Snap: Home of Bears and bears

news-jacksonpburleymiddle Photographed September 13, Jackson P. Burley Middle School is home to the Bears–- and now the bears. TV reports were aflutter all weekend with news that a mama and two cubs treed themselves. Latest: they've moved on.

–last updated Monday at 4:23pm


People really get excited by the sight of a bear, don't they?

Oh yeah, go Bears! #6 in the country, baby.

Why didn't they catch the bears and take them back to the mountains ?
Mother and 2 cubs, this is a recipe for disaster if they're left to roam in the City --either for the bears, or for the residents.
Anyone who gets near one of the cubs will be toast, like all mothers, she will do whatever it takes to protect her children.

Did they shoot them to test them for some imagined malady?

Three bears still on the loo se. City, County who knows where, but this time if they're spotted lets catch them and take them home. Maybe we need to send a message to Mr. Colvin to prevent a repeat of the fox episode.

Animal Control expert Steven Colvin tells CHN 19 that;
"I would recommend to people not to leave out anything that would be food for wildlife," Colvin says. Especially since Animal Control and police do not plan on trapping or tranquilizing the animals at this time.

"Let the animal go [about his business], steer clear

However, there are some tips everyone should know:
-Do not approach the animal, just back up slowly. Do not run.
- If the bear advances toward you, create loud noises and abrupt movements to hopefully scare it away.
- Notify police or animal control after you spot a bear.