George Melvin Benefit Concert

Local piano wizard George Melvin – also by far the most enthusiastic local practitioner of the iconic Hammond B3 organ – has suffered some serious medical problems recently, and may even need a kidney transplant in the near future. Like most musicians, he is not adequately insured.

Thus, this benefit show, which will include a ton of local jazz bands and a silent auction, although none of that is really the point. Don't balk at the $20 ticket price – in fact, you may even want to buy one if you're not going, because kidneys are extremely expensive.

As you may recall, this also snuck up on longtime local bassist Steve Riggs a few months back. Call Perriello at 434-293-9631 or 888-4-TOM4US to tell him you're tired of this crap.

Olivarez Trio - Choti
Olivarez Trio - Adieu, Bienville
Olivarez Trio - Chez Drennon
John Carden - Dreamcatcher
Jeff Decker - Street Lights
The Chickenhead Blues Band - Talk To Me, Baby
The Chickenhead Blues Band - Glamour Girl
The Chickenhead Blues Band - Hunky Dorey
The Chickenhead Blues Band - Marvin's Water

Tentative schedule:
6pm-6:25pm: Jazz Collective #9
6:30pm–7pm: Shades Of Blue
7:10pm–7:40pm: The Olivarez Trio
7:50pm–8:20pm: The Southside Jazz Quartet
8:30pm–9pm: The C’ville Jazz Giants
9:10pm–9:40pm: John Carden and Greenwich Swing Time
9:50pm-10:20pm: The Chickenhead Blues Band
10:30pm-11pm: Blue Indigo
11:10pm-11:40pm: Jeff Decker and Mike Rosensky
11:40pm– 12pm: Jam