here long after we are. So yes, it's sad that a wild animal ate a pet, but perhaps she could have taken precautions. What's more sad is the endless whining of people who live in Albemarle County about every useless topic. Seriously, ladies especially, shave your pits, drive the spead limit, go to work, deflate your egos, and realize that not everything is a cause that requires you to march. Summary - get a life.

Here's the big difference between California and Virginia regarding Coyotes. In California it's illegal to shoot and kill them even if they are preying on your pets, and have come right into your back yard looking for seconds to that last fido snack they had.

In Virginia they're much more sensible about it. If the animal is unafraid of you enough to let you see it and stand still long enough then it's okay to shoot them.

And yes in California there are some areas more prone to Coyotes than others, however when you frequently see them crossing Mullholland Drive at Laurel Canyon ( Map Link) at 10:30pm at night it's a little ridiculous because it's a jam packed residential area in the middle of the city.

We all need to get a grip on fear --it leads to needless actions like the recent killing of the grey fox, and imagine if someone's dog is eaten in Albemarle...good-bye coyotes. Remember the wonderful song by Bill Staines that John McCutcheon recorded:

" All God's critters got a place in the choir
Some sing low, some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
Some just clap their hands, or paws
Or anything they got now."

good to keep this bit of wisdom in mind before we remake the suburban landscape devoid of " dangerous " wildlife.

Why is this newsworthy?

Why is this newsworthy?

Because it gives people something to read as they sit down to their first cup of coffee once they arrive at work and turn on the company computer and surf the web on company time. It's even more fun if the employer provides the coffee free.

At least a dingo didn't eat her baby.

There are lots of coyotes in Albemarle... too bad we can't get them to eat politicians..

I hope those coyotes know enough to stay on 5 acres or more since that is the safe zone for their crying/barking in Albemarle.

I am excited for Jessica Simpson with her boyfriend. They look such a good couple. You can tell by their eyes that they are very much in love with each other