SSG: John Grant, Georgianne Stinnett, and Marko M�€etamm

John Grant, "Birds of a Feather."John Grant, "Birds of a Feather."
Georgianne Stinnett, "Porcupine."Georgianne Stinnett, "Porcupine."
Marko M€etamm, "Small Object."Marko M€etamm, "Small Object."

Second Street Gallery presents three exhibitions in October.  The main gallery shows the always-wonderful John Grant's "Fairy Tales and Reveries," and Georgianne Stinnett's "Daemons," and the Dov© Gallery displays Marko M€etamm's "Happily Ever After." A First Friday opening is scheduled for October 2, 5:30-7:30pm, with artists' talks at 6:30pm. 115 Second Street SE, 977-7284.

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I highly recommend visiting this show, I will visit it every week.