New hospital topped off in style

onarch-mjh-thumbAt a "topping off" ceremony this morning the final steel beam was secured on the new 500,000 square foot, $275 million Martha Jefferson Hospital on Pantops Mountain, which is expected to open in 2012. According to MJH president James Haden, the 5-story project, which will include 176 new hospital beds, is 40 percent complete. And Jon Nehls, superintendent for contractor Mortenson Construction, says they are averaging 300 workers on site every day.

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lets see 275 Million bucks for 176 new beds.. that works out to a 1.5 millon dollars a bed...

No wonder health insurance is so high.

Just the carrying costs at 5% interst sre 214 dollars a night per bed and that doesn't include anything else.

Wish I could run my business that way....

If the rumors are true, there will be nothing but private rooms in this new hospital. And each room will have a full bathroom with shower. This is the way all new hospitals and nursing homes should be built.

One of the best slideshows I have ever seen. The picture of the men lined up in the frame of the building is fabulous, as are so many of the other shots. Great job Dave !