Snap o' the day: Government giveaway

snap-chapman-worrellCommonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman and Deputy CA Claude Worrell man a different kind of prosecutor's table on Government Services Day, when city departments set up tables on the Downtown Mall and give away candy, pens and refrigerator magnets. The event runs from 10am to 2pm Friday.

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So is a "government services" day where they take some on my money, buy trinkets and give them to me to make me happy so that I dpn.t notice they are taking my money?

Sorry.. that was too easy....

Maybe you're right, G. Instead of saying "finally they've found a job Claude Worrell can do competently", which perhaps was taken as a personal attack? I should have pointed out how his free time would have been better spent sitting in on a criminal procedure class instead, after scr@wing the pooch in the Beebe case, the McGowan tragedy, then strong-arming a plea from some frat boys playing a prank by threatening to prosecute them for kidnapping. pathetic.

****, what evidence do you have that he even did that competently?

My comments posted here earlier today seem to have disappeared? Can an admin explain why? If not I will no longer contribute to this site and encourage others not to as well.

That's weird!!!

I guess you have to be real careful how you word remarks in public. You would probably have been safe in saying Worrell is certainly not the best assistant commonwealth's attorney you've ever had the occasion to see in action, "in your opinion". And I would have to agree with that as well.

In one case I am very familar with, he forgot to make sure the cops had gotten the "evidence" back from the state lab in time for the preliminary hearing. The judge therefore couldn't even view this evidence. And the expert witnesses brought into court by the defense team couldn't competently testify with the evidence not being present as well.

This was also the case where the judge stated in open court, while still on record, that the testimony from some cops was so "diametrically opposed" to the testimony of other cops that he couldn't even begin to convict the defendant. It's in a transcript I have here on my desk somewhere. In other words, the judge was calling half the cops liars to their face. And he was correct! This was just one of several cases where I sat in court and watched cops intentionally and willfully commit perjury.

Which brings us to another point of discussion -- even Jim Camblos knew which cops to keep out of a witness box if he wanted to win a case.