Today show spotlights Hatton Ferry

news-hattonferry-nbcNBC's Today show put on a remarkable story–- complete with nuptials–- on the under-the-axe Hatton Ferry Monday.


maybe if they stopped harrasing business owners those businesses could prosper and the govt would have enough money to keep stuff like this going.

20k a year shouldn't be too hard to find with all the waste in this county... perhaps we should have a contest thats points out the waste....

25 cents to keep the Hatton Ferry running. Not only should this be a local priority, but a state one as well. If you haven't been there don't miss the video and I'll bet you'll make a trip soon. Here's what you can do:

If you’d like to make a donation to save the Hatton Ferry, mail it to:
The Hatton Ferry Fund
c/o Old Dominion National Bank
P.O. Box 321
Scottsville, VA 24590

Wiping away the tears, beautiful story, wonderful video.
How often we lose what is most precious --let's not wait until it's too late.

"the fate of this little ferry depends on folks who cherish things that connect us."

When I first moved here, in 1997, I learned about this ferry and couldn't believe such a thing could exist in this day and age. I used the ferry a number of times back in the 90s and have always felt that it was like a special hidden gem; part of what made this area truly special. When the Hook first reported on its possible demise, I made a point of taking my son over the ferry. Ashley was running it that day and was exactly as you see in this video: a fine young man with the utmost respect for history, nature and hard work.

The world is full of tragedies, big and small. But if this ferry were allowed to perish, it would be a sad statement on our culture's priorities. Hopefully this Today story will generate sympathy and funds to keep the ferry afloat.

Great idea. I nominate getting rid of $515 dollar an hour Kurt Krueger as a way to fund all river ferries in the U.S.

Twenty five cents per albemarle resident to keep it going (per year)

Is that too high a price to pay to keep a little bit of history within a 45 minute (or less) drive?