A tour of the Jefferson Theater

The last owner of the Jefferson Theater made a few improvements, but he was no Coran Capshaw.

With a $5 million renovation, the manager of the Dave Matthews Band plans to reopen the 1912 pleasure palace late this fall as a state-of-the-art music venue. Jack Horn Jr., head of construction company Martin Horn Inc., gave a tour September 24.slideshow button.indd

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We are on target to open in November.

Thanks for restoring this Charlottesville Classic instead of turning it into another urban crapfitters. I will surely spend money freely there when they open. I will never set foot in the crapfitters though.

Can't wait for it to open. Memo to band bookers--please go easy on the jam bands.

@really: Nobody cares whether you will or won't shop at Urban Outfitters. Get over yourself!

I care.

And so this doesn't get deleted: book Pavement!

Thanks for sharing these photos. I hope they will fully document what remains of the ceiling mural before it is painted over.

Can't wait to see some shows here. Keep the prices reasonable and the atmosphere friendly and they will come.

I hope this place books gigs like the National down in Richmond. I saw the Disco Biscuits there last night, awesome show. would of loved it more if i didnt have to drive back to the Ville at 2:30 in the morning.

What an amazing building and how neat to see it restored in all it's glory --thanks for the tour Dave !

Looks great! Though I'm not sure if they're going to make their anticipated November re-opening? Are they still firm on that schedule?

Um you cared enough to comment, thanks for sharing! And yes the crapfitters can suck it.