Early Dave & Tim show released

dmb-dave-prismMusicToday has released what may be the first public Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds acoustic performance, a show that took place right here in Charlottesville at the now defunct Prism Coffeehouse on April 22, 1993. This show predated both Under the Table and Dreaming and Remember Two Things, though some of the 23 songs played this evening would later debut on those discs. The digital download costs $13.99.


Great tip--have been following Tim Reynolds since he founded TR3 with Robert Jospe right here in Charlottesville. Unbelievable musician who deserves greater recognition. Glad the Southern will be taking over where the Prism and Gravity Lounge left off and offering a home for acoustic performances.

Music in Charlottesville just isn't quite the same without The Prism.

I miss Fred...