Metallica joins the search

The heavy metal band that missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington went to see the night she disappeared has joined the quest for her safe return–- as have crime reporter Nancy Grace and Facebook friends.

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Why the abundance of people defending the no reentry policy with such conviction?

Maybe if the poster(s) would put up their real name(s) we would discover that they are not members of the community, but people with a stake in the commercial interests of the arena?

The arena needs to come out to the media and make a statement if they want to defend their idiotic, money grubbing policies.

This is what happens when a place demonstrates contempt for its patrons. For what we pay for concerts, the staff should be behaving as service providers, not authority figures. But then, this is how they do it at UVA and all over Charlottesville.


are you people serious?!? if the subject of the story were that someone exited JPJ, went out to their car during the concert, got (more) drunk or high, then returned and proceeded to get in a fight, get themself or someone else hurt, start a riot, etc., everyone would be crying foul that there wasn't a "no re-entry" policy in place.

just about every major concert and sports venue i know now has a "no re-entry" policy. why should JPJ be any different??

wake up. you can't have it both ways, folks. nor can you ever make everyone happy...


I understand why you're upset, a seemingly innocent young lady is missing after leaving a concert early. I have been to numerous events at JPJ and if I ever left early, at least three staff members at JPJ informed me I would not be allowed reentry. The staff members are stationed at the doors and each one says, "You know you're not allowed to reenter the event."
Nobody knows exactly what happened to her after she left JPJ, so let's not jump to conclusions and place the blame on the reentry policy.

1 - This is one of the most poorly written articles I've seen in years. Is she "the only child of." Huh? Or does she have a brother?

2 - Basic misspellings? Who hires these people? Who edits these people?

3 - The non-re-entry policy is so foolish. If, in fact as St. Halsey suggests "It would be a nightmare of drinking and getting high in the parking lot." He has never been to an event there. I have practically gotten high just walking up the aisle, not to mention the fact that booze is sold on site!

I can only hope that if this young lady is not found safe and sound that the arena is sued for serious amounts of money.

the whole "I'll find a ride home" and car story dont even come close to adding up. if it was her car, no way she tells the girls she will find a ride home. you dont walk away from a 10-20k asset that your dad bought for you. if it was not her car, she still wants and needs a ride home. uva to vt is at least 2 hours i think.

hope she is somewhere and not communicating for some reason for her parents sake.

if she met some guy there, that would be out in the public by now. even if the police were suspicious of the guy, they would say they checked him out and he is not a suspect.

why the stopover at jmu? who was picked up there? why?

either the girls she went with are not such good friends, to leave here there, regardless of what she said about a ride, or the public story is not the same as what these girls may be telling the police.

It's terrible this happened, but in my opinion JPJ was no more responsible than the city of Charlottesville itself would be. Police and security can't be everywhere at once.

i hope ALL of you that pretty promise NOT to EVER go to JPJ again unless they change their re-entry policy keep that promise...and that JPJ defends their policy so that there is not CHANCE IN HELL i have to be anywhere near any of you. are you all 4 years old or something? if you leave a venue, with all of the amenities inside, and are TOLD you cannot re-enter, then you have to use the little thing in your SKULL called your BRAIN and make an ADULT decision. i hope they find this girl but if they do not, its certainly NOT the fault of JPJ nor would it EVER influence my decision to attend an event there. get a grip.

This is the re-entry policy fault? This is very sad but you can't have people going outside and returning. It would be a nightmare of drinking and getting high in the parking lot. You don't know what happened yet and neither do I.If she was taken the person/s who did it are to blame. Perhaps security may be, again I don't know. No concert I have been to in the last decade allows re-entry to occur.
Nightclubs aren't the same and it's not a good comparison.

I hope she is safe and pray for her return.

Really this is a headline for yahoo, I am going to complain to yahoo. This is one sentence, if nothing else tell the whole story over after the one new sentence.

I assure you that if JPJ does not change the "NO RE-ENTRY" policy to either a hand stamp or provide escorts. i assure you that everyone i know will NOT. go to any concert or event at John Paul Jones Arena. due to their carelessness. i Assure you. that everyone i know. will NOT go to JPJ until something is done.

re:"This is very sad but you can’t have people going outside and returning. It would be a nightmare of drinking and getting high in the parking lot."

That would not be a nightmare. The nightmare IS that this young woman is missing. A bunch of kids getting high really pales in comparison to the VERY REAL consequences of this ridiculous policy.

The anti-intoxication hysteria shown at UVA facilities is partly to blame. If UVA was able to usher these young people into adulthood responsibly, without so much emphasis on prohibition, their facilities would have rational policies regarding re-entry.

It often takes a tragedy to show the stupidity of official policy.

the no rentry policy is not at fault. She could have hung out by the door in plain sight where she would have not been a target.

This is possibly a heainous act and the perpatrator should be dealt with in the strongest way possible.

I hope she returns safely.

of course the policy is not "at fault". But this situation is what has followed from this policy. This policy is not sensible but instead reflects the mental laziness of those who make policy for venues associated with UVA. It is heavy-handed and its intent is to keep frat boys from getting drunk at UVA games.

Instead of dealing with the issue of alcohol abuse at UVA, we have this policy. Instead of treating users of the venue as responsible adults, we have this policy. Instead of having a cool, safe venue, we have JPJ.

you don't want pretty people at the venue?

Lots of emotional connections to the "no re-entry" policy! People actually get angry when it is suggested that a rule doesn't make sense after it leads to a tragedy such as this.

Blind obedience to authority is docility. Docility is good in dogs, but not in responsible citizens.

The policy is geared towards drunken frat boys. The policy applied to this girl led to this result. No one can deny that.

The notion that the policy should not be re-examined is irresponsible at best.

I would take more issue with JPJ's re-entry policy if it seemed like that was actually the problem. We've heard two stories here. One was that she went to go use the bathroom and just happened to wander outside of the arena, and was not allowed back in. Does anyone who's been to a show at JPJ honestly believe this could happen accidentally if the person was sober? The bathrooms are abundant clearly labeled, the exits and entrances have lots of security and other staff around, you don't just accidentally walk outside.

The other story that I think was told early on was that she had become ill and stepped outside for some air. This seems more feasible, however, I've been in similar situations before and have found that the security and staff at these events are typically not monsters. If she had politely explained her situation before walking outside, and stayed within eyesight, I do believe they would have let her back in.

And I think, given how much her parents and friends say she was looking forward to the concert, that she would have done this. I do not believe she would have ever gone outside intentionally, knowing JPJ's re-entry policy, unless she was so intoxicated she could not make a logical decision.

If she was that drunk, though, it begs the question as to why the security did not arrest her for DIP rather than let her wander off. It would have had a better outcome than this.

I would be curious to know what her cell phone voicemail to her friends was like. Was it "hey guys, you wouldn't believe it, I went to go look for a bathroom and somehow accidentally walked outside, and now I can't get back in. I'll find a way home. See you later!" Or was it "oh my gosh, I went outside because I wasn't feeling well, and now they won't let me back in. I can't believe I paid $100 for this ticket and they won't let me back in! This sucks. I don't know what to do. I don't want you guys to have to miss the concert, so I'll find a ride home or meet up with you later."

If she really did just step outside innocently and wasn't allowed back in, I would think it'd be more like the second. And the fact that her friends just took her at her word that she'd find a way home, even though her parents have said that she didn't know many people in Cville, is odd.

Blame...that seems to be the game here. The only BLAME that can be placed is on the person or person(s) that took this girl. She wasn't as aware of her surroundings as she should have been, no, but that didn't give anyone the right to take her. IF that is what has happened focus your anger at finding them and not try laying the blame unjustly on JPJ, Metallica, her friends or anyone other than those who personally did this. Trust me, everyone close to her is rattled and it isn't fair to point fingers at them.

Well, if James Hetfield is on the case, then we can rest assured.

I find it absolutely absurd that JPJ Arena has a no re-entry Policy at concerts, or any event for that matter, without adequate security measures to protect patrons at the venue who have been refused re-entry. It has just been reported on NEWSPLEX that this was the case. Shame on you! JPJ, as this burden clearly falls on your shoulders now. If she had her ticket stub for which she probably paid too much. She clearly should have been allowed entry. Hell, even the sleaziest Nightclubs "hand stamp" We now have a slight 20 year old girl who is missing mostly because of your egregious negligience. It was reported that after Ms. Harrington was refused rentry she contacted friends inside. Foolishly, JPJ did nothing to ensure her continued safety until the end of the event, or until friends came to meet her.
This negligience and Cavalier attitude make me so angry I could just spit. Change this absurd policy today!!

Yes St Halsey, I think this policy is partially to blame, and I am very angry about this. I don't understand why a nightclub such as IS (Sadly Gone) or Gravity lounge (also missed) is not comparable. They all sold tickets, theoretically anyone could get high or drunk in the lot at any venue, even at school for that matter.
What makes me so angry is that for less than 4 hours on Saturday night, JPG failed to protect the safety of a young girl. While I realize they can't be everywhere, I guarantee that some one should have stayed with her until either someone met her at the door, or she was allowed to wait on the concourse until the end of show.I'll think twice before I'll let my children or their friends attend another event until this absurd policy is changed.
I have attended shows with my wife and children (springsteen, The Dead, Rod Stewart, Dylan) and have seen first hand how security mistreats clientele at these shows. I have never said a word, kept my eyes averted, My negligience! But no more... I guarantee that! This policy needs to be changed today!

I've worked in Law Enforcement for several years and worked events at JPJ and throughout the area numerous times. The "no re-entry" policy came out of abuse and was never intended to inconvenience good people. People leave the venue simply to get more drunk or more high or to try to bring it in past the lack luster security efforts of the University. They currently go so far as to purchase two tickets, one for the seat they actually want and the least expensive ticket they can buy which affords them the ability to leave and return (on the new ticket) at least once. Obviously there are some people who simply need to go back to their car or to the parking lot for non-criminal reasons, but this policy was created because the bulk of people who left the stadium were doing it for the wrong reasons. This is not about socialization or meeting with friends as there are more than enough places at all of these venues where quite and private conversations can be held.

We live in a world where the majority of people are good people and they simply want to live simple and happy lives. Laws and policies generally weren't created for these people. They were created for the few bad apples which ruin the bunch. If the population wants to return to an era of respect and accountability, then things need to change. Alcohol, drugs, and pornography has no place in a decent society. Religion is an institution that need to be practiced with seriousness. Disrespect to parents, teachers, spouses, government officials, and fellow citizens needs to stop as different opinions is what makes America great. Unfortunately, this is all easier said than done and it is up to each of us to "do our part" even when faced with an uphill battle. Do what is right, vote officials into office who share this opinion, and walk-the-walk despite the hardship.

It is very unfortunate what happened to Morgan. Bad things happen to good people quite often and it is unfortunate that a girl can't simply attend a music concert without something (potentially) bad happening to her. In the same breath, the world is an imperfect place and to say that a young girl dressing provocatively and going to a late night rock concert won't encounter any problems - is foolhearty. Individuals and parents need to think broadly and responsiblity, not live in fear of all "what if" moments, but simply make the best decision they can in the world we live which includes taking smart precautions.

how does anyone know that JPJ is at fault? there is alot more to this story. was she even there? are her friends telling the whole truth? what prompted a smart girl go outside to find a restroom in a new $200m arena that has more restrooms than any facility in the state?

some of you crazy soccer moms make it sound like she was thrown out by security and then dragged away by the bogeyman while everyone from JPJ stood around and watched. crazy.

she went outside for a reason. i have no doubt she is a smart and intelligent girl like her parents have said on tv; therefore i dont think she went looking for a restroom outside and i dont think she accidently found herself outside after making a wrong turn.

she made a choice to leave somehow, with someone she knows or someone she wanted to know. JPJ did not throw her out nor did she walk out looking for a bathroom, that is rubbish.