Morgan's mystery: What happened outside arena?

news-dmb-atjpjarena-exteriorThe John Paul Jones Arena parking lots are usually scenes of frivolity, as seen in this pre-DMB concert photo from April. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

Friday update: the reward announced at for information leading to the young woman's safe return is $100,000.


"Witnesses and conversations" indicate that missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington– who left a concert in search of a bathroom– spent the hour between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Saturday outdoors near the John Paul Jones Arena, a time when the performance by Metallica, according to the venue manager, was underway.

The time information came October 21 before a phalanx of reporters at a press conference held at UVA Police headquarters by Lieutenant Joe Rader of the Virginia State Police, who also announced the then imminent reward fund and a new telephone line for anyone with tips about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed child of Dan and Jill Harrington.

"We have a purse, and we have a cell phone– we have a missing girl," says Rader. "Those are the facts."

Rader attempted to dispel concerns that the missing 20-year-old was under the influence of any substances but did confirm that Harrington merely intended to go to the bathroom when she found herself outside the Arena and, consequently, barred from reentry by Arena policy.

news-missingtechstudentharrington2"She did call her friends when she got outside the Arena," says Rader, "and advised them because of the policy that she would not be coming back into the Arena and would find a way to get either up with them or to get home."

And that, says interested citizen Steve Burger, who watched the press conference online, is why he emailed police and suggested they interview roadies and members of the two "death metal" opening bands, Richmond-based Lamb of God and France-based Gojira.

Burger, a freelance journalist who has interviewed convicted killer Jens Soering, observes that Harrington reportedly kept her Metallica tickets on her refrigerator for six months and debuted her concert outfit for her mother.

"This was the event of the year for her," says Burger. "It's not very likely that she wouldn't try to get back in."

"I'm sure there must be a good reason for the policy of not readmitting people," says father Dan Harrington, who says his daughter likes all kinds of music, "but it certainly seems strange to me."

Venue manager Larry Wilson says that the no-reentry policy is "standard operating procedure for every facility I know of in the country" and points out that the Arena offers many bathrooms, concession stands, and even a smoking zone. He says door personnel are instructed to warn anyone attempting to leave during the show about the no-reentry policy.

Burger contends that while the Arena's front door personnel present a steep obstacle by blocking reentry, getting past roadies and security at a service entrance might be easier for "a beautiful girl like that in a black mini-skirt."

Burger drew no such link, but the so-called "Farmville murders" took place last month in another college town after a high school girl, who met a rapper at a horrorcore music festival, invited him to visit her family.

Lieutenant Rader seemed prepared to deal with this line of thinking, and he conceded that, despite the phone contact between Harrington and the two friends with whom she arrived, there was no arrangement for a post-concert meet-up.

"The friends were aware that they may not meet up with her after the concert," said Rader. "There was indication that she would manage to find a way to get away from the Arena."

Rader also confirmed– in a stunning parallel to the 1986 disappearance of never-found UVA student Pat Collins– that the Sunday morning discovery of Harrington's purse by a bystander in a small parking area didn't immediately launch a criminal investigation.

"It originally was handled as a recovered property report," said Rader.

The officer seemed to confirm that the young woman's cell phone was recovered without its battery but downplayed any significance. He also said that various jurisdictions offered officers–- on foot, with canines, and overhead in a helicopter–- to spend a third day Wednesday examining the area around the UVA athletic fields and the Arena.

news-missing-morganDanaHarrington-parkingLotPolice haven't said where the young woman's purse was found, but this lot on Copeley/Alderman Road matches the description. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

"Today, we have concluded what we believe has been an appropriate time spent on a localized ground search," said Rader. "We don't know if she is alive or if she has met some kind of ill fate."

He said about 100 tips have come in–- including several reported sightings at impossibly concurrent sites across the country.

Morgan's father is no stranger to Charlottesville, having served on the UVA medical center faculty and sent his other child, a young man recently graduated, to UVA. Mr. Harrington says he hopes the $50,000 reward will draw more tips.

He says that Morgan left her car and its keys in Harrisonburg, where she and her roommate from Blacksburg, Amy Melvin, met up with a friend who drove so they could all arrive together.

"If anyone saw anything strange along Copeley or along Ivy Road," says Harrington, now vice-president for academic affairs for Carilion Clinic, "anything would be welcome."

The new tip line for information regarding the disappearance : 434-352-3467. "We'll actually have this manned 24/7 says state police spokesperson Corinne Geller.

–>>October 21 press conference audio (28:01)

–last updated 6:34pm, November 2 (corrects method Burger used to contact police, corrects internal contradiction about number of children in Harrington family, adds photo of possible parking area, adds detail from interview with Wilson on policies, and adds cell phone detail, father's note about car and keys, corrects year of Pat Collins disappearance, adds full audio of press conference, and adds new reward amount.)

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Maybe UVA needs to rethink being part of the entertainment industry ?

Never, Never, Never has it been said that she drove her car. Her car was not here. She rode with friends.

Let's not jump to conclusions here, it's not known whether she knew she couldn't get back in, and it's not clear that she *tried* to get back in.

I detect a covert PR campaign already starting that intends to exonerate JPJ from any culpability. People suggesting that their no re-entry policy is to prevent people from consuming alcohol or drugs in the parking lot is pure bunk. We all know that it is so that concessions can sell more overpriced junk food. Everyone knows that the thing to do is to consume alcohol outside the show and then enter. For that matter, smuggle in a flask. They pretend to search people, but they really don't. That's because they are not concerned about security, they're concerned about their filthy dirty money.

As for the problem of re-screening those who re-enter (in the name of security), big deal. The staff screens 16000 people very efficiently when they enter, and they can easily do it again when people re-enter. I know that all the post-9/11 hysteria is their cover for this ridiculous policy, but that's bull and everyone knows it.

Unfortunately, this horribly scary situation may finally turn mumbles into roars. Concert arenas need to stop treating their patrons like jerks. Every time I go to a concert I am constantly harassed by overzealous, officious jerks in yellow shirts. "Sorry, sir, no photos." The idiots that they hired for U2 stood around cracking their knuckles and flexing their muscles just spoiling for the opportunity to exert their authority. Screw off. I can imagine what it was like when the poor girl tried to re-enter. Some fat ass in a yellow shirt. Do you realize how cold it was that night?


We won't take it anymore, and we will demand change.

Please have some consideration for the family. Morgan is a lovely girl-she has her whole life ahead of her. Her safety is the issue not the reentry policy. The family is not giving into the blame game. Let's just get her back.

I'm confused. Which in my case seems to be normal with so many people saying so many different things. Back when Morgan was first reported missing, wasn't there a press release that she had become somewhat ill and had gone outside to get some fresh air???? The John Paul Jones staff then would NOT let her back in???

shempdaddy, you bring up a valid point. Sure they don't want security issues on the parking lot. And I can tell you why! One of the things that bothers me about the John Paul Jones arena, and I have noticed it on numerous occasions.... the cops are present outside while getting traffic in and out during events. Once an event starts they all seem to simply disappear from sight outside. Where do they go? They're getting paid for the entire 6, 7 or 8 hours. Do they go inside and watch the event? Do they become extra security inside during the event? While I wasn't near JPJ on this evening, I can only imagine Morgan was on her own once she found herself outside and banned from going back in.

This event put the icing on the cake with a long running argument between my 17 year old daughter and myself. She will NOT be attending any more concerts with her "friends". She will have adult supervision in the future, no exceptions whatsoever.

This is ridiculous!

I hope this girl is okay, but you all arguing isn't helping.

JPJ's policy of not allowing people in is THE BEST OPTION.
I know for football games/basketball games/dmb concerts..people would go out..get hammered and come back in..
That's not right

you people are looking to place blame? how sad. the only potential person(s) to blame is the the whacko who is still walkiing around...maybe in your neighborhood. wrong choices were made by this lady however the blame lies with the nut job involved. JPJ policy has nothing to do with this as restricting as it is. they never chase people from the front where the security is.

DP, people don't like the policy because of what happened to this young woman as a result of the policy. yes, this woman is to "blame" for getting stuck out side. However, the complaints regarding the policy have to do with the fact that once she went out side, she fell victim to foul play and was not allowed back into the safety of the arena.

copied this off the web tonight:

One U.Va graduate who was the concert tells News 7 he remembers seeing Morgan before the concert in the parking lot.

"It was definitely her, I'm 100 percent certain of that," says Dave Gardner.

Gardner is a 2005 U.Va grad who now works in New Jersey and came back to Charlottesville to see Metallica.

"She pulled up with her party and got out of her parties car and kind of immediately engaged me and my brother and my cousin and my friend who were at the concert," says Gardner.

"She did seem excited to see Metallica because she asked us who the opening act was and when we told her, she said 'Who cares, we're here to see Metallica, right?'," said Gardner when News7 talked to him by phone.

Gardner says Harrington was anxious to get into the arena.

"It was clear to us she wanted to get in there and no one else was in a big hurry and it was frustrating for her," says Gardner.

"They weren't really tailgating. There was no evidence of drinking."

Gardner says Harrington only spoke to his group for a few minutes before heading toward the arena, but he says he remembers seeing the car after the concert without Morgan.

"There were definitely just three people in the car."

Gardner did not think much about it until

"My Dad emailed me and said, did you hear someone vanished at the concert and I, you know, I got online, out of curiosity and a chill just ran straight down my spine when I saw the picture," says Gardner.

Confirm that she was informed she couldn't re-enter. Find the employee who informed her that she couldn't re-enter. Is there camera footage?

Other than that I will agree with other posters that it's common to not allow re-entry, and I can see why they have that policy. It would become a big safety and logistical problem to have 10,000 people wandering in and out of the building at will.

To the author's idea about interviewing roadies -- picked up this tidbit on Wikipedia:

"On Metallica's off days, Gojira will headline shows with Burst and Zoroaster supporting."

Where are those gigs? Interview those bands, too. Do metalheads ever say "screw it" and hop on tour?

If someone has bought a ticket than they have reserved the right to enter and exit. I think that JPJ's policy is wrong and should be changed. I will consider this rule when I buy tickets for any event there again.
The girls parents must feel awful. This death could have been prevented by allowing the girl back in. This is very sad. Idiotic! What if someone left a breathing nebulizer in the car? What if someone forgot a cell phone? I have been in JPJ for events and easliy got lost from others I have been with and needed my phone to make a call Are you telling me that the policy is to kick them out and not let them back in? After one has paid? STUPID!

"Curious why no mention of the fact that her cell phones battery had been removed from the cell phone”Š"

well then Jimi, you have some explaining to do about how you know that don't you

so if she is found and she planned this like the "runaway bride". Who's responsible for cost of all the hours spent searching for her?

Nobody has said 10,000 people should be allowed to come and go as they please. But if a person has a legitimate medical reason to step outside, there should be an exemption of some type.

Suppose a person with severe asthmatic bronchitis has discovered they have left their inhaler in their vehicle. The $259 ticket they bought and paid for suddenly becomes null and void because they need to retrieve their medication quickly?

There's very few reasons a person would need to enter and exit. But there's also legitimate reasons as well.

On a somewhat related note, I sure hate the thoughts of leaving any of my vehicles parked up there if a 20 year old girl can disappear and nobody saw a dayum thing!

It is just so sad that you all would try to blame jpj's policy that is trying to keep us safe for this. The only person at fault for this is whoever took her. The policy is in place for many reasons which you are all looking over, because yes a girl was taken. One of you above stated that she got into a bad situation and then tried to reenter, but was not allowed admission. That is not correct however, she tried to get admission and then after was taken or whatever happened to her. She mad a bad decision to not stay in the light of the arena by the glass doors, where she could be seen if anything happened to her. She was the one who walked away from safety so it is not at the fault of jpj. It is also not her fault however, because she could have never known that someone was going to take her and or kill her. It is a tragic situation, but throwing around the blame game gets you nowhere. In fact, you are just spamming up these boards and not contributing at all to solving this case. It is very sad and scary, but policies are in place for a reason. She should not have stepped away from safety, and i can guarantee you that if she was in any kind of danger and she alerted the people inside, they would have called the cops. They would not sit there and watch her die, of course not. They are not at fault in any way, they were simply doing their job. This girl just made some bad decisions and were all very confused about what has happened to her. Instead of playing the blame game though, why don't you focus all this energy on trying to actually help the case.

Obviously everyone should be hoping for her safety, which is what I would have guessed the comment section would be focused on. I'm incredibly surprised to see so much blame passed on to UVA, JPJ, stadium policies, students drinking, etc. What happened to her appears to be a horrific incident, if not crime. However, none of the aforementioned things contributed directly to her disappearance. The amount of anger and protest directed at JPJ is unwarranted.

Stadiums that have strict no reentry policies: Fenway Park, Yankees Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, United Center, Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech, Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke, and the list could go on and on and on. There are legitimate reasons for this policy and they are ubiquitous among large sports venues. JPJ/Charlottesville is not some barbaric anomaly, nor is it a small, intimate music venue that might more easily handle reentry. Several people have posed "what if" scenarios, such as medical emergencies or legitimate reasons to leave and come back. Fine points, but they are irrelevant to the situation at hand. She left, allegedly, looking for a bathroom. Why aren't people up in arms about the lack of signs pointing to the nearest bathroom in the halls (I won't get in to, other than mentioning, how it is nearly impossible to leave the stadium, mistaking the exit door for a route to a bathroom, unless one is seriously altered)? JPJ is not at fault for what happened to the young woman. Might the policy have something to do with what happened? Yes, unfortunately it could have contributed and that is terrible and maybe it should be rethought or altered. However, the policy is obviously not in place to make money at the risk of people being abducted. Not every problem can be traced back to the "corporate" mongrels who are just greedily trying to make a buck.

Now is not the time to deliver impassioned assaults against the venue, school or town. There is a missing girl. Why aren't people focusing on the events as they played out, expressing anger at the person(s) who carried out this heinous act (if it was in fact a crime), questioning why she'd find another ride home when it was her car they drove and simply expressing condolences and hope to the family? I realize it’s hypocritical of me to contribute to the policy debate while also condemning it, but I am hoping this will change the direction of further discussion.

if she was outside the JPJ, it was due to her own free will. The JPJ has no role in how she got out there. Was she ever in the JPJ, that is a very interesting question?

I still hope for a positive outcome

i read somewhere, cant remember where, that there was a story out there that she fell, hit her head, appeared disoriented and then walked towards a highway?

anyone hear that one?

Yes, Bill. It is hypocritical of you to contribute to the policy debate while also condemning said policy debate.... the ole "don't do as I do, do as I suggest" routine..... and I doubt if it will change the direction of further discussion. Whatever has happened to this young girl, the John Paul Jones arena entry policy shares in the blame, IMHO!

This is weird timing.... but Channel 29 reports... "Three Charlottesville police officers were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene, a fourth with bad asthma, was taken to the hospital for treatment."

Now suppose this cop was off duty and has taken his wife (or girlfriend) to the John Paul Jones arena for a concert. And suppose he suddenly needs an inhaler for his asthma that he has left in his car by mistake. Or perhaps he left it in his car because he felt he wouldn't need it? Are we to believe that the John Paul Jones arena would not allow him, his wife or his girlfriend to exit, go to the car to retrieve the medication, and then return inside? Would the $259 ticket be null and void because the off duty cop has somewhat of a medical emergency and needs to go to his/her car for a minute?

How to identify attendees that need to temporarily leave a venue for any reason? Bar coded wristbands. No big trick there. Can't be moved from one person to another. Could be used to track times and entrances used. Add another buck to the tickets to cover the cost, cheapskates.

I become more and more amazed at people's blind acceptance to bad policy as this thread continues

This is outrageous said "In fact, you are just spamming up these boards and not contributing at all to solving this case. It is very sad and scary, but policies are in place for a reason."
I kept waiting for that reason, but it never came..

Then Bill Said
"Stadiums that have strict no reentry policies: Fenway Park, Yankees Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, United Center, Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech, Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke, and the list could go on and on and on. There are legitimate reasons for this policy and they are ubiquitous among large sports venues."
Ok Bill what are these legitimate reasons?
They never came.

The fact remains that Ms Harrington was denied re-entry:
"Rader attempted to dispel concerns that the missing 20-year-old was under the influence of any substances but did confirm that Harrington merely intended to go to the bathroom when she found herself outside the Arena and, consequently, barred from reentry by Arena policy.
She did call her friends when she got outside the Arena,” says Rader, ââ?¬Å?and advised them because of the policy that she would not be coming back into the Arena and would find a way to get either up with them or to get home.”
This is the point where the policy was in error and places at least partial blame on JPJ because her friends should have been encouraged to come meet her, or she should have been let in
Venue manager Larry Wilson says that the no-reentry policy is ââ?¬Å?standard operating procedure for every facility I know of in the country”. Quite simply, This is a flat out aggressively defensive lie. I researched this claim and JPJ is in the minority, nationally. but even so Why does Charlottesville's JPJ choose to align itself with bad policy around the country? We should be a leader in advanced thinking not merely a blind follower to freedom eroding policy, that through cause and effect has greatly contributed to the disappearance of a young girl. Please don't continue to defend the indefensible.
This reminds me of the adage that I think was attributed to the C.I.A. " When in doubt, Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations and demand to see the evidence!"

DF I was looking for the valid reasons for a no re-entry policy not just self serving reasons. I don't agree that not allowing re-entry increases safety. In Fact, in light of recent developments I find the opposite to be true.
If alcohol abuse is a reason. I would counter that the venue would like to control and especially profit from said abuse. So again not a valid reason. The same could be said of food
I seem to remember a few years ago that the airlines had a "policy" that allowed passengers to be held against their will on the tarmac of a runway for an indefinite period of time while the plane awaited clearance for departure. This led to passenger egregious abuse, cry for change and ultimately a travelers Bill of Rights.
But hey, this is policy right? everybody's doing it right? Clearly this was an abuse of policy and so was changed. Granted it took Government intervention but a miscalculated policy was changed all the same.
I will have to review what 15000+ venues allow re-entry.
but again I say , Just because everyone else has a flawed policy does not mean an enlightened community has to follow suit.And that although we are far from enlightened in Charlottesville, we could certainly take a step in the right direction by correcting what is to say the very least a "flawed policy". Instead we cling steadfastly and diligently to broken excuses. For what reason? I'm not sure. Could be we just don't like change, But folks, if there were ever a reason to change a needless look at the facts of this case.

My thoughts and prayers are with this young woman and her family.
As parents, we do all we can to keep our children safe - all the while, knowing there is really no such thing.

i think theres something important going on.

I agree, grow up and find something to do with your life that is a little more positive for the world, and get the chip off your shoulder. Life is too short to be blaming the world for your chip when others are hurting.

@ SHADOW ROCKER...As for Morgan...she was a METALLICA fan, not Lamb of God...That's why none of this makes any sense.

yes there are tons of questions and yes friends do stick up for one another. but does anybody listen to the news. i mean i hear a few people saying that they dont think she even may of been there...well her purse and cellphone with battery missing was found in the nearby NOT THE JPJ parking lot. i mean how close does that get. and FACT that her cell phone called her friends with use of battery may i get @ ya...i mean ugh duh.

if you have nothing nice to say plz shut up. im getting tired of people judging her. If there are secrets then there are secrets. if they knew where morgan was this wouldnt be the way it is. i dont think no PARENT in there right mind would knwo where there child was and be going CRAZY of where and what and whatever if they knew where she was...I have met these parents and i know in my heart that not any sane parent would make up such a big thing like this to get nothing in return...yes theres money but ITS NOT THERE MONEY! So you know keep giving the negitive. your just a cold hearted person...and yes ask questions but WHAT person you see on on TV that ANSWERS EVERYTHING they are ASKED???????????

Get a life people, enjoy what you have. If you know where she is or if you seen her open your mouth and SPEAK. Because yall sitting here saying bad things aint helping nobody just pissing people like me off!

The main problem "Outraged" is that you're labeling a common policy as flawed based on one recent event. It's worth noting that it's too early to say that the re-entry policy is even partly to blame until all the facts come out.

Unfortunately arrests at concerts and sporting events are quite common with most arrests being for drunken/disorderly behavior. Most NCAA venues do not allow the sale of alcohol so the majority of drinking takes place in the parking lot. Obviously allowing spectators to return to their vehicles to drink at will isn't a good idea and only leads to more drivers behind the wheel who shouldn't be driving.

JPJ is a little different since they do sell alcohol at concerts. It's silly to label the re-entry policy as a simple way to increase alcohol sales. It may be a by-product but the primary reason is patron safety. JPJ limits patrons to four beverages and if visitors were allowed to exit, many would choose to leave for a quick drink and return to the show. This can create a very unsafe atmosphere inside the arena. The goal is to have patrons drinking less alcoholic beverages as the night progresses so they'll be able to get themselves home safely.

I am curious to see the results of your research. In an earlier post you state "I researched this claim and JPJ is in the minority, nationally." In the post above you then say "Just because everyone else has a flawed policy..." regarding re-entry. Which is it? Is JPJ in the minority with this policy for concert events or the majority?

DF, what you asked was "Would you mind posting some examples from your research of 15,000+ capacity arenas in the U.S."
How I replied was
"I will have to review what 15000+ venues allow re-entry.
but again I say , Just because everyone else has a flawed policy does not mean an enlightened community has to follow suit".
You have taken what I said out of context to try to forward your point, That's ok effective debating technique I suppose but you certainly have not provided an opportunity to do so.
I still think it's heavy handed and wrong policy regardless of whether JPJ is a minority or majority denier of service, who allows and who does not does not really matter as long as JPJ is complicit in this case . The majority of all venues in the US certainly allow re-entry. I checked
But you have still failed to show even one valid reason for allowing such policy, while I have shown you just one glaring example of why it needs to be changed today. And all of your facts figures and docile reasonings won't change this one crysal fact.
Ms Harrington was denied re-entry which leads to Ms Harrington is missing

Two words: Charlottesville Pavilion.

That and hundreds of other venues allow reentry.

Your arguments make no sense. Who checks the people that show up late? Are you saying that everyone has to show up at a certain time or else they can't come in? What about the person that decides to skip the opening bands? Who checks them for "guns and other contraband" of which you seem so frightened? Are you saying that they cannot check a person twice?

Hand stamps. It's done EVERYWHERE. Only in Charlottesville is the public so docile that they would pay good money to a venue and then allow that venue to control their behavior to such a degree.

It can be done, it should be done, it IS done elsewhere.

JPJ, because of its connection to UVA, is overly concerned with college students that can't hold their liquor and have destructive relationships with alcohol. As a result of the irrational policy in place, this young woman is missing.

They did a story on this on the Today show this morning, and interviewed the parents. Not much new info except they did say her cell phone records showed her last call was to her friends in the arena.

i been following this since monday.after looking at some pics of Morgan Harrington i gotta say she appears to be a very beautiful young lady.and after reading what she was wearing saturday night i can only imagine she looked very attractive.
policy is not the issue right now.the issue is what happened to her and where is she.hopefully she will be found unharmed or will return.

I can see both sides to the argument on the policy of no re-entry. Batman makes solid points regarding issues that arise from allowing open foot traffic in and out of a large venue like JPJ. If there was an open re-entry option it would increase the flow of people in and out by the hundreds and potentially thousands. With that you now have to manage the parking area full time from fights, mid-concert drug/alcohol use. Not to say it couldn’t be managed, but the arrest rate for these types of issues that would arise probably would rather be avoided than caught. Also the counterfeiting issues. When I was younger my friends and I would always pull the 2 people go in with tickets and one comes out with 2 tickets and gives it to the buddy without one, we did the same with wristbands, just snip it off and make it stick on just long enough to get through the door. An escort type service may make since but can you imagine the unpredicted man power that would take? People park up to a mile away, are you going to have a one-for-one shofer for every person that wants to leave and re-enter, seems like a logistical nightmare. On the other side, undoubtedly there are people that have legitimate reasons for exiting and re-entering like was stated before ââ?¬Å?for a nebulizer” or medical device, or what apparently resulted in this case, with a mistake of confusion looking for a restroom, this defiantly seems unfair and unjust. I don’t have any real proof but my assumption is that with an open re-entry policy many more people would be leaving and coming back for dangerous reasons rather than justifiable. If there was an open re-entry policy, and people were getting stabbed in the parking lot, selling drugs to your teenagers or over dosing in their cars during the concert, would you be just as outraged at what a poor environment JPJ is creating? I’m not saying there is a clear cut answer and of course this scenario blows holes right through the logic of the current policy. It is easy to blame JPJ, and it may turn out that they could have prevented this but I don’t think statements like they are making tons of money on these concerts and can afford all these extra measures can just be assumed. Do you know the net profits and margins on ticket sales? How much the band gets? How many seats are guaranteed paid out to the band even if they aren’t filled? What the operational overhead is? I’m unsure myself and perhaps they do make a ton of money but that can’t just be assumed and that JPJ is greedy.

I’ve been to many JPJ concerts, and I have left some of them early, I don’t remember with 100% accuracy but I do recall while the concert was going on they limited the wide range of exit doors by locking them and making you exit through limited doors who did have ushers informing me I couldn’t come back in if I left. I think some ownership of responsibility with the party involved needs to be questioned; I’m a bit outraged at this girls friends. If I got that phone call my friend was locked out I would at least go try to talk with the usher or go hand her my keys, it just seems odd that someone would call and say yah I’ll find a ride home or figure something out and friends being ok with that when home is over 2 hours away. Who can hear their cell phone ring inside a concert anyhow? I suppose phone records can verify, but I would think txt messages would have been being exchanged on updates.

To help track down what could have happened to her and how far she could be from the scene, I’d want to know more about the girls personality. What was her risk tolerance? Was she shy and nervous to approach strangers or was she more fearless and adventurous, and could have jumped into a situation that seemed fun and innocent. I knew many delightful girls in college that I would worry about because they were not scared to jump into any situation and think it hilarious to go take Tequilla shots with some rodie, or find some other random adventure. Were they staying with friends here in Charlottesville? Was her ticket stub in her purse, surely someone that kept them on their fridge for 6 months would want to keep them as a keepsake, and their wouldn’t be any pockets in that black mini skirt. Maybe its as cut and dry as it seems on the surface, a forced abduction by a confused out of town girl that couldn’t get back into the concert. The most obvious answer is usually right, but something with the whole sequence of events (that is being released) just seems odd to me.

The evidence trail doesn’t look good, but I pray they find this young woman alive and unharmed, my heart and prayers go out to her family. I hope her friends thought the concert was worth it.

Please people... Stop with the assumptions that she is dead!!! You need to realize the fact that the police are doing everything they can, but without the information needed, they cannot continue their search. Morgan Harrington is a beautiful girl and has a full life ahead of her. And with all of your stories about what could have happened, just stop it!!! I have known this girl for 15 years and went to school with her. It's very unlikely that she would do something like that. Please be considerate and realize that this is something that should not be taken lightly. Do your part and call the police if you know or saw anything that night. I want Morgan to be found safe and unharmed. Please help bring her home.

mama, GREAT point. if they drove in her car, she would have had the keys. i never give my keys to anyone else. so how did these girls get her car back to VT? and if they had the keys, why?

that is a huge hole in the story. she would not have given her keys to her friends to hold, if they all assumed they were going to enter and leave the concert together.

tells me she either was never inside, or they all knew she would be leaving with someone else before they went in.

I have been reading these comments with interest. I work the front gates at a 20K seat amphitheater that has a No Reentry policy. People do try to leave during the show and we remind them of the policy. If they say they have a need such as meds, feminine products, or an extra coat (because it does get cool at night), we gladly allow them to return to their car and retrieve the item. We tell them they have to go straight there and back. Part of this policy is to control drinking, not ensure we make make money off buying alcohol. There is a huge problem with kids (some underage) going back out to drink because they can't buy it inside. If they could come and go as they please, and then get in trouble out there, people would be angry that there a No Reentry policy isn't in place! You just can't win...people will find ways to criticize even the best policies.

Also, if liberal reentry was allowed you'd have serious issues with overcrowding inside the venue due to creative fans getting their friends in. I worked Phish at a 13K seat arena and if there was liberal reentry, I am certain that place would have had over 20K before the show was over! Fans will take advantage of any leak in the system, especially at sold-out shows. They know how to duplicate hand stamps, copy wristbands, etc. Don't doubt their persistence!

Finally, there has to be some personal responsibility. At every venue I've worked/visited with this policy, it is clearly posted. The only people that do not 'get it' are those that have had too much to drink. I cannot see a scenario where this girl had to leave the venue; everything is inside. That said, I do hope they find her and that this story has a happy ending. If they don't, let's hope that it gives a lesson to our young people to stick with their group, no matter what.

We think everyone should help fine Morgan an not place blame. Morgan is the one we need to try an get her home safe. Do you all know what her Family an Friends are thinking if they read this sight. I am a mother an grandmother an it would kill me to read some of these things you all are saying. So Why Not stop an Pray for Morgan an Her family an Friends. God hold Morgan close an Bring her Home safe. God Bless Morgan an her Family.

"Outraged" - the reasons for not allowing re-entry have already been posted in this thread multiple times. Not allowing re-entry by and large creates a SAFER environment for patrons with the largest reason being alcohol abuse taking place at patron vehicles. Unfortunately in this case, assuming the facts reported actually happened, it might have been a contributing factor to Morgan's disappearance.

Would you mind posting some examples from your research of 15,000+ capacity arenas in the U.S. that allow re-entry for concerts? I'm very curious. Thanks!

Here's a list of venues I've attended that do not allow re-entry for concerts:
Greensboro Coliseum
Wachovia Arena (Philly)
Verizon Center (DC)
Staples Center (LA)
Old Charlotte Coliseum and new Time Warner arena (Charlotte)
Dean Smith Center (Chapel Hill)
RBC Center (Raleigh)
Georgia Dome

i have never seen a re-entry policy at a major venue, never. Been to 100s of concerts and sporting events. never seen it.

its much more common to have a no reentry policy than to have one.

Morgan was out there either due to being completely out of it, or went out there on purpose. she did not just make a wrong turn and end up out there.

perhaps a guy inside said he had backstage passes, and we need to go around the building to get in another entrance? perhaps she got a call from a friend who was outside that she needed to see more than Metallica? that she accidently ended up there is nonsense.

I just wanted to tell yall that the ones who are focusing on the negitive need to grow up. This has happened and she should be found. it doesnt madder how things where its how things are. i mean shes out there somewhere either hurt, scared, or even the worse. i think if yall are going to dwell upon all the negitive you should not even waist your time posting stuff. i mean her family is hurting, her friends are hurting, and all some of you can say is BAD NEGITIVE things. Im sorry but yall need to grow up and get over tired of reading negitive things. if you cant say nice things or hopeful things i dont think the family that is sitting here reading this want to see all the CRAP yall are writing. i hope she comes on okay. shes a close famliy friend to me and i dont want to read crap and i know ones closer to her dont want to read it either. go to a message board or something people read this stuff in the world.

I feel the same way. Her family does not want to read some of this stuff. So if u can't say good thing, don't write anythings. Morgan I Pray you are safe and you will soon come haoe to your family. To the family we are praying for Morgans safe return home. God bless you all.

@ Dakota, now the police are saying they have footage her near a bridge or railroad tracks...not sure. The more they release the stranger it gets...

Two possible explanations why she left the arena right before Metallica-the act she had been waiting to see for six months.

-She went out to meet someone she knew but didn't want her friends to know about--not sure why.

-She went out with someone who had a backstage pass--these can be easier to get than you think--there is backstage and there is BACKSTAGE. At some concerts, a social area is set up backstage that alot of people have passes for(friends, contest winners, etc..) I don't know if that was the case for this concert. But someone with a backstage pass to Metallica could be very influential to someone who was a big fan of Metallica--pure conjecture there.

i hope they find her or at least find out what happened.
somebody is for sure lying.

May, I know we have some pretty stupid cops walking around out there nowadays. But is there any reason you think the Virginia State Police or FBI didn't have enough sense to put a battery in the cell phone and look inside for helpful evidence?

Reminds me of a local Keystone Kops event a few years ago. The local police searched a defendant's cell phone for helpful information in prosecuting him. After finding information they felt would be helpful in a successful criminal prosecution, the cops then sought a search warrant for the cell phone. The local magistrate refused to issue the search warrant because they had searched the cell phone before obtaining the search warrant. It was all I could do to contain my laughter until the cop had walked out of the local Magistrate's Office.

There are a lot of questions about what really happened to Morgan, I am sure we will sometime find the answers to a few, but never to all.
I have been to JPJ a few times, me personally I do not like it, it is to crowed and confusing.
I too have a cell phone, and all they need to do to find out who and when she called anyone or anyone called her is put in a new battery. They can see everything that was done to the phone. Did they fingerprint it? Probably not.
Another thing I have thought about is all the construction going on around UVA, have they checked those areas, Some locations are not that far from JPJ.
I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother so I can only imagine what her parents are going through.
May god bless her and keep her and bring her home safely

If the arena had a re-entry policy that allowed folks to come and go, and someone was abducted in the parking lot during the concert--folks would be up in arms about how the JPJ should never have allowed re-entry and that UVA is responsible for any actions of individuals in their lot.

I know that the knee jerk reaction is to assess blame by going back in time to re-create what could have happened differently--JPJ has the biggest shoulders--but really, their policy is designed to improve safety for concert goers and does what it is supposed to by keeping the parking lot clear of all kinds of activities during a show. Policies that work for nightclubs and smaller venues don't necessarily work for 18,000 seat arenas.

The young woman made a decision to leave the arena that ultimately proved to be a bad decision--the blame goes to whoever prevented her from getting back with her friends(however that happened).

@Col.Forbin Wonder why this eyewitness account was kept under wraps ?! This explains why she left the arena. From what I've heard there are too many bathrooms, smoke areas etc...there was no need ot go outside except to meet someone. I've also heard that if you attempt to leave the arena, they make it clear you cannot come back. Morgan's friends need to tell the truth about what happened....

there was conflicting info on the car issue; glad that is cleared up. everyone hopes she is found safe; however in many cases like this, the story that is out there in the 1st few days often changes and when the truth is finally available, it looks vastly different than what we know so far.

we have no idea what happened or how it happened, but i think you can almost be assured that in the end it would not have happened as its being described now.

to me the least likely scenario is she was in fine shape, walked outside to get some air, found out she could not get back in, said "oh well, I'll just hang out here or find another ride", took a walk around the parking lost and got nabbed.

i think there is a significant fact that we dont know.

There's some new information being reported by NBC 29 tonight...

"This grandmother says she saw a young woman and a young man physically struggling with one another, and the young woman looked a lot like Morgan. The grandmother wants to remain anonymous for her own safety.
She called police Monday night after she saw Harrington’s picture on the news. She says the fight unfolded behind her car parked outside the John Paul Jones Arena the night Metallica took the stage. At about 9:30, the same time police say Morgan Harrington had still been on the arena grounds, the woman pulled into a parking space to pick up her son and grandson from the show. That's when she says a loud noise startled her.
"I heard them being very loud and it sounded like maybe like she got smacked or something. The two people were in like a hand lock she had her hands on his arm and he had his hands on her arm pushing back and forth."
The woman says the girl started walking back toward the arena and the young man headed for the road, but ran back to the girl. She says the girl looked just like Morgan and it appeared the couple knew each other. The woman only had a vague description of the young man she saw."

@ Jenny-jerry boone -Nancy Grace just did a segment on this. The police are saying that there are credible sightings of Morgan on a bridge 1/2 mile away from the arena. Her purse and cell phone (with the battery removed) were found near this location. Morgans father was on the show. Still no answers as to why Morgan left the arena. Nancy kept asking rhetorically why Morgan would go through two parking lots and wander 1/2 mile from the bridge....Still no answers.

I'd imagine, CC, that Jimi did what I did.
He read the article.

Nice Job Larry! Now you are as ignorant as every other venue operator in the country and just as negligent. How about a call and wait policy?, How about an escort service?, anything? Can I get a thought? a hope,? A prayer for change? How about Charlottesville being a leader in protecting our young people? How about not continuing an absurd policy because everyone else is doing it? Now I'm totally sick and disgusted and embarrased that someone with Larry's mindset is in charge of what could be/ should be the safest venue in the country. I said it before you should be ashamed of your treatment of patrons in general and this policy specifically.
Excuse me while I try to get this outrage out of my head for awhile.
I'll go and hug my kids now

For one, where is the FBI? For two, my thought the re-enter policy is about greed to keep people from sneaking in, drugs/alcohol in the parking lot, all kinds of "reasons". Whether it's a right or wrong policy, I think you ought to be able to leave and re-enter if you have your ticket stub and arm band or stamp. Most people after paying to go to a show they want to be there, and sometimes an emergency does arise and you need to leave and come back. Old fashioned common sense needs to be applied when you have set rules in the public environment, it's not right to assume everyone is up to no good. A young girl alone should have been let back in.

Have you ever really noticed the type of people they hire as "security", it takes more than a shirt to be security. Last time I went there I asked two employees where was the smoking section and how to get there, they didn't have a clue, they knew nothing about the lay out of the building. I doubt they have even been trained to get people out of the exits/how to handle a major crisis.

I am really sorry for the family and I hope they find Morgan healthy and safe. Personally I would call in a professional psychic and forget the law.

This story does not add up! This girl would not leave the arena on her own if she really wanted to see Metallica! And I've heard many stories and dont know what to believe...I just hope she is found...

How do you know she is doesnt say that...

Something doesn't feel right about the series of events. Why would she go outside looking for a bathroom--doesn't make sense. Did she maybe meet somebody (a guy?) before the concert and leave to meet him outside during the warm-up band's performance? That would explain why her friends wouldn't be concerned about her going off on her own. I feel so awful for her parents--young people think they're invincible and take crazy risks (I did), and parents know better. I hope this has a happy ending, but, wow, things do not look good.

batman, no it does not make perfect sense. You have simply internalized the docility that our society projects onto its citizens.

The charlottesville pavilion has no such policy, and neither do many concert venues across the country. But then these venues are in no way associated with UVA.

JAL....who said that Morgan was dead???????

security is paid by the hour, not the attendance of the venue.

batman sounds like he hasn't gone to a concert in the last 10 years. many venues are able to make sensible reentry policies work. Venues associated with UVA cannot.

I've NEVER been told at a movie theater that I could not reenter the theater. I mean, who has ever even HEARD of a movie theater having that policy?

April, your hypothetical sounds reasonable, but let's face the REALITY that the CURRENT policy led to this situation.

batman, you may be right that handstamps can be forged, but the venue is making a ton of money on these concerts. Changing the stamp from show to show isn't such a huge expense. Neither is paying the security to be there for the whole show.

Frankly, in light of what happened, the policy looks capricious and cheap. I'd be surprised if it isn't changed. Would you actually be upset if it is for some reason? I mean, you seem to be attached to this policy on an emotional level.

ok bust on me but you didn't address the issue of a person going in, getting a ticket stub from a friend and sneaking a pal in as a comeback. Hand stamps are easily forged and at 100 bucks a ticket the motivation is there. There is always security outside the arena and I doubt that she was abducted forcefully right in front of the doors. All the security in the world will not protect someone who is conned into getting a ride from a friend of a friend when everyone is an adult. This isn't a middle school it is a concert hall with tens of thousands of people. Get realistic.

For those of you who wish to boycott thats fine by me.. most of the shows are sold out anyway and you will not be missed.

I think an accurate chronology of police and security actions should be reported. We can all imagine what we think we would do, what did the police actually do?

Where did they look, who did they talk to, where have they not looked? What was and was not seen on security tales?

If she left the Arena someone must have seen her leave --one or more of the guards who will not let people back in. Have they all been interviewed and did she leave alone ? If they are telling people they cannot re-enter, they must have talked to her.

Batman, There are so many common sense solutions. Here's a few, IMHO.
Include hand stamps or even wristbands in the price of the ticket. Seems the Beer companies have had some success with this and are not easy to forge or remove. Also it's not like Ticket Master or Live Nation have not already added a few fees to their tickets (add emoticon here) . In fact why not include it in the price of the beers.
Why not an escort service? and increased security outside the venue,and ease up on the Smoking Police, Picture Cops inside. Why doesn't UVA add some more cameras in the lot? I don't even want to get into the ridiculous smoking area. Again, another example of shoddy treatment of your patrons Larry Wilson and JPG. Stacking up pepole like pigs in a pen. Simply shameful.
Lastly I don't know what dream economy you live in but most shows are struggling to sell out if at all. Ex. Greatly reduced tix, released by UVA the day of the event. (Springsteen Dylan $20 each for me). As for "not missing us", well that simply come across as sarcastically smug.
UVA and the artists are all about fannies in the seats. Concessions Man! There's the rub. Anyway Batman, I don't wish to argue with you. I know that you are greatly concerned with Ms. Harrington's safety as is everyone on this thread.
April, It's hard to know what led to this, but as reported on NEWSPLEX tonight, She did place a call from the outside of the venue and apparently stated to her friend that she was denied re-entry and would seek altenative transportation home. Sounds like she didn't want to mess up anyone elses plans.
Anyway people, Now is probably not the time to argue the merits of this ridiculous policy that require fundamental change. Now is the time to pray to your God for Morgan's reunion with her wonderful family, and to keep your eyes and ears open. This is such a sad story.
Please pray for a jubilant ending! Goodnight.

by the way this isn't perplexing me. So that was an inappropriate sig. I am still outraged

Larry doesn't work for UVA, he works for SMG...

They are a huge corporation that manages facilities and their goal is too make a profit. I wonder how long until you cannot leave and re-enter The Paramount as this map indicates they manage that venue too!!!

A number of things don't add up--someone appears to by lying.

-There is NO WAY that she accidentally left JPJ looking for a bathroom--there are more bathrooms in that building than any building in Charlottesville and the layout is such that it is hard to leave accidentally. Either her friends are lying(not likely--they are likely telling the truth--too much at stake not to) OR she lied to her friends about why she was outside the building OR the cops are lying.

-I don't get how she said she would catch a ride IF her car was there.

-It is hard to reconcile these inconsistencies. Was she altered, which could explain erratic behaviour? Did she go out to meet someone and not make it back?

The key seems to be the communication she had in that hour after she left the arena before she lost contact. I am sure the police know things they are not letting out. The friends who were with her have some of these answers.

The JPJ re-entry policy is standard procedure for an event of that type in a venue of that type. My guess is that re-entry would create MORE security issues in the parking lot--not less

Well now... so since security will need to recheck people for guns and other contraband who pays?

What would stop someone from going in, going out with a SECOND ticket stub and letting a "friend" sneak in? How about since the ticket is scanned and cancelled how would they know that you didn't just print out two copies on your computer and had the second person show up an hour later and say they went out another door?

I know you will say that they can scan it on the way out.. ok so who pays that overhead?

The answer is.. the person that uses the service should. So if you want to lobby for that go ahead.

Like I said it makes perfect sense..

If someone had an emergency than I am sure JPJ security would work something out. The general no readmittance policy makes perfect sense. It is no different than a movie theater or a play.

There will be more to this story....

i assure UVA that me or any of my 500+ friends throughout the city if charlottesville and albemarle and surrounding areas will NOT go to any event until the policy is changed. provide an escort service or something. has anyone ever been to a nascar race? they have security in cars,bikes,motorcycles,on foot,security cameras manned even hours after the race is over. UVA has all the money they need to provide security,or escorts or anything. PLUS. at every nascar event,they do hand stamps. i understand that nascar is bigger then JPJ. but it must be treated the same. has JPJ done any exit drills or anything like that?

The no re-entry policy does not apply to someone leaving the performance area of the arena to use the bathroom or buy food, or wander the corridors. No re-entry applies to leaving the building, If an attendee goes OUTSIDE the building to the sidewalk and parking lots, he/she is not allowed to re-enter. I don't think that policy is all that unreasonable. I feel more secure knowing someone cannot enter, go through the security check, return to their car later and perhaps return with a weapon when security is more lax. In this world we live in, that could be a real possibility. No re-entry has been the policy at Scott Stadium since additional security was put in place after 9/11. I didn't realize it was the policy at the Arena since once I enter the building for a concert or sporting event, I have never felt a need to leave until after the performance or game.

Curious why no mention of the fact that her cell phones battery had been removed from the cell phone...

you need to take a step back from your keyboard and get some rest.

yes, perhaps uva should stop holding concerts, sporting events, plays, musicals and any other events that draw a crowd. maybe they should outlaw dancing by the students as well. close the corner and require coats/ties and dresses for class.

my point precisely CvilleDon! why did he just gas away then about there being no mention? maybe he/she didn't read the article before commenting?

CvilleDon, you just killed the "tell" on if the posters actually read the article or are just gassing away....

When investigators have sound leads that they are following, they tend to give few interviews and offer only tidbits of info to the media. When the investigation is not going well, they offer up all sorts of information to cover themselves and their faulty findings and investigations.

We haven't heard much from the family, so it is quite possible that the investigation is proceeding well. Remember when the Hollaway investigation was flawed? The parents and anyone else who could get air time were, and rightfully so, all over the media.

Keep your seat belts fastened on this one.

I do hope that Morgan is found safe and sound......

"He says that Morgan left her car and its keys in Harrisonburg, where she and her roommate from Blacksburg, Amy Melvin, met up with a friend who drove so they could all arrive together."

Can someone link the article that states Morgan's car was driven to the concert?

I said she was dead because 1 + 1 = 2. Come on they have been searching for her for days and no one drops their phone and purse on purpose.
If she was intoxicated don't you think she would be over the hangover by now and attempt to contact someone?
Come on people, think about it...
And I think the idea of stamping a hand to allow and indivudal back in should occur. And yes, unfortunately I do think this girl has met ill fate. JPA needs to rethink their policies.

Metallica did not take the stage until 9:10, Lamb of God left the stage around 8:40

Based on the well lit corridors and number of restrooms in that facility I find it hard to believe that someone couldn't find a bathroom and had to search outside??? Sounds strange to me....unless she found one and the line was too long....some of the lines were long.

Do we have video confirmation that she even made it to the arena? Is there anyone other than the friends who can confirm that she was there? She lived two hours away, and the "friends" claim that she said she would just find a way home? Could they have had something to do with her disappearance even before they got to Charlottesville and then planted her purse and cellphone and claimed to have spoken with her?

Just a thought. But the story doesn't add up thus far.

Thankyou for letting us know that such a ridiculous policy exists at JPJ. We will be sure not to have any of our children attend concerts there, since they too occasionally need to urinate.
Has anyone carefully reviewed the videotapes from the exterior of the arena ?
We are praying for Morgan and her parents, and for Morgan's safe return.

"the so-called ââ?¬Å?Farmville murders” took place last month in another college town after a high school girl met a rapper at a horrorcore music festival."

That's factually way incorrect and very little research would have been necessary to find the correct info. Sad Hawes, you're the freaking editor.

Mr/Mrs/Miss cat, the admission policies is most certainly an issue -- IF -- it contributed to whatever has happened to Morgan.

Thank You CJ for the up date. I am keeping up with this on my cell. My conputer is in shop. Morgan I pray for you and your family everyday. God be with you and keep you safe.

I agree that nobody answers everything on TV....But in this case answers to one or two of the questions would probably further things along. I think the friends could answer some of the questions, but the parents are defending the friends all the way. Again, when you put yourself in the media expect questions...If you do not answer them expect MORE questions. People who complain about questions or dodge them want their cake and eat it too. You want exposure, but don't want to bring clarity to the situation. The police are asking for tips, but dont want to answer if Morgan was intoxicated. No we don't know where she is, but I suspect the friends have more insight than they are sharing. If the secrecy continues we may never know what actually happened. I want Morgan to be found. I want every missing person out there to be reunited with their families..but when something stinks,people will comment on it....DEAL WITH IT !

It's the anti-intoxication hysteria caused by the decades of binge drinking UVA students that is responsible for this senseless policy.

i continue to hope this girl is found.

this whole story seems false to me. JPJ has millions of restrooms, you dont accidently end up outside after you go looking for a restroom. Im sure the girl is very smart enough to assume the restrooms are inside the bldg.

i would really drill down on the friends, their story may not add up. is there proof she was there? cell phone records should prove that and that she made the call during the concert.

if you did somehow end up outside the bldg, i think you try to plead your case to someone. the police would know by now if an usher or road crew had a long conversation with here to get back in the bldg. either they are withholding that info as they are looking into that person or she did not try to plead her way back in.

i read somehere it was her car? if so, why does she say I'll get a ride home? makes no sense. if it wasnt her car, then she would say " do not see leave with out me". She would say, "I'll meet you at the car, dont leave without me". this portion of the story makes no sense.

either she was never there, which is hard to see or she meet someone and went off with them, even if it was assumed to be just for a hour or two. i cant see her being abducted outside JPJ, its a well lit place with tons of cops outside during an event like that. you dont get dragged away kicking and screaming with all the activity around that bldg.

if she walked somewhere to wait it out, it was either barracks road shopping center or the corner. cant get into any trouble at barracks road, so i would check the corner closely.

I agree that no assumptions should be made about what happened to this young woman. We all have to hope she is safe and sound. It also serves no useful purpose at this time to blame the Arena policies or her friends. Prayers to all involved for a good outcome.

Please, let this young woman be found safe and unharmed. Whatever happened to her should not have happened, whether it's voluntary or at the hands of a pervert. Someone prior tried to compare JPJ to the Charlottesville Pavillion or a NASCAR race with regard to security and reentering. The Pavillion is an open structure with all bathrooms, food and drink located outside the structure. As for NASCAR races, there is a real cash incentive to allow fans to exit and reenter. Souvenier trailers are located outside the track gates, these are real money makers for the owners and drivers. Bathrooms are at a minimum outside, so many fans come in to use the facilities after a long drive and then do their shopping at the race trailers. Also, beer flows freely inside and outside the track so there's no reason not to allow people to freely circulate. Buildings like JPJ are self contained. Food is inside, bathrooms are inside and souveniers are inside. Unless there is a real emergency, there's not a lot of reasons to leave the building during an event.

As a native of Charlottesville, I am growing increasingly sick at the barbaric way that women in this area find theselves being treated. I watched in horror, as the body of teenager Paula Jean Chandler was fished out of the resevoir back in 81. Katie Worsky disappearing shorthly thereafter. The young lady who was a student at U. Va, who was raped, and could not get local authorities to act upon it, until the rapist contacted her to "apologize", years later. Justine Abshire, who's death is still an open mystery, and who bears an uncanny resembalance to Ms. Harrington. It is more than self-evident, that despite how popular culture wishes to spin it, this whole womens equality thing has failed. Ironically, back in the "good old days", a woman had the reasonable expectation of going to and from a social activity with her life, body and purity intact. My, how we are so refined and "civilized" here in this first part of the 21st century. History shows that women were treated this way back in the dark ages, so whats our excuse today?

Secondly, we can now witness the problems when we place individuals at the door who do not posess the wisdom and discernment to be able to soundly merge the spirit of the rules with the letter of the rules. Had I been the doorkeeper, I certainly would not have denied entry to an obvious well dressed young woman seeking to get back to both her friends, and the concert she paid good money for. Now if some punk walks up in baggy britches with his hat on crooked and a loose fitting coat hiding who knows what, of course, logic and common sense dictates that is a different matter. You may get back in, but lets step over here to the magnatometer desk.

Alas, thanks to corporeal automatons carrying out an erroneous policy in a mediocre fashion, lacking the ability to self- direct, self-analyze and show self-initiative, we get "zero tolerance" policies like the Honor Roll Eagle Scout who was expelled for having a pocket knife. It is more than self-evident that women are not safe here in this area. Not when you have mind numb lemmings denying access to safety, a young solitary woman in a strange city. Way to go. If this turns out badly, I hope that the individual who turned Ms. Harrington away, finds a way to live with himself and sleep at night. I sincerely hope that this ends well, and that ALL guilty parties, on both sides of the door of the JPJ, are properly dealt with.

Common sense! If a young girl is standing outside, alone, without a let her back in, no matter what the "rules" are. Any dimwit with half a brain would look at this situation, realize that she isn't a threat and/or would think "Gee, if I don't let this girl in, she is going to be stranded outside for the next 2 or 3 hours"

The people they hire for security at these type of events are lemmings at best.

i think the police have alot more leads once the $100,000 reward was set.i believe they are gonna find out whats going on.

quote: This reminds me of the adage that I think was attributed to the C.I.A. ” When in doubt, Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations and demand to see the evidence!”

This is policy in all city, state and federal agencies now. Especially in ANY law enforcement agency. It's also standard operating procedure for hospitals and doctors. And if you read your auto insurance policy, it states pretty much states the same. Never admit fault if you run a red light and kill a mother and 2 children in a minivan. Nobody is expected or encouraged to admit responsibility in their mistakes nowadays. Sadly enough, welcome to the year 2009.

Generally, once you find yourself outside a concert area, no one tells you that you can't be readmitted. The doors are just locked and you can't get back in. If this girl wasn't a stranger to concerts, like her dad said, then she would know this. I've been to hundreds of concerts and I don't know one single instance where you can re-enter once you have left, unless you are dealing with a small club type atmosphere. We are talking THOUSANDS of people attending these things, and there simply isn't enough manpower available to monitor everyone who leaves and who wants to get back in. You can't tell if they have real tickets, you can't tell if they have a legit hand-stamp, and you can't station people at every single point of entry. So the doors are just locked. Anyone who has ever been to an arena show would know that. This is a standard policy. I remember standing around in negative zero degree weather in a mini-skirt and a jean jacket at a Poison concert in 1986 at the Duluth Arena in Minnesota because a fellow that I was with was ejected due to poor behavior and I happened to be with him. That was one of the first concerts I ever went to. So it has been standard policy in almost any large venue since I can remember. Its no big secret or conspiracy. Anyone who has attended arena shows would know this.

How do you end up outside when you are trying to find a bathroom? They are in the building. I don't necessarily think that someone would lure her outside, but it would almost have to be a choice to go out there. Was she sick or feeling ill and needed fresh air? To me, that seems like the most logical explanation of how she ended up out there, and then couldn't get back in.

Also, odd to think that she would tell her friends she would wait for them or find a ride. Finding a ride at a big concert like that has got to be scary. Would she be calling someone who knew her to come and get her? I can't imagine just picking someone at random from a parking lot to give you a ride home. Wouldn't you just sit yourself somewhere that seems safe and wait for your friends? Even if its a drag to wait for 3 hours outside, it seems much preferable than trying to find a ride with some stranger at a concert. Perhaps she called someone to come and get her...

policy is policy that ain't gonna change anytime soon so stop wasting the bandwidth and it aint gonna bring Morgan home either.
what will bring her home or at least help find out whats happening to her is is a great motivator.RIGHT NOW THERES $150,000 THOUSAND FOR THE PERSON THAT BREAK THE CASE.

Jefferson Smith, I thought the same thing about her looking ALOT like Justine Abshire and I often wonder what happened to Katie Whorsky!!!!! So sad Justine was murdered and Katie disappeared and was never found!!! I hope and pray they find Morgan alive & well!!!!

"If you live in Virginia and are reading this now, do me a favor. Schedule some time for yourself and any other ADULTS in your household (don't bring your kids along for this) to walk around your property. Maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend, but sometime soon. Look behind your garage, in your garage, in the ditch in front of your house, and all through the grounds of your property. Apartment-dwellers can walk around the grounds, peek in the dumpster, look behind the bushes, explore the far reaches of the parking lot, peer into any unlocked utility rooms, parking garages, and stairwells. Look for anything unusual. (And yes, I mean you're looking for a body.) Then go to one or two of your favorite public places and look around there, too. Especially big parks and forests, like old battlefields or your favorite fishing spot. If enough people did this, it'd be way better than a police search because it'd cover more areas of the state. Don't forget to treat yourself after the search -- even a simple piece of candy is good - from

I pray she is found an comes home safe

I hope Morgan is found safe. However, I do not consider legitimate questions as to what happened to be negative. Morgan's family has benefited from media exposure that few missing people get. This exposure opens the door for questions to be asked:

1. It has been said that Morgan was looking forward to the concert for 6 months -So much so she had the tickets posted on the refrigerator. What could have possibly brought her OUTSIDE of the arena BEFORE metallica took the stage ? Weither a person agrees with the no reentry policy, before you exit the arena, you are warned via signs and/or security that you cannot get back in. There are smoke areas and bathrooms within the arena, yet Morgan passed all of this to get outside. WHY ? For WHO ?

2. The friends left the concert and failed to report Morgan missing. Why ? Morgan's mother said that her friends often cover for each other. What are they covering ? Are they covering the identity of the individual Morgan went outside to meet ? Are they covering Morgan's location ?

I've seen the parents interviewed and everytime these questions are raised they dodge. When the issue of the friends come out it's not addressed. Yet they brought it to the attention of the media. If someone, anywone could answer these questions with some degree of accuracy, that will further the investigation along and could possibly bring Morgan home.

in my opinion lamb of god is a much better band then metalica hands its possible that was the main reason for going to the show.
only her friends know and i'm sure they ain't saying much.
yeah its disappointing when people make negative comments because its just grief and people trying to place blame on others when really its some deranged individual or indiviuals that need to be put away.

if she is a metalica fan then it is very strange.
maybe someone did tell her they could take her backstage.

Has anyone heard anything about Morgan today? I pray for her an her family.Morgan come home to your Family safe. God Bless you all.

16,000 people, cell phone cameras/video , security cameras and I have yet to see a single frame of footage that proves Morgan was anywhere near the JPJA the day she disappeared . .

what kind of car does she have and why would she leave her car and all anyway?
I think not...

Ok now I have heard maybe 7 different friend accounts of this story.

She called with her cell once she was barred from re-entering the arena?
Also do the arena people have a record of her seat[ what seat is it by the way?]
Is there a record of her even going into the arena?
to use the bathroom?
ok why would somebody who is not permitted back into the arean leave to go to the bathroom?
and what's that about her finding a way home?
they went in her car!
I would sure like to see the friends interviewed by NANCY GRACE
and she would ask why did Morgan say she would find a way home?You all arrived in her car???

No readmittance is standard procedure at every concert and sporting event I have ever attended. She had been to several concerts she had to have known this. I think the friends know much more than they are saying. They are definitley covering something up. It is either to protect her or themselves. However, the police I am sure suspect that but are letting them stick to their story until they get some moe evidence. As a mother I would have seen from the beginning that their story didnt add up. When she called and said she wasnt allowed back in whey didnt anyone offer to come meet her at the door (if her ticket was with them) or bring her keys to the car? I smell a rat.

If you don't like the reentry policy, don't come to the shows. It's clearly stated on the website and if I remember correctly, on the ticket as well. I find it hard to believe that someone could be surprised by this rule.

I also think that you would be allowed to leave and return, perhaps with an escort, in an extreme situation such as a medical need. I'm sure there also is an EMT team in the arena for emergencies.

Anyone who's been to a football game at Carter-Finley has experienced the repercussions of allowing fans to leave and reenter. They leave primarily to drink and reenter in a much more drunken state creating the most family-unfriendly sports environment I've ever seen (and I've been to Eagles games). A very small portion of those leaving are returning to their cars for medication, to retrieve a cell phone, or an emergency. Most are returning to drink. This is a fact and it's the same for concerts.

JPJ is one of the most thoughtfully laid out arenas I've been in. It's impossible to not be able to find a bathroom. Security can be found throughout the building. It's too early to say that JPJ is at fault. The majority of major venues do not allow reentry and if it had been proven that this endangered ticketholders, these policies wouldn't have remained. It's ridiculous to say that it's soley to keep people inside to buy more beverages. The last show I attended there was even a limit as to the amount of beer you could purchase.

Lets hold off on the blame game until more is known. Lets keep Morgan and her family in our thoughts. It's still early.

ETA - I do not work for JPJ, attend UVA, or contribute to the athletics foundation.

the reward is now $$$150,000 thats one hundred and fifty thousand dollars people.thats alot of money people.

I am praying everyday for your safe return Morgan. God be with you an your Family.

Anyone know which security/ people wear the red jackets or sweaters?

Morgan you need to come home to your FamilyM I pray everyday that you are safeM god Bless your whole Family an be with you.