Lawyers, trash, and money

If the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority doesn’t win its $20 million lawsuit against Peter van der Linde, area tax payers may be doing more to support lawyers than recycling efforts. A recent financial summary from the Authority for the first two months of the 2010 fiscal year, July and August 2009, shows that $118,900 was spent on legal fees, compared to $69,673 spent on recycling operations and $61,752 on running the Ivy transfer station. Overall, the Authority rang up a loss of $214,911 during the two month period.


That goes to show you that when you put people in power it goes to their head. Now they are sueing to cover up their incompetence iin managing RSWA. If a private citizen can run the operation more efficiently then why doesn't Albemarle Co let him.

Is there a corruption scandal brewing in Charlottesville?

Sorry for the typo...but, God help us, is there more than ONE? Seriously though, Tom Frederick needs to go. On the floor, out the door, go Tom, go!

This burns me up . Kurt Krueger and his law firm McGuireWoods is trashing our pocketbooks. Bring this up at every candidate forum and hold Brown and Boyd accountable for a possible misappropriation of ratepayer money. We need our own lawsuit to stop this !

Government run amok....

RSWA not RWSA this time Greene Ghost. Both are seriously screwed up though. Time to dump them both.

The RWSA is the most corrupt and poorly managed agency in Virginia, except maybe its counterpart down in Tidewater, the equally inept SPSA. It's time to throw the bums out on their ears.