Cummings and Snow spar on taxes, cuts

Democratic Samuel Miller district supervisor candidate Madison Cummings blasts Republican opponent Duane Snow for suggesting a budget ax of up to 20 percent to help rein in the potential $2.4 million deficit that Albemarle County might face by 2011. Bryan McKenzie has the story in the Daily Progress.


"Stop bothering that guy at Arby's"? That guy seems to owe the County a little $ for his ordinance violations (as well as his investors and concrete contractor, from the sound of it). They need to prosecute those violations (and any by other businesses) more zealously, in addition to all the redlight runners, speeders, litterbugs, peace disturbers, and any other easy sources of revenue enhancement. Or, taxes could just be raised. Take your pick, if you want to retain the minimal public services the County provides.

Maybe they could save some money by stop bothering that guy at Arbys

One real easy way to save money would be to scrutinze the time honored tradition of police overtime due to idiotic scheduling that allows them to sit in a courtroom all day at time and a half.

They could also pay for the deficit by dredging the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir instead of building a 112' new dam at Ragged Mt. and pipeline for over $200 million and tearing up the countryside with a huge new uphill connector pipe, which currently has no route . When will county folks wake up? Rising utility bills are a tax on the voters.