The spider has landed

news-u2-phalanx The U2 concert stage has arrived. Parts of it anyway. The 360ยบ Tour, with its spider-like stage, requires a reported 120 trucks in all, and Steve W. Shifflett spotted some of them when he shot this photo around 5:15pm Friday, September 25 at Fashion Square mall, an apparent rendezvous site before the final trek to Scott Stadium.

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Rumors quickly started flying around about it being "bridge parts" for the new bridge under construction on Rio Road. If this had been true, they had enough parts to build a dozen bridges. :)

Here's a very interesesting link with more information about the stage itself.

Boy, 120 rigs. those boys are real "green."

Jimi Hendrix, there's weight limits in all of these united states. And most of the stage parts are pretty heavy. The stage appears to be built better than our space shuttles. :)

so overrated!

Steve, is this your pic?


Well, it was. Until I gave it to The Hook.