Plea in fiancee sexual-assault videotape case

news-hoffmanTimothy James Hoffman, 24, pleaded guilty October 26 to object sexual penetration of his fiancee and to illegally videotaping the act. The assault occurred May 17, 2008, after a party at which his fiancee felt sick and wanted to go to Hoffman's Goodman Street residence. A few days later, she discovered the videotape of her being assaulted multiple ways. In court, the prosecution played the 15-minute tape of the incapacitated young woman repeatedly pleading, "Please stop, stop." Hoffman faces up to life imprisonment for the object penetration charge.

Updated 10:20am October 27.


thanks, nick. i am the fiancee of which they speak and all of your support is greatly appreciated....

Maybe he'll get to be penetrated worse than she did, once he gets to prison. He'll be awake though. Sick bastard.