Snap: Through the bamboo forest

news-bambooforest Light streams over a forest of bamboo, an invasive species spotted October 17 near the Lewis Hills subdivision in western Albemarle County.

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Invasive maybe but useful. Bamboo towel. Bamboo sheets. Bamboo underwear. Bamboo floor. A quick growing grass, the products of which are far more ecologically friendly than farmed fertilizer-sucking field cotton, or cutting down an oak or cherry tree that took 50 years to grow. I've used bamboo sheets for a while now. They are smooth and heavy like silk, delightful to sleep under. Also bamboo is the only food a panda can eat. Florida swamps host gigantic pythons and anacondas running wild and multiplying--maybe soon we'll have bamboo masticating panda bears lumbering around Crozet.

i am from bamboo home decor , i almost forget that bamboo is also the main food for the panda too!