Snap o' the day: Eye-catching Les Yeux

snap-les-yeuxLyn Warren unveils Les Yeux du Monde's newest home off Stony Point Road. W.G. Clark designed the gallery, and its steel exterior will rust to a red over the next year.

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Fantastic! Love WG, and love his work.


Oh I dunno, steel that protects itself by rusting is pretty cool. But steel is a notorious heat conductor, a miserable choice as house cladding. Boiling steel pot in summer; icebox in winter--heating and cooling bills will reach astounding extremes. If Les Yeux du Monde likes boxy sculpture, fine. But the eyes of the world will avert from the embarassment of architecture that rejects (or never troubled to learn) the hard won lessons of our elders and betters, about what building shapes and materials suit our climate.

State of the art 1970s design

Did he just ripoff that new Arch's on 29?

Is this at the same location as the modern house that cleared so many trees it left a scar in the landscape and can be seen all over town ?

Meg, you mean Monticello?