Candidate Fenwick satirizes dredge studies

With local governments preparing to spend six-figure sums just to study dredging the silt-choked Rivanna Reservoir, independent City Council candidate Bob Fenwick has satirized the consulting process, as seen in this YouTube video shot the day he revealed that selling muck might turn a profit.

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Love the term " green gold". Heard a man named Spottswood on the Rob Schilling "Rivanna fish fry" show yesterday call in and say, that in 2002 during the drought, when the reservoir was a dirt pond and could have easily been dredged, he called RWSA and offered his property. 1 mile along the reservoir, for free as a disposal site. They said we'll study that and never called him back. I think Fenwick is the man to finally get the job done and probably make money for the City doing it. Makes more sense than giving the city owned reservoirs and dams to the county to destroy, possibly forfeiting $300 million of city owned assets. Then turning around to buy $200 million dollars of new infrastructure.