Phish to play JPJ

photophile-phish4-yellowSupposedly, they broke up, but after a "Mothership" concert in March, Phish is now coming to Charlottesville, says a release from the John Paul Jones arena.

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Yes Page will be slinging (ham) sandwiches, but be careful as his Parkinson's could cause things to get a little messy. He'll definitely need a new shirt before the show.

Just got the official word that Page will be the resident "Sandwich Artist" at the Subway on Ivy Road from 2-6PM on show day.

Conflicted. Should I make plans to watch the Hoos play in the ACC Champ game in Tampa, or do I take my chances on actually winning tickets to this show through the obviously rigged lottery system? Curse you Coran for forcing me to make this decision.

I guess the chances of either happening are pretty near impossible.

I'm feeling as lucky we get the phish as the last time I got to siihb. Miami piper opener baby! You heard it hear first CONFIRMED!!

brah - i heard Taylor Swift is opening for phish. she and Page go way back apparently - he gave her a ride on his leer jet to bermuda after Coventry. i heard he's guesting on her new album too.

anyway -- clean off the grill, malnourish the dog, and stock up on sammy's oatmeal stouts. the Harris Teeter parking lot is never gonna be the same. 1 for 3, 2 for 5 baby...

Who's got my miracle?!?

Hellz yeah I'm down. Like dude said, brush off the grill and get the tweezer from the freezer Uncle Ebeneezer biatches. I'm an old man now but I still love to crunch on some granola when it comes around

What's the story on Taylor Swift? When she comes to Charlottesville on 20 March 2010, is she appearing at the John Paul Jones arena or Scott Stadium? I don't think the John Paul Jones arena, with a seating capacity of 16,000, can hold the crowds she draws.... and Scott Stadium will be a tad on the cold side. Might even be snowing. :)

Her Greensboro, North Carolina concert, with a seating capacity of 23,500 was standing room only.

I think he spells his name "Paige"

I wonder how drunk the boys will be for this show. Hippies suck.