Career launcher: UVA's Playboy models find big success

news-playboy-jennaJenna Arianna is the only Cavalier in Playboy's current "Girls of the ACC."

When the latest issue of Playboy hit the stands last Friday, UVA students got a revealing glimpse of one of their own: Jenna Arianna, a blond linguist who eschews Greek in favor of Latin." In fact, the lovely Jenna Arianna (whose last name is Llewellyn) is a Fourth Year art major who kept her audition a secret from even her sorority sisters until she'd been selected.

"I didn't want to jinx it," she says, adding that encouragement from both parents and one of UVA's previous "Girls of the ACC" convinced her.

"She made it sound like the coolest thing ever, and she was right," says Llewellyn, who was flown to Chicago by the magazine for her photo shoot last spring.

Jenna's encouraging Playboy predecessor is Amanda Paige Gellar–- who first appeared in the magazine's October 2004 edition, went on to be the next year's Miss October, and following her 2006 graduation, the former Wahoo appeared on the magazine's cover in 2007.

In one interview, Paige raved about meeting Hugh Hefner and appearing in several episodes of The Girls Next Door, the reality tv show featuring Hef and his three live-in girlfriends. But in her centerfold "data sheet," where one "turn-off" was "guys without any goals in life," Paige made it clear she had an ambitious goal of her own: law school.

hotseat-paige-autographAmanda Paige– known then as Paige Gellar– signs autographs of the 2004 "Girls of the ACC" issue.

The Hook caught up with her recently to learn she's followed through by matriculating at University of Richmond law school this fall. She's aiming for entertainment law and believes her Bunny work can only help, starting with the money she's earned for the expensive private law school.

"It helps," says Gellar. "Through doing Playboy, I got a Bunny costume, and I still do promotions." (She says she just returned from an appearance in Detroit and will be in Miami in October for a Playboy Halloween party.)

Gellar's new classmates don't seem fazed by her Playboy connection.

"I thought no one knew about it," she laughs. "Everyone's so competitive and focused, that it's more about the work rather than what your social life is."

While Gellar capitalized on her exposure more than others, she's not the only nude 'Hoo to enter the legal field.

Appearing in the very first "Girls of the ACC" issue back in 1983, Cara Lee Macdonald told Playboy readers she planned a law career and indeed spent a decade as a commercial litigator before launching her own San Francisco-based legal recruiting firm.

"It's sorta like a chance to realize a fantasy," Macdonald told the Washington Post in a 1983 interview, adding that her mother, a model, was "especially proud" of the resulting outdoor photo which the Post described "in a meadow– her dark pubic hair in vivid contrast to the golden straw in the background." (Such contrast would be impossible for today's depilation-minded coeds.)

In another article, this one in the Baltimore Sun, Macdonald portrayed the Playboy gig as a great opportunity to grab before age takes its toll. "I'll be glad I didn't let that chance pass me by."

Now operating Macdonald Legal Placement, Macdonald didn't respond to an interview request, but another model-turned-barrister says that nearly 20 years later she has little regret.

news-playboy-smorgasbord UVA's "Girls of the ACC" through the years.

"It's really great for your self esteem," says 41-year-old Tiffany, who requests that her last name be withheld because her nude Playboy picture caused a family rift of sorts. Other than that one "surprising" reaction, she says, the experience was "wonderful."

"I had the nicest letters," she says, "from people, saying, 'Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.'

After posing in 1990, when she was a Fourth Year, Tiffany attended law school and passed the Virginia bar, but soon moved to Illinois, where she married and now spends her time raising four daughters. If one of them had the chance for a similar experience, Tiffany says she'd give her blessing.

"I'd encourage her to do it," she says. "Obviously within that genre, Playboy's the most respected. If it was Hustler, I might have a different attitude."

UVA's current Playboy coed Jenna says she's received only positive feedback–- from several First Year guys who've asked her to autograph the photo to friends who suggest she follow Gellar's footsteps into the Playboy empire.

"I hadn't ever thought of myself as a sexy model type," she laughs, "but if it came up, it would be a lot of fun."

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i just realized that no one complained about the Zombie breasts in another article...guess it's different if you are a Zombie versus playmate

It's never OK to expose little kids to sexualized subject matter--images or otherwise.

Where are the black bands? At least TV in most prime time situations if they choose to show something of this nature, use the black bands to edit out questionnable content. I agree with the fact that if Playboy is on an upper shelf out of reach of children, why shouldn't this? Why even have Playboy now if this stuff is allowed out free?

Mom, have you looked at the Hook slideshow ? Guess you'll need to take a lot of publications off the shelves, and their pictures are far larger than the postage size images in the Hook.

Sounds to me like someone is jealous and needs to get over themselves...I'm sorry no one wanted to post nude photos of you or write an article about how successful you've become because of it...

This is deja vu for me since I previously commented on the Hook's centerfold layout and article on Amanda Paige. Of what exactly does UVA have to be proud of concerning having some of their own displaying uncovered, private body parts splashed across slick, air-brushed pages for all the world to view? Women are not art to be ogled, or objects to be used. They are human beings made of flesh and blood. All through the ages, folks have cried "foul" about this group or that group being discriminated against, used and abused. The truth is that females have been discriminated against since the dawn of time and will be until the end of time as we now know it. Pornography is one indication of that abuse. It's all for the sake of greed and the selfishness of males. Can't we care about what's in the best interest of others, instead of selfishly chasing after one pleasurable dopamine experience after another? Yes, of course, we are all born naked, but the sight of naked babies does not elicit lust from perverted, uncaring, irresponsible, sinful men with no self-control, and they certainly do not remain naked, or there would be a constant, unsanitary mess. It's healthy and normal for females of all ages, shapes, and sizes to expect their boyfriends, brothers, fathers, husbands and sons to keep their eyes pure. No lady wants her new husband to have already viewed scads of unclad, immodest females before they are joined together in the sanctity of marriage. Every young woman wants to be special to her new husband. She deservedly wants his eyes to be for her only. Yes, it is up to all of us, whether or not we have children of our own, to ensure children are exposed to what will edify them because they will be our future leaders. They will be good or bad depending on a large part to what we allow them to ingest through our culture. Do we want them to be narcissists who think only of ourselves or do we want them to care more for others? What affects one person inevitably affects us all!

Bob: I have a life, thank you. Are you trying to sensor my opinion? I'm sure you greatly enjoyed the pics.

Chris: I appreciate the point you made in regard to the reaction to male nudity. I doubt it would be well received.

Mike friend: Thank goodness you're not my friend.

Sara: Let's have lunch.

Dr. Paul Rapoport: "overreaction against this article is symptomatic of a bigger problem whose solution The Hook could actually contribute to".

As long as women are exploited, or consent to exploit themselves, for the purpose of bigger sales and sexual attention, your wish for universal acceptance of female nudity to be seen as nothing but art is futile in my opinion.

Boo!: You have completely missed the point of those opposed. You have no idea what any of us look like.

Hmm: LOL... no pun intended.

Wow!: I'll add you to our lunch party:-).

Witness: While you're quoting the Bible, take a look at Genesis 3:7 - Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

Lickalotapuss: I rest my case.

Mary: ditto!

Mary do your kids use the internet at home or school? Take a look at the slideshow on this web-site. I studied art history in college and maybe I'm naive, but my belief is that if more children and adults studied the great art of the ages this whole flap would be a non-issue.

You parents need to lighten up. Seeing a naked body isn't going to turn a child into a pervert. We were all born naked for God's sake. Think about what is really harmful to children: Violence on TV and in video games, unhealthy food, too much parental pressure to "keep up with the Joneses", a polluted environment, non attentive, overprotective, and indulgent parenting and widely overused ADD drugs. Come on parents, get a grip for what is actually impacting society and children in a negative manner. The Hook is wonderful. The Hook is the only paper willing to print the real news and the truth.

Me likeski the boobies.

Graduate and do the traditional UVA female thing. Breed and raise the results. That is sooooo southern. Go Hoos. Beat Southern Miss. Or not...depends on if you want to read the book without chapters.

That picture absolutley could get someone in hot water!

You probably missed the plush seating too. What kind of detective were you again?

"Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither..."

(The Book of Job 1:21)

"Jessica Brown September 17th, 2009 | 9:55 pm
My son is 13 and I’m so glad I saw these nude (full frontal) pics before he did! I am stunned that a pubication that I thought had some class would publish not one, but several, nude pictures that are clearly rate R or even X."

LOL, Pubication? Freudian slip maybe...........

Mr/Mrs/Miss Whoa, IMHO, that's one of the biggest problems in this country now. Employees reporting to work and firing up the ole Internet rather than doing what their employer expects of them.

I've always suspected that most of the posting on local blogs and forums is done on the employer's dime and computer network. I expect state, city and county employees are notorious for this activity while on the clock. :)

Ditto what Bob says....jeez

why cover up the first picture if you are letting it all hang out in the third? I don't get it.

The Albemarle Cops are still bullies & Thugs regardless of breasts in The Hook

Hey! This is Liberalville so what is all the fuss about? It was done for publicity and it worked.

As far as politicians using the F word, I would rather have that than a bumbling idiot that doesn't have a clue.

More nudity YAY! Less thugs and Bullying Albemarle Cops BOO!

Unbelievable the uproar over pictures of the human body. Get over it. It's just a human body, we all have one. And who decided the female breast needs to be covered and not a male breast? Quite frankly there are a lot of male breast I would rather not see. And why breasts? Why not elbows or ear lobes. Geez, we are were born naked, it is no big deal.

uh, this really seems like an article written to please Hugh Hefner above all things. The 82 year old creep having sex parties with teenagers..

If you want to be playmate, you have to go and spend some, uh, "quality time" for a few weeks at the mansion in LA like Gellar did. It aint to play checkers, folks! Think: strip club auditions on the casting couch..

Maybe Courtney is just trying to be a playmate - and is jealous of the trips to the Mansion. Where are the big successes? The older gal won't even give her name! Who knows. I Do remember she is the one who wrote the "hey look, the crazy guy is dead" article a year ago about Michael Crafaik.

Does anyone remember this excellent cover article in the Hook by Lindsay Barnes? Well worth re-reading in light of this article. In response to a question about prosecuting in the name of protecting children Governor Kaine had this to say in the article:

Kaine wishes those state and local officials concerned with children's welfare would focus their time and energy elsewhere.

"I tend to think there are a lot more important issues," the governor says. "Strengthening the economy, improving our education system, transportation, those are the real issues."

I like to think I'm pretty open minded person but I have to agree, nudity has it's place, the Hook shouldn't be one of them. My kids grab issues of The Hook off newstands and take them to school all the time, I never thought much of it till now. Guess I need to be the prude mom in order to protect them from getting in trouble at school. What a shame, you disappointed me Hook.

Show full frontal male nudity then. See where all these masturbating men fall on the opinion spectrum when the Hook publishes pictures of male penises.

There is nothing brave or sexually liberated in the hook publishing a picture of playboy's pictures. It's actually quite crass and derivative. Show some men with large, erect penises on these pages, Hawes.

"Paris of America". I mean, really. Get over yourselves. I agree that it's not a big deal. But then why it is also not a big deal if someone's offended.

Anyone who is offended can choose to not pay for the hook. Oh wait I forgot. No one has EVER paid money for the hook.

This is a desperate publicity stunt.

should say "why is it a big deal if someone's offended?"

Come on get real, (no pun intended there of course) a large erect penis is all over the comment pages of damn near everything the Hook publishes online. Did you miss him above?

Me like boobies!

Has anyone considered the fact that PRINT MEDIA IS DEAD. No one under 18 cares about printed media anymore. These kids that everyone is so worried about grew up with computers everywhere. They can get pornography without much effort at all through the internet. Things that are much more graphic than what The Hook printed.

At least if they see it in The Hook they had to get off their butts and get some exercise doing it. And isn't childhood obesity a much more important problem anyway. Lighten up there are much bigger problems out there than a photo of a bunch of little photos of nude women.

like whether or not the hook paid the careful

@ zombie_hands: TJ didn't say "network TV." They said "TV." TV also includes cable and pay channels such as HBO, which do in fact show full frontal nudity. Ever seen an episode of Sex in the City? (well actually neither have I.) However I have seen still frame images of it posted on the 'net on people's blogs showing full nudity and simulated sex. If you didn't know any better from the still frame images alone you would think you're looking at a frame from a porn movie. So, yeah, full nudity on TV nowadays indeed. And considering how lax and distracted most upwardly mobile parents are nowadays, who knows what their offspring are watching when they're not around......which is often. 12 is the new 25, after all. And we're not even going to get into what any kid can watch on a home computer with non-restricted internet. Pics, vids, you name it. For free. That's the reason that my first thought when seeing this article was, "People still read Playboy???" Who knew it was still relevent anymore, considering what people can get for free on the 'net.

”Š” a blond linguist who eschews Greek ”Š”

I’ll bet she doesn’t.

You saying she a Catholic girl?

The comments about this from the UVA students at chn 19 are absurd !
Hope they never turn on their TV's --or go to the movies, no telling what they might see these days. Can their comments be real ?

When my daughter was 5 we went to an special exhibit of Greek nudes at the National Gallery. She brought a friend who commented to her "these people are nude ", and my daughter responded, yes, it's ART . I doubt if she would give the photos in this article a second glance. Too busy studying

My son is 13 and I'm so glad I saw these nude (full frontal) pics before he did! I am stunned that a pubication that I thought had some class would publish not one, but several, nude pictures that are clearly rate R or even X. I will now call "The Hook".... "The Hooker". You should be ashamed of your irresponsible act and I will guarantee you have lost many readers including myself over your stupidity. Those who say they enjoy this obviously don't have responsibilities to children. If I wanted to buy Playboy I would have done so.....oh, that's right... there's THE HOOKER!

My first sentence above is now incorrect. Ted Bundy had nothing to do with any solution to these issues. "Pornography made me do it" is a crock. Anyone who takes an interview led by James Dobson seriously has a problem.

Gotta love all the self righteous indignation from uptight women and moms, going on about the supposedly offensive nature of nude women. Get over yourselves. You're probably the same types of people who prance around in public full of self importance, chastising sales clerks, cashiers and phone people who don't bow to your greatness. Newsflash - you're not important. Nobody cares. Get over yourself.

The "self righteous indignation squad" is insecure about their own looks, body and aging, and feel threatened when younger females are out there naked reminding the world of what they themselves don't have and are lacking in the looks and body department. That's all. Get in shape and improve your looks and manner of dress and you'll have nothing to feel threatened about. Bottom line.

Ted Bundy loved "art". I wonder if it had anything to do with his disgusting brutality of women. Why not find out what he had to say.

I don't find any comments here totally wrong. Although the article isn't hugely interesting, if its words are justifiable, so are its photos. Clearly, however, if a store keeps Playboy on an upper shelf, this issue of The Hook is a problem.

America is far too uptight about bodies and sexuality. Its narrow, manipulative obsession with them is something that Playboy feeds, unfortunately.

Earlier this year, at a university in the state to your south, the Provost censored an exhibition whose subject was nudity. The campus revolted. The student paper there (Wilmington, if you want to check) responded heroically by printing all the censored images. A month later the Provost was forced to resign. (I was personally involved in all this.)

Those images were not like these. As suggested, I have little use for Playboy and want its influence reduced. But overreaction against this article is symptomatic of a bigger problem whose solution The Hook could actually contribute to.

If I wanted to see pictures of naked women displayed in this manner I would go buy a Playboy. BUT I DON'T...why is content that's covered with a brown wrapper displayed in a community magazine! SHAME ON YOU! I should have a choice whether or not I want to see such a display! And the on-line pictures are worse. The picture is bigger and clearer. This a magazine I leave on my coffee can I now with my children around. Plus how can I keep my son from seeing this on-line. Keep him away from the computer forever? Thanks for making my job as a parent harder! DO you care about this community and its famlies at all!!!


fire it up Harlottesville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can we have a gentleman's club know insted of the darn 1st amendment clauk thing?

Thank you for the artical on UVA’s ââ?¬Å?Girls of the ACC” through the years.
I see nothing wrong with the artical and the pictures are great. I wish we had this around when I was a boy running around the downtown mall. Please publish more of this. Only the bold will survive and the ugly will complain.

Be prepared for letters from parents, Hook. Full frontal is considered NC-17.


There are bookshelves in those photos????

Don't know how long the link may or may not work, but here's a link to a series of Amanda Paige...

Thanks GSOE. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say you've just just redeemed yourself for for a lot of the rest of what you've posted on this site (well, some at least). Those are some nice bookshelves in those photos. Makes me want to crawl out of the basement and head out to a local coffee shop.

I am so sick of hearing about doing things for the kids. I don't have kids and it's not up to me to make sure yours are raised "right". Not that seeing these pictures would be so corrupting. The article was fine. I really didn't think twice about it after I read it and was surprised by these comments.

The "Hooker" made the choice to publish full frontal nudity knowing it would be very controversial. There's no way someone could publish this and NOT know it's rated X. It's irresponsible and crude. You'll never see full frontal published on men. Why....because of men's insecurities. These girls should be ashamed and I'm embarrassed for UVA.

Plop, you're so right. Helicopter parents are raising a bunch or hothouse flowers, and destroying a generation of children. God forbid they should have to sit down and have a frank conversation with little Brittney or Jayden, or teach them to be resilient for cripes sake. Instead they are raising entitled brats with zero coping skills. "My perfect child shouldn't have to see anything strange, new, or unpleasant, because dammit I'm far too busy and important to talk to him or her about it!"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... many of us STILL don't have health care, children are dying, our troops are dying, pharmaceutical companies pull the strings in this country, agricultural monopolies are poisoning the food and water supply, etc etc. But as long as your precious crotch spawn doesn't have to look at some breasts, everything is going to be juuuuussssst fiiiiinnne. God, get some freakin' perspective.

And the thug bully cops-AKA-COPGANG- could possibly end up arresting the Hook staff. While doing so, they will provide some of the staff with wheelchairs, and then run them over as they (the hook staff) try to legally cross the street. Next, thier comrades speed to the rescue and assistance of the cop gang, by coming to write the wheelchair victims tickets, While speeding to the scene without sirens blaring, they might almost run over persons in the street, who vocally protest this near hit experience. At this time, the Bullythugcops-AKA COPGANG, will throw these protestors to the ground, and write them tickets for "obstruction of justice", and cite them for "just wanting to have a nice evening downtown" which is apparently just illegal. They might also find this night a women having a party for her son, where alcohol is available, and then the COPGANG will go forth to destroy her life as much as possible. There most likely will be a shooting involved. One of the bad kids Dad's has to pay the price with his body, but this will get his kid out of the juvinile center much quicker.
So beware the hook staff. COPGANG is coming to get you, and it will be ulgy. Aviod sitting in the wheelchairs at all times. Run if you can, when being approached by persons with donuts.

I'm all for free speech and free press but come on now. How is this news? Just because they are/were UVA students? Are there not more positive, newsworthy stories to write?

I think that 3rd photo might get you in some hot water...

It's always about bully cops and thugs, C'mon GSOE you certainly know that by now. Yeah I know, nudity, breasts, etc but it's always about bully cops and thugs in the end

Simply Tired, you can't make this stuff up!

Come to think of it .......... you didn't!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Boobies are f'n fantastic.

And none of these women thought that these would ever show up again, especially in The Hook?

Kind of like SEXTING- KIDDIES!!!!!

Now grow up and look at the next article in the issue...........

Amen Viviana. They could easily pick this up at the library or somewhere very innocent.

So this is why the Hook got pulled all the northern area of town? Good thing these people never go to museums.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the third photo.

It's art. :)

Thanks for sharing your collection through the years, Hawes....

Network TV shows frontal nudity of women? I have never seen a PG 13 with frontal nudity.

If Charlottesville isn't the Paris of America where are we to go ?

Learn to love une belle femme

I hate to tell you parents out there..but your children, especially teenage children, have probably seen a naked woman by now. If you think it's some sort of desperate publicity stunt, then your outrage helps make it more public. If I had a business to advertise, I would have paid big bucks to put it in this edition.

They only thing that upsets me is..where the heck is the "Men of the ACC" playgirl?

I find this article very interesting and well written. I've been out of college awhile and like to know what the kids at UVA are doing From I read here there is a certain segment of UVA that, as the winner says, thinks this is " the coolest thing ever," and obviously she and her parents, who encouraged her to do this, according to the article, have no problem with the pictures or the publicity or they would not have agreed. That said there will always be a segment of our population that is incensed at any public display of nudity --art or otherwise, Just think of all the controversy in the art and theater community over the years, usually stirred up by a very small but very vocal and angry minority.

Jessica, get a life. How ridiculous. Oh, and I feel sorry for your son.

1st let me say I agree that, overall, our society's too uptight...but I have to point out that our liberal lean is most often in the direction of female nudity, is it not? That said, would we be as supportive of an issue displaying full male frontals? I tend to think not.

Now, allow me to also point out - a 'SHENANIGANS' advert on the opposing page??? C'mon now. If you want to slip by on the full frontals, at least give some forethought to a responsible layout. Wow.

I am amazed that the editor of this magazine would truly have the balls to defend publishing such crap. Evidently people aren't picking up enough copies of The Hook so they decided to print some porn pictures to capture attention. The Hook had to know this would cause controversy. If you wanted to print a story about the naked UVA women, fine. But you could have left out the pictures and simply stated that you could find their pictures in PlayBoy Magazines.
I hope your advertisers pull their paid ads and take a stand against your magazine.
What's in store for the next edition? Will we see pictures of penises or will you write up an ad about a local prostitute that is working hard, but with these hard economic times really needs the support of her community by getting more johns?!
Of course there will be two sides to this. There will be people that like the pictures and have no problem with them being in a free publication for all to get their hands on. And there will be people that find this appauling and have a huge issue with you printing something that children can pick up in a grocery store.
Let's see if your tactic to make headlines and bring attention to your magazine is really worth it?

And dayum proud of it, ms liberty.

But I must admit, I must be tired right now. When I saw mention of "nude female" and "large erection" above, I thought this was the most recent JADE subject. It's been a long day I suppose.

That's funny "Momofthree". You call artistic photos from Playboy "PORN"? Heaven forbid you see some actual XXX rated pornography. Why does the human body repulse you so? Are you not proud of what "God" has made? Please, take a chill pill and embrace the beauty that is human form. Uptight to the MAX!

I think The Hooker rocks!

The issue is not nudity...the issue is these pictures have the one purpose and that is to create lust in the eye of the viewer. If it were to show the beauty of the human form it wouldn't be overtly sexual in content. "David" is a full nude...but isn't portrayed in a manner that is designed to inspire lustfullness.

This display of women does nothing but objectify them and does nothing to show the true beauty of womankind. Not what I want me or my children exposed to...hurray to the businesses who have pulled your magazine from the racks!

Hawes, i would personally like to thank you for printing these pictures. I actually remember posting the comment "where are the pics?" for an article on the girls of ACC a couple of weeks ago. Bravo Hawes, Bravo! you came through in the crotch.... I mean clutch...
oh and Lickalotapuss, GREA f-ing name bro.

how is it that I'm not allowed to look at my facebook account at work without getting kicked off, but I can now look at nudy photos.

uh oh.

Chris C, have you ever seen "Playgirl"? Ugh. It's hardly worth the paper its printed on, and it's nothing like Playboy. Probably the production budget. Or maybe because girls rule and boys drool ;-)

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever understand why so many people get uptight about nudity or sexuality. Maybe if parents weren't so busy teaching children that nudity and sex were shameful, horrid things, we wouldn't be disputing over a few pictures or dealing with as much sexual misinformation as we do.

So has no one heard of google? You know, the thing absolutely everyone uses and has unlimited access to much more hardcore images than these. Even without google I had seen full frontal nudity when I was 13...

Oh and bring on the male nudity in the Hook!

Is kids seeing nature at its best the problem here? I am sure Johnny has seen ALOT worse on the interwebs. lol

The situation that I question most is how are these pictures allowed to be shown in such a publication. These pictures contain material that is graphic in nature, and in any other circumstance would require the viewer to be over the age of 18. In this situation, there is no way to regulate who will be looking at the content. Yes, the content is "art" to some (to each their own), however, it is also nude photography. Whether children are exposed to nude pictures along the way is inevitable. I expect that if The Hook continues to want to turn heads and raise eyebrows, then please impose some sort of restriction so that your younger readers are not exposed to inappropriate content more than they already are on a daily basis. Being a parent is tough, trying to teach morals is hard, this situation doesn't make it any easier. My nine year old son is now exposed to something that we have only begun to discuss, so I'd like to thank you Hook. My explanation of T&A in a newspaper is going to be really fun to go through.

Without going back and reading all the replies, how did bully cops enter this discussion?

Viviana and shocked mom...... get a life.

Nothing The Hook has said or printed even comes close to all the teenagers out here sexting each other. They could probably teach us a few things.

Dr Rapoport -- You are more correct about Bundy than even you probably know. In FL at the time we had a State's Attorney named John Tanner who was one of the holier-than-thou Bible thumpers that people in this area seem to love so much. About 1 year before his scheduled execution Bundy contacted Mr. Tanner, who was leading a one man charge against the dreaded pornography at the time, and said for the first time in Bundy's whole history "Pornography made me do it!"
Mr Tanner being a good servant contacted Mr Dobson and the rest is history. Two things to point out -- 1) Bundy stated from the time of his first arrest in WA that pornography had NOTHING to do with what he did, 2) Asked about the Dobson interview he said that he thought that buttering up Tanner Er Al would get his sentence delayed.

Mike -- You really should learn what you are talking about before making statements like that.

Before anyone accuses me -- No, I was not a fan of Ted Bundy or anything that he did. I thought it was even sweeter when he was executed because he died on the death warrant for Kimberly Leach, the 14 year old girl from, if memory serves correctly, the Orlando area. I just thought that was poetic justice......


13 year old boys don't read the hook online right?

You've got to be kidding. Have any of you watched TV lately or gone to the PG13 movies ?

If you right click on the third image, and select "open in a new window", the 13 year old boys can get a better and larger view. There's nothing there 13 year old boys haven't seen. I would rather my 13 year old son be exposed to this image rather than the "mother-f" this and "mother-f" that foul language in the public school system all day long now. I can't believe the garbage allowed in the hallways, classrooms, busses and parking lots nowadays. But of course we also have to ask ourselves, what can we expect when a political candidate walks around using the same F language in public speech?

..." a blond linguist who eschews Greek ..."

I'll bet she doesn't.

As far as Boo! goes, wow, who gased up your bag? People who want to look at naked images will find a way to do so. People who pick up a local, family type paper like the Hook aren't thinking that is going to be whats in it, therefore it is thrust apon them. I can see where it might put some mom's off. BTW - Do you have kids? If not then your rant is expected, if so then...I guess little Johnny or Jennifer has had some eye openers.

You spoke like a true liberal....if someone doesn't like something and says so, make them accept it and call them names until they do!

Um, can anyone say copy right infringment? I doubt that magazine gave permission for you to use those photos and if it did then

I thought the hook was supposed to be somewhat family friendly...this is certainly, well...friendly.

boo!: "Get in shape and improve your looks and manner of dress and you’ll have nothing to feel threatened about. Bottom line."

Er, or people like you could be accepting of many female body types, then there's also no need to feel threatened? Just saying. Might be more helpful to boost self esteem all around.

My first sentence above is now incorrect.


I find this mistake to be the most amusing post of this entire thread.

figures someone would quote the bible

Now you have confirmed what I have heard for years. Your paper is trash.

Atleast you'll know If your sons are gay.

This whole thing excites me... Probably the most obtained issue. I wanna do the same with my drivers license. I love you Hook, please don't get sewed.

Or sued rather... Before the spellchecker/grammer checkers start harassing me.