Team Obama flees sinking Deeds

Republican Bob McDonnell tries to sway UVA football tailgaters September 12.

Aides to the American president don't seem to be taking the it-ain't-over-till-it's-over advice Yogi Berra famously offered before his 1973 New York Mets zoomed from last place to win their division, as they flee behind-in-polls Democratic gubernatorial candidate (and Charlottesville's State Senator) Creigh Deeds, according to the Washington Post.

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Rats always leave a sinking ship! If it ain't new news it's not news! LOL Go McDonnell!!

when the going gets tough....... run away fast.

Seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.

Deeds and all those who have worked so hard for his campaign must be crushed by this.

We really don't want McDonnell in office. He vocalized his beliefs many years ago. The haven't changed. Women's rights will be set back 20-30 years if he has his way. Our c9onstitutiona rights will be challenged if he is not controlled. The voters worry about should worry about their 1st and 2nd amendment rights....not with the dems but with McDonnell. Deeds has had a crappy campaign but he needs our support. The women especially should really look twice at what he stands for. Cheap shot but have you seen the gals in burkas shot in the head because some one saw their ankle or they said "something".....I know it's a cheap shot but McDonnell has spoken and written against to many rights.
Thank you,

Lots of things are combining against Deeds to make this a perfect storm to beat him: there will be low turn out since there's no national office open; he's not the right kind of candidate to ride whatever wave is leftover from Obama; he didn't get key endorsements necessary to ensure a menaingful Afican-American turnout (Wilder's refusal really hurts him); Va is a largely chirstianist state in which McDonnell's radical past and affiliation with Pat Robertson aren't necessarily negatives as they would be in the more urban states; the trick Deeds used of presenting himself as a conservative dem who loves guns to beat his rivals in the primary will never be enough to reach into loyal republican base ranks; he's got no stump charm; and most people have forgotten how incompetent the Allen and Gilmore governments were. But McD will win, and we'll get to relearn that all over again. Think schools, police, fire departments, local governments, and roads are suffering from underfunding now? Just wait! You aint seen guttin' yet.

Deeds was outspent and outgunned by national smoke-and-mirrors Repugs the worst the party has to offer, no matter that his campaign was ran like he's a candidate for mayor of Mayberry. All loyal (and disloyal) Dems should support him at the polls regardless, if only to show the silver-haired devil McDonnell that we're not buying his chameleon change from crazy conservative.

"However this Obama-sponsored media..."

So, Hawes cashes a big fat check form the government every two weeks? Are people really so stupid as to believe that, or is that just partisan fire?

Obama beginning to realize his smoke and mirrors are evaporating all around him. You can only fool the people for so long.

I love all these posts to scare women. I don't know which women you hang around with but the one's I know are quite a bit smarter than that.

We've even got Cynthia Neff sending out mailings accusing Rob Bell of being like a Philandering Husband. Sounds like she has personal issues and feels the need to scare the women too.

Moe. Do you believe what you are saying or are you just regurgitating something you heard on the radio? It sounds more like the latter.

Music Lover. Even after Deeds goes down in flames, the Democrats will still have the State Senate. So all is not lost yet

Is Hawes being an ambulance chaser again? I wouldn't call stepping away from a loser like Deeds a bad decision or fleeing. Deeds was all negative with no real answers or solutions as the polls are showing in their results. The 'American president' surely has better things to do, like find solutions for Bush's screw ups, than make Deeds supporters feel good even though Deeds lacks strategy or a message.

Sorry if I sound smart Ghost. I think for myself, that's why I do my own research and form my own conclusions. "repugs", Slavin, it's not spiffy. When are the liberals going to stop using the same old scare tactics of cutting police, fire, and teacher funding? Whenever we're in a downturn its always the first to go, right? Wrong. We've been beating that dead horse since the 70's. Somehow all the money that is allocated to the departments is never enough. When the economy is growing they raise taxes to increase funding, and when the economy contracts, its raise taxes again, can't lose those programs. Its a perpetual cycle. How about the education dept trims its waist too. I propose this scenario: Deeds wants to give students with a B avg and committing to 2 years civil service a college education half off. How in the world does he expect to pay for that encouraging idea? Case in point; we now own the banks, the mortgage companies, and now private financing is no longer possible for students for loans...How are we going to pay for that?


Your statements are quiet revealing. I was monitoring this comment board to see who would play the racist card first.

I shared your comments with my boss. She suggested a reply won't be warranted, but was dismayed that your experience indicates women with high school educations don't follow their beliefs. Quite a statement about your closed mind.

Taliban Bob must be a hypnotist. Don't know how else he could have convinced the Virginia voters that he is a moderate.

Get your burkas ready, ladies

The predicated outcome of this election tells me that no knows what to do about the country's predicament.

Can't say that I blame them. Deeds has run a sadly woeful campaign. It's as though he was afraid to be associated with the current administration in Washington - the one that WON in Virginia. To give a radical like McDonnell a free ride, save a brief and completely unsustained and unsustainable revelation regarding his wack-o thesis. He needed to be beat down by the Democratic Party. He wasn't. He wins. Virginia loses. Now they have the legislature and the Governor's office. That means redistricting to further embed their safe seats and pushing through with nary an objection a very, very "socially conservative" agenda.

Without fighters like Webb, Warner, Periello, and Obama, Democrats don't have a prayer in Virginia.

Ah, a taste of what conservatives had to watch as McCain went down the drain last November. Doesn't feel that good, does it?

Russ, I doubt that any woman in your company has more than a high school education, and probably does not create or follow her own beliefs.....she is probably at the mercy of men like you who clearly don't care about women's rights.

McDonnell is an opportunistic chameleon who has slightly altered his views in an attempt to gain support from free-thinkers who are not enthused by Deeds lackluster campaign.

Once a racist, always a racist.
Once a chaunvanist, always a chaunvanist.

Virginians are asleep at the wheel. God help us if McDonnell is elected.

Thank you Russ. Your reply to Patsy could have come from my mouth. I just want to add, Patsy, why would you express such disdain for women with "only" a high school education? Are only women with a college degree contributing members of society? The strongest, most influential woman I ever knew was my grandmother and she had no education. I would stack her strong belief in her self worth up against any high powered, well educated woman of today, and she would still come out on top.


If you are "once a racist you are always a racist" then are you saying that people are beyond enlightenment?

I think a more appropriate quote might be...

"If you are once a completely closed minded individual you will always be a completely closed minded individual"

At least Mcdonnell is willing to be learn and grow instead of sticking to outdated notions.. what is the term for that... oh yeah.."progressive"

A womans place is in the house

and senate
and ovsl office
and kitchen
and bedroom

why can't we all just get along?

I wish we had some real liberals amongst us (free to choose). Deeds is certainly not one (although he's certainly not a D.C. thug). McDonnell has shown me nothing that will advance my freedoms; although he talks a big game (most do). Both choices are poor representatives of our wants/needs.

I'll vote when it matters.

None of the Progressive rantings can change simple facts...

Democrats are out to ease the pain.

Republicans are out to solve the problems.

When Democrats learn to try and solve the problems through the use of reasonable budgets and personal responsibilites I will switch parties.

For now I would rather vote for a man who held (along with many others at the time) too conservative of opinion of women in the work place 30 years ago than a man who thinks that it is ok to make working men and women work twice as hard to support people who think they are entitled simply because they were born.

Obama still being the fair weather friend he has always been. "doing well?", "how can you help me?" If you can't benefit him, you are no longer of any use to him. WAKE UP AMERICA ! Let's salvage what we still have and go forward. Liberals will take all we have and give it to those THEY choose to give it to and STILL they want to take more. NOT with any of what I work hard for. I owe no one a free ride.

At last the American electorate will get to send a msg to the libs beginning with elections in Va and NJ. Little Tommy Periello, your days in office are numbered. Even the dumbest of the dumb among Comrade Obama's supporters will begin to sense the massive shift taking place among voters in this country. For those of you who believe that 1) McDonnell is anti-women's rights OR 2) Even if he were, that any Virginia Governor could possible affect the rights of women, you need some serious psychological counseling.

He can run, but he can't hide.............typical're right- when the going gets tough..hide!

I'll bet that the feminist libs like Patsy, who are so opposed to conservatives like McDonnell, were big time supporters of BJ Clinton, a man who treated women like absolute crap. To men like him, women are mere sex objects, walking vaginas. Yet groups like NOW never voiced any objections to his antics. Women like Paula Jones and Juanita Broddick knew the real Bill Clinton.

Somehow McDonnell convinced VA? How about this republic and Commonwealth is finally waking up to how radical the left is willing to take this country? We don't need cradle-to-grave entitlements that the Democrats were "Offering" the people. "To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities" Marx. If you ask me Deeds was right to stay away from Obama, the guy's dropping like a rock nationally and would be radioactive if people actually understood the way he has attacked the constitution and our liberties. However this Obama-sponsored media will never tell you that. Everyone from Cuba, China, and Russia is moving toward Capitalism, and we're moving toward totalitarian government-run industries. Get educated. Save free enterprise. Support McDonnell.