IS and US: Magnus speaks, cryptically

There's a cryptic new post by local music man Jeyon Falsini on the web site for Magnus Music LLC, the name under which he ran his ambitious and hyperactive independent concert booking and promotion business before taking the reins at the recently scuttled iS Venue last year. Notably, the post title treats the venue space and the operations branch as separate entities and hints at a possible disagreement between them.

In full:

IS Venue Pulls The Rug Out Of US
We took the most serious sincere hit to our business this past week. Haters are swarming. Words can’t even be formed. Agents are wondering. It’s a race to the phones. Friends and allies are ducking for cover, slinging excuses. “Who’s running this whole thing?” they’re wondering. And it’s starting to feel a little Orwellian

(Posting it here shortly thereafter probably isn't helping with that last part.)

Meanwhile, the most recent post to the Magnus Music Twitter account on which Falsini announced the venue's closing on Sunday evening:


And the latest update from iS Venue?

Interesting factoid: Harper Simon is Paul Simon's son.

That may just be a non sequitur, but Simon Junior has a November 7 show at The Southern, the new downtown music venue whose opening occurred just days before the demise of iS, which is listed on MySpace but hasn't been officially announced by the venue yet.

Update: All three items have now been removed.