BizBrief: Masons rent out Mall store

news-bcreativeAfter more than a year sitting empty, the storefront on the east end of the Downtown Mall that used to house Order from Horder has a tenant. Signs announce BCreative is coming soon and tout "mostly funny stuff for under $10."

The 3,160-square-foot space originally was renting in the $18- to $20-a-square foot range, says James Dickerson, president of the Masonic Temple corporation that owns the space. Now BCreative has a month-to-month lease in the $14- to $15-a-square-foot range.

The 400-block on East Main Street has been blighted with unleased real estate for almost a year. On the corner, the former A&N has been empty since it served as Obama headquarters in 2008, and next door, the huge 8,200-square-foot space that formerly housed Sage Moon Gallery is now available in smaller units.

"We're going through a market adjustment," says Dickerson, who also works for Remax. "I think the commercial section will take longer.