Unexplained injury: Tips flood in, but still no Morgan

news-findmorgan-stitchedMorgan Dana Harrington disappeared during a Metallica concert October 17. FACEBOOK PHOTOS

Morgan Harrington, the young woman who disappeared during the October 17 Metallica concert, received a facial injury before she left the John Paul Jones Arena, according to multiple sources.

According to the sources, Harrington was seen inside and outside the Arena with blood on her chin prior to her disappearance, say witnesses who wish to remain anonymous. Thirteen days after her disappearance, a police spokesperson confirms the accounts but says investigators doubt the injury points to any altercation.

"It was a minor injury," says Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller. She explains that police chose initially not to release the detail because the injury was "consistent with what someone would suffer from slipping and falling, not with any kind of assault."

Contacted about the report of the chin injury Thursday, Harrington's father, Dan Harrington said he had not been informed of it. That seems to confirm the notion that investigators hold information they're not telling the family.

On Wednesday, October 28, police revealed that the last sighting of the 20-year-old Virginia Tech junior occurred between 9:20 and 9:30pm when she was walking on the Copeley Road bridge near Ivy Road. They say that the timeline of her movements outdoors helped generate "several new tips and leads."

Harrington reportedly left her friends to find a bathroom, but between 8:20 and 8:30pm, she ended up outside, according to the timeline, where she was spotted in front and on the southern side facing U-Hall. Like most arenas, John Paul Jones policy prohibits re-entry, and police have confirmed that Harrington was turned away by security when attempting to get back inside.

Over the next 20 or so minutes, Harrington was seen at various locations outside the arena before a phone call with her friend, who suggested she try other entrances. Harrington reportedly assured her friend she'd find a ride home from "friends around Charlottesville."

According to the Weather Underground, the temperature in Charlottesville was just 42 degrees with six-mile-per-hour winds at the time Harrington was outside. Although no precipitation was recorded, event attendees and other Charlottesvillians recall a "misty" evening while Harrington was clad only in a t-shirt, mini-skirt, and tights.

Another discrepancy between what police and the family seem to know revolves around the vehicle that transported the young woman and three other concert-goers to Charlottesville. Police spokesperson Geller says that although driven by a friend, it was definitely Morgan Harrington's own vehicle. Dr. Harrington has maintained, however, that his daughter's 2006 Honda Civic, along with its keys, remained in Harrisonburg until retrieved Sunday by his daughter's roommate who drove it back to the family home in Roanoke.

Whether such details matter remains to be seen, but the case has sparked an avalanche of national attention since Harrington's parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, began appearing on televised news programs including Today, The Early Show and Nancy Grace.

A Facebook group has swelled to more than 21,000 members, as armchair sleuths from around the world, amid well wishes for a safe return, weigh in with myriad theories about what happened.

The two friends with whom Harrington attended the concert–- her Blacksburg roommate Amy Melvin and JMU student Sarah Snead–- have not responded to the Hook's repeated requests for interviews. A male who rode to the concert with the female trio has not been publicly identified.

The reward for Harrington's safe return has grown to $150,000, after Metallica frontman James Hetfield reportedly told Dr. Harrington the heavy metal band would add $50,000 to the fund.

The lead investigator, State Police Lt. Joe Rader, urges tipsters–- who may remain anonymous–- to call the tip line at 434-352-3467 or email information to bci-appomattox@vsp.virginia.gov.

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Interesting post, Cents.

2 cents, you sound obsessed with the hand signals. Who cares? So because you think the family had some cheesy signal with one another it means they did something to her? Come on. I'm not sure of the point you are trying to make.

Please everyone go to and read information on www.findmorgan.com

in a world where parents claim their kid just took off in a balloon, it's no wonder some people are cynical, and that's not unwarranted. We don't really have a need to know; perhaps her parents don't either, if law enforcement thinks publication of certain details might compromise the case (still, a key piece of evidence like the car? Maybe it just leads to some other questions the cops don't even want anyone to ask at this time? . In the end, we all will demand the facts, because if it's homeless in the woods behind Foods of All Nations, or a lack of patrol in the vicinity of a concert, or some issue inside the arena, we want it FIXED.

@ Seen it before -Thanks for sharing. I remember this case being aired on one of the cable shows. I remember smelling fish at the time...

Few cents:

Fair enough.

I have been praying for this young woman to be found safe and sound. I think it's possible she could have run away, too, that she feels she needs some space and time away. Her parents should not be looked at as odd -- they really need our support during this time of waiting. They need kind comments and prayers. Maybe they are a bit over-protective, but you can see they genuinely love her and want her to be healthy and happy. This means a great deal in an age where so many kids are neglected or abused. Plus, there are soooo many dangers out there for young adults -- it is easy for good parents to want to protect their children.

loggedin explains the 2 4 1, but also on the offical findmorgan site:


As has been explained so many times before, 2-4-1 means "I love you too much, forever, and once more"
This saying (represented by the dots in writing) is an expression of love that the Harrington's have shared with each other since Morgan was a little girl and had it on her lunch box... it is also on her father's suitcase, and now it is on their front door, as well as on car windows all over the Roanoke area and perhaps farther. It is a reminder of how much they love one another, and that they will have this love forever. The "sign language" that you see from Gil Harrington is simply holding up 2 fingers, 4 fingers, 1 finger, and sometimes the okay sign. In the event that Morgan can see them speak, she makes sure to show her love using their special family message. The Harrington's have shared their message of love with the community and ask that we continue sharing it for Morgan, in hopes that somewhere Morgan is thinking the same thing, and that this message will provide love, support, and comfort to her.

I think this is a beautiful message. I have had the pleasure of spending time with Morgan, and it is undeniable that Dan and Gil have raised a kind, caring, considerate, loving person. She is the kind of soul that makes you want to be a better person and, though I have not met Dan or Gil, this has to be a reflection of them. I cannot begin to imagine how much pain they are in, because it hurts me in a way I have never experienced, and Morgan and I are not even very close friends. I want to thank them for sharing their message of love, because it has given me comfort, and I know that somewhere, Morgan is thinking of their love, thinking "2-4-1" and feeling safe and protected.

2-4-1 Morgan, we love you! And to the Harringtons, God bless you. "Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Why has no one considered that there may have been out-of-state vehicles in the RV parking lot?

..."Morgan was a little girl and had it on her lunch box" She's not a little girl anymore. We maybe have a deeply religious set of parents here(I'm not saying that is generally a bad thing) and a 20 year old down with Metallica and Pantera. Do you see a gap there?

I sure hope she's safe.

If all she needed was her ticket stub to get back in the venue, why didn't she present it to security? If a friend inside had it, why wouldn't they bring it down to the front gate to try and help Morgan get back in? Sounding more like an altercation with her "friends" and her wanting to get away from them. Unfortunately, something bad probably happened to her and I do blame the friends.

Tall Legend, where are you coming up with
"a deeply religious set of parents"?
as i've not seen any sign of that. I havent seen her parents on TV saying 'God is going to bring her home safe' or anything like that.
plus you can be a religious person and still love Metallica!

anyway- i posted the info about Morgan hurting herself inside the venue- several days ago under the group photos on facebook. 3 different people saw this. i think it's OBSCENE the police did not tell Morgan's family this!! ..and the car discrepancy...what the heck?!!

IMO when the State Police stood at a podium multiple times announcing they had no "evidence" of a crime, Morgan's missing person case was compromised. Authorities had her purse with her id and cell phone (with its missing battery no less). WHEN A PERSON IS MISSING it should NOT a question of FOUND EVIDENCE, or a chain link of tips called in leading to the person. AS SOON AS A PERSON IS REPORTED MISSING, authorities need to CREATE a SENSE OF URGENCY in LOCATING THIS PERSON, lay out a grid and get detectives busy and call in as many reasonable resources as needed to quickly solve the disappearance. This didn't happen here,did it? Lt. Rader initially only asked for her "friends to take an interest", remember? If you recall the first press release DID NOT MENTION JMU/Harrisonburg or even that Morgan resided in Roanoke. Next he stood there and asked for tips from ONLY folks who attended the concert. It is as if the State Police had departmentalized this investigation and has frittered away precious TIME. The question of surveillance is HUGE. DO promoters or arena management control surveillance/safety? IF Morgan went to the ticket booth, as was finally mentioned BUT NOT VISABLE ON THE TIMELINE (correct me if I missed it), then shouldn't they have footage of her? That footage was/is KEY to help folks in the area (whether they attended the concert or NOT!) jog their memories. The way she wore her hair, what she really looked like that night. The way she even walked could all play a role. Releasing photos which only show Morgan from the neck up for over 72 hours was HORRIBLE! I am ashamed of the State Police and HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART someone in the media will determine if anyone involved has been C.A.R.T. trained. Because if they have, they have forgotten everything they learned, imo.

Why do people think the runaway scenario is so implausible ?...Remember the run away bride ? She cut a big chunk of her out and left it along with clothing on her jogging trail to make it look like an abduction. Everyone kept saying "she was looking forward to the wedding etc..." but guess what she got on a bus to the other side of the country..

What I'm saying is NOTHING can be ruled out.

MUNSON, MATTHEW, A check him out and his place of employment on the va sex offenders registry . http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww294/jforkids/morgan%20harrington/1c...

and 25 min from JPJ we have BAILEY, WALTER, RAY http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww294/jforkids/morgan%20harrington/16...

both work in the area of JPJA . BUT sadly there are more than 200 sex offenders within 20 miles of JPJA . these two are both violent offenders.

I think everybody needs to set the checking account remark aside and pretend Mr. Harrington never made the remark. I would invite Mr. Harrington to come by and help my wife balance her checkbook. Even though she's twice Morgan's age, she couldn't tell you how much she has in her checking account right now if you offered her an entire new wardrobe! How she has managed to not bounce a single check since we got married... I'll never understand. Women seem to think they have money in checking as long as they still have checks left. And that's not said as a joke. (Whether she bounced checks before we got married, I don't know and have never asked!)

OK, got that off my chest!!! :)

Dakota: the mental health reference isn't really that odd when you consider her dad was a prominent psychiatrist and that in the past Morgan had volunteered time with mentally-challenged individuals.

An Answer to JGee:

I have been following the disappearance of Morgan when it was first announced to the public by the media and I have been stuck on the issue of the films to this day. It has never been mentioned if the cameras were turned on outside, or if they were working or they were neglected to be fixed, or even if they ever had cameras at all OUTSIDE of the JPJ arena. Is there a lawful duty to provide security filming when there is an exchange of money? A company has to provide handicap parking by law. I think about the filming that goes on at Walmart parking lots nation-wide and they seem to focus on child-abuse, and other parking lot crimes. Michael's was on the news awhile back and had film of the DC Sniper. All I want to know is did the JPJ arena spend the money on diligently filming their parking lots? A film is so critical.

I agree Melissa b , Her father could have been affiliated or Morgan may have volunteered . What I find odd is the statement from the father that the relationship between Morgan and family had been "great" the "last" six months . I also feel that maybe the family should have said why the affiliation as to not lead to conversations like this .

I feel I wouldn't be able to remember my name in Morgan's parents situation so I will take any info the parents offer . This plays into the resources I mentioned in a post here before . That family looks solid to me and will not let this fade away even if the police are little help . They will find the help they need

An answer is somewhere in the vast amout of security and still pictures taken that night . Literaly had to be 1000's of frames/pictures with that many people in one area . Now if it could be seen by someone other than those that seem to have let Morgan's dissapearence just slowly fade away . Throw the images to the public and they will break it down pixel by pixel and scour over them quickly looking for anything of use .

Stevem thanks for sharing the link...Very interesting.

Dee I agree with most of what you said in terms of things not adding up. I don't think the father has a role in this. I do think that the parents vagueness with regard to the media will slow things down. How many times do they think they can get on these shows and dance around simple questions someone like Nancy Grace says "Come back when you're ready to talk"

Why did she go outside to begin with? Why didn't her friends help her get back into the arena, thats what friends do.. Somebody knows more then what is being said to the media.. Her father mentioned that Morgan got out of "her car" and spoke with a man who parked next to her from Pennsylvania. What happened to that story? Now he states Morgans car was not at the arena that evening. He's lying and unfortunately he has made media attention focus on him and the unconventional relationship that he and his wife had with Morgan. Dad read Morgans emails, and journals and mom picks out her clothing, its weird .. The 241 message seems to play an important part in all of the mom and dads interviews..they are consumed with that..very weird..I hope that Morgan is safe but I think the story is full of inconsistencies.

been saying all of the above for awhile, the family knows more and their inter-relationships play a role in this crisis. Clearly, the parents played no role in her physical disappearance, but it would not surprise me in the least if they all played a role in why she disappeared or why the night took a horrible twist. its no coincidence that this concert was in between visits to her parents.

@ Emerald...great ideas.

@ Everyone, has anyone heard anything new ?

If She has been kidnapped or worse then it could be an inside job to do with one of the security staff.Alot of these people arent checked out by police for criminal records and just get jobs on the night easly..If it was a member of the security staff they could easly have erased the security tapes or turned them off..
Strange the same thing happened with Princess Dians when she was assasinated in the tunnel in france..The cameras werent working that night either strangly enought even though they worked like clock work every other day of the year but by sheer coincidence that night they dident work...wonder why..fowl play i suspect to get rid of VITAL EVIDENCE that would reveal the truth or the identity of the criminal at work..

I'm wondering if anyone has any new information ?

Shempdaddy, we know what it means, loggedin re-explained it in their above post, my only "?" was the weird way in which it's been so emphasized in the these stories, that's all....

I am just amazed the "friends" are not speaking out . Could it be they don't want to be questioned about Morgan's "condition" . I am convinced she was under the influence of something ! From the witness accounts of her fall and inability to speak before she left the main floor area This girl was in an alter state . I wouldn't care if she was stoned of her butt, If she were my friend ; I am telling every detail I could remeber no matter how painful/shameful it may be to myself or a friend .

There is an answer with those Friends !

I want to commend Courteney Stuart for staying on top of this story. THANK YOU !!!

@ Dakota -Not only do I find the withholding of Morgans injury, troubling, I thought it was strange that the location of her purse/phone was not disclosed right away. At the beginning of the investgation it was said that the purse/phone was found in the parking lot of the arena....then they said it was found by the bridge where Morgan was last seen. I'm concerned about the car discrepancy as well. Does LE actually think these games are helping Morgan ? I hope there are flyers everywhere. I would hate to think that the school has dropped the ball on top of law enforcement messing things up...

Dakota- I'm with you about those friends...If my friend disappeared under those circumstances, I'd be making the media rounds like the parents...Could it be that LE is on to them or are they the keystone cops ? I'm wondering if the parents smell a rat but they can't say...If it were my daughter the friends would need protection -from ME !


I am hearing you ! Frustrating !

To the people commenting about her running off? She lives 1/2 hour away from the parents? Why would she run off? She had her own apartment. I doubt Morgan's parents know every thing she does. If she wanted to meet up with some guy why would she plan this whole thing about meeting there and miss the concert when she has an apartment?

Wow Gasbag...once again inappropriate and sexist...I know a lot of men who couldn't tell you how much money is in thier checking account...

It appears to me that this young lady had way to much religion forced upon her. Pantera, Metallica, this ain't Christian Rock, my droogies.

"She's leaving home after living alone for so many years"...

Hope we hear from her soon.

All these "details" have already been posted in the discussion boards at findmorgan.com. On Wednesday, I actually read every post there. I was skeptical about the woman who claimed her daughter saw Morgan actually fall flat on her face which caused the nose injury. I hope for closure soon. I don't understand why the car wasn't checked for fingerprints or DNA.

So Helen, tell us what it is you've done? Besides post in all caps on message boards? You don't have to be a man to organize a search.

I have followed missing person cases for over 20 years. Have worked to improve laws and media coverage to help law enforcement and the families. Morgan's case is troubling to me for a number of reasons. First, I find it remarkable there is NO SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE of Morgan. Think about it -they parked, entered, and she apparently left her seat, possibly visited a restroom, ended up outside, tried various doors to gain re-entry, and roamed the parking areas for over an hour and yet NO FOOTAGE? That footage if it exists could help jog people's memories. Considering she was in black from the neck down, it might help to know how she was wearing her hair that night.

Second, TIME is the enemy when a person vanishes. It is critical to evaluate the situation and deploy all reasonable resources. In Morgan's case, this didn't happen, did it? Were local police ever in charge? When did the State Police assume the lead? Why did it take so long for the FBI to be called to assist? In the case of Taylor Behl, her mom hired an attorney and forced the hand of the university, in the case of Olamide Adeyooye, the local police IMMEDIATELY asked for the FBI to help. Both of those girls were found unfortunately both were found deceased but their killers were apprehended! Too many times there seems to be this mishandling of cases where young adults' privacy override good sense. The way to approach ANY missing person case is to ASSUME the worst, hope for the best, and get the word out ASAP. This included using the media. If you recall, Elizabeth Smart's family used the media against the wishes of the police and we all know the good result there. The media plays a critical role. In Morgan's case though there have been flaws/inconsistencies/delays in what the police have released: a TIMELINE was just released a couple of days ago (and it conflicts with prior released info doesn't it? - HINT: her purse/cell phone), what section her seats were in at the concert, what restroom she visted and when, what door she exited the facility and when, what doors she tried and when, her phone records (or others) to mark when she last used her phone, her transportation - well was her car at UVA or in Harrisonburg. And exactly why would her roomie drive to Harrisonburg to move it on Sunday? Morgan supposedly told her friends she would get a ride "home" - to where? VA TECH or Roanoke. According to her family, she was not expected until Sunday AFTERNOON and that was when her father reported her missing, right? So when did her car show up? I could go on and on with the oddities surrounding this case. I hope everyone in and out of VA is asking themselves two questions right now - what can I do to make sure this doesn't happen again and each one of us use whatever resources we have to help move Morgan's case forward and help find her. It is my deepest hope that the day will come when authorities, the media, and the public finally have had ENOUGH and when a person disappears, there is an immediate reaction to resolve the matter. I believe it will take proper surveillance, professional police expertise, and prompt public notification. I pray Morgan is found alive. Every hour that lapses, my heart hurts a bit more. I can't imagine what her family is enduring. No family should have to go though this for this length of time with the tools and training we now have in this country, imo. As an aside, anyone find it very odd that NONE of the missing persons from Va. Beach are listed on the State of Va. Missing Person website?

To add to my other comments. If you think you have any information, no matter how insignificant, pass it along to law enforcement. There is a tipline where information can be left annonymously. Don't count on the fact that posting to Facebook, here, or any place other than an actual report will get your information where it needs to go.

On another thread I posted that Morgan may have fallen off the bridge into a cola bin on the train. I know its a long shot, and highly improbable, but stranger things have happened. I think at the very least the train schedule should be looked at for that night and if there was a train passing then, the train should be ruled out. What if she is at the bottom of a coal cart right now and not the vicitm of others' nefarious doings? Further, if she had already slipped and fallen, she could have done so again.

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert

In my opinion officially we have nothing more than a missing person case . no evidence of a crime , and no complainant .

My opinion off the record . We have an abduction .

I would look for someone with a good knowledge base of Law Enforcement or related fields and was known in some way to Morgan . VT , internet , friend , Metallica follower ? I am also Leary that the discrepancies between LE and the family may not be happenstance , I also believe the Harrington's to be both intelligent and resourceful enough to have private competent people outside of the LE looking into Morgan's disappearance .

(SNIP) Take a look at this snip from the interview with Morgan's Father and Grace . I would want to know more about "this" guy for sure .

HARRINGTON: It does not appear there were other calls to Morgan during that period of time. There was some texting of Morgan to a young gentleman that she was friends with, but it was no one in Charlottesville. It was further away and so � but he`s not a suspect at all at this time.

GRACE: Right. So they were just probably texting about what, the concert, that she was at the concert, stuff like that?


GRACE: OK. And he was in a different city?

I'm sorry but she should have known better than to wander around any city alone at night. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. My friends and I go to concerts all the time, have been for years and if we ever got separated we would find each other, what kind of friends leave you outside alone? If I had had to miss the concert my friend is more important. Is this generation that naive? With all the violence that they have seen on TV,video games etc. they haven't learned anything?

well said Dakota!!!

the girl that saw Morgan bleeding called that tip in to LE
on Oct 21st

here's the link to the screen shot i captured when i first saw her post

i am outraged they did not tell Morgans parents about this until recently-- down playing the importance of it all.

when a child goes missing- EVERYTHING is important! ugh.

LE needs to at least show photo's of Morgan from that night & then either make an arrest or give up some information to the public or this case will fade for the masses as just another unsolved missing person. i've seen this happen over and over again.

And another thing IF Morgan had an injury to her face and was bleeding then it totally contradicts her friend that said she gave her a kiss on the cheek and left for the bathroom. Look at the friends closer. It can't hurt.

The runaway theory makes no sense to me. She had her own place, and her own life. There doesn't seem to be a need to want to get away. And as far as someone saying it's odd that her Dad has her passwords and such. Well it possible that Morgan didn't feel she had anything to hide. Not every young person does.

CJ - I don't know Morgan, so I'm just engaging in more of that armchair detective thing when I write this, but I don't think the runaway bride can be compared to this situation. It's apples and oranges. Just because people do run off doens't mean it's a likely scenario in this case. Nothing about the situation indicates somebody who knowingly ran off and had some suitcase stashed away, like Eileen suggested. Who runs off wearing only a miniskirt, t-shirt and boots in chilly weather with no jacket or sweater, in the middle of what was apparently a "concert of the year" event for one of their all time favorite bands, ditching their purse in a random parking lot? And when it's been verified that she had a suspicious facial injury, was apparently ill, had gotten locked out of the arena and did try to get back in? You have enough other evidence suggesting multiple other possible scenarios besides "running away" to the point where I think running away can be ruled out with confidence. I think something weird went on that night, but running away with a stashed away suitcase isn't one of them. But that's just me. Apparently others feel differently.

i doubt she ran away, but a visit to her parents on saturday before show, a visit planned back on sunday after show sounds like these visits might have had some effect on this story. perhaps she left the home on saturday upset or troubled, or was troubled about going back. maybe the sat visit make her really anxious about going back on sunday.

i remember growing up a friend of my sisters ran off from home and none of her friends would talk and they all knew where she was but that never told no matter how mmad everyone was at them these things do happend and i hope and pray that she IS a runn away and not dead somwere

On the guy she was texting--when people text, all they talk about is what they are doing while they are texting, so he must have a pretty good idea where she was going and why.

I am new to this case, and reading all the coverage to date on here. I could swear I remember reading one of her friends on one of her threads saying she had an email into a friend of Morgan's who was VT campus security..

Can anyone point me in that direction or fill me in on the connection if there is one, thanks.

I'm with Helen--the last person to reply. I feel that from the get-go this case is a fumble-up and twiddle-a-dee response to the search for Morgan. The Authorities can't get her car story in order, the security videos show nothing--were they turned on? Or where they even working? And no mention of any OUTSIDE Security Officers? Why don't the reporters ask the questions? I think Charlottesville needs to RISE up. They saved a buck on Security the night of the concert and now they don't want to strain the budget on the cost of the man-power to find her. Morgan could of been our daughter.

So what if the family is odd, weird or loony? Only conventional, conformist and "normal" families deserve sympathy when a child goes missing?

I think a lot of you continue to not understand that we are talking about a 20 year old...yes, it seems odd to just be hearing this new info that she had a scrape on her chin but people on here continue to refer to this case as though no one tried to help a 4 year old with a busted chin who got separated from her parents at Sesame Street Live... we are talking about an adult (by all technical measures), at a Metallica concert, maybe she was drinking, maybe she was high, who knows- if she was, a scraped chin isn't so weird, hey- walking in knee high boots, it's not even odd if she wasn't "altered"...we still need to find her, we can all agree on that at the very least I HOPE. Likely, if the police think she was intoxicated or in a drug-altered state, they are reluctant to say so because a lot of you would probably then decide that she brought her fate on herself or that you're not going to waste your time looking for someone who may be strung out on drugs somewhere. Not that I believe that's what has happened, but I don't put that way of thinking past a lot of others out there...I suspect from some of the innocent notions expressed on message boards, many people might see the case differently if it was released that Morgan may have been high on marijuana and going out to the car to take another toke. I'd still be just as scared & want to find her regardless... but would all of you?

I want Morgan found, I want her to be okay, I've read what feels like a thousand articles, I pray every single day for her out there somewhere... but some of you are just a tad ridiculous in your ideas about what should have been done prior to her disappearance. A 20 year-old girl walking through a crowded arena who appeared to have a scrape on her chin doesn't necessarily demand a lock-down, security cameras often don't catch everything and no re-entry policies are nothing new. It's frustrating that all of these things are not different but I'm still pretty sure something else caused her to vanish besides all of these "appalling" details. Some of you seem to have been stuck inside your houses for the last 15 years with no realistic connection to how things really work on the "outside" these days. And definitely many of you have never been a college student and never gone to a concert... Some of the things many people find so odd about this case are really pretty common place. No matter how unfortunate that may be given these circumstances. Maybe people will do things differently from now on as result of Morgan, I hope they do.

The only thing that I find truly confusing is the discrepancies between police and Mr. Harrington regarding Morgan's car... but again, perhaps given the Harringtons very public approach to the case, law enforcement may not be comfortable telling even them certain information they do not feel should be released.

We all want to know where Morgan is, we all are trying to find out what we can because no one likes the idea of a missing child- no matter their age...but most of us are not detectives and probably shouldn't criticize where we have no real expertise. I'm certain there isn't a person in law enforcement that woke up today wanting to do something wrong regarding this case, they all want to find her and I am certain they've spent many sleepless nights since Oct. 17th, trying to do just that.

As for Virginia not being concerned (helen), I think we are quite concerned, people have been all over the area on foot & in vehicles looking for her everywhere they can think of, flyers are all over the state, it's been the topic of e-mails and workplace discussion, webpages created, included in church sermons, broadcast at sporting events, the VT game last night for example...and UVA the week before. Virginia cares very much about Morgan and we are doing what we are able, given what is there to work with, which has not been much thus far.

Has the mileage on the car been checked out by her dad? maybe she kept mileage records and that could help clear up the car stories?

This is the most horrific event in my 35+ years of residence in Charlottesville.
Neighbors, friends, students, all the concerned should start volunteer groups to start looking for this child, assist the family, and console those damaged by this.
The state police told me volunteers would be welcome. The UVA police told me they already have plenty of people working.
Would a group be willing to meet Sunday at Noon at the main entrance to JPJ and start a physical search of the area? Perhaps we could find something the police missed. I am up for this effort. Will any of you come and help? And bring your friends to help, too?

While driving down 29 South from Ruckersville on Friday afternoon, I was struck by how many tens of thousands of cars pass southward through Charlottesville every day, not to mention the ones that go toward Richmond, toward Tennessee, and up 29 North. If she had been abducted, she could be in any state in America, I feel!

Okay: when does Oliver Stone's movie, "Morgan" come out?!

To Kee: It doesn't matter if you have a stub or not. Once you exit the arena, nobody is allowed back in. No exceptions.

To Tell Legend: not sure why you think her family is super religious. They may be, but if anything, I get the impression they are just deeply spiritual and have faith in universal love, rather than a specific doctrine outlined in say, the Bible. I think the reason why they are using the number so frequently is that it's simple, effective, and immediate in getting the point across. I think they chose to share this family "code" with the outside world in the hope that the more people focusing positive energy on one person(Morgan) and one emotion (love) the better. I fear you are reading something far too shadowy into a basic gesture of love. Just because you don't "speak" this way with others doesn't make it creepy.

gassie, I don't expect, but I hope (indignantly). I see that someone else was shot tonight on Rives. I wonder how often gunshots are ringing out in C'Ville? I'll bet more often than we are aware of from published reports. Imagine if the complete police blotter was available - what an eye opener that must be!

As pioneers and their families move into these former "no man's lands", perhaps there will be a higher expectation of safety. I can tell you (and it's not just my opinion, is it?) that the current state of affairs is unacceptable. It may or may not be related to this horrible situation with Morgan. As has been said already, in a society where parents claim their young child just went up in a balloon, is it any surprise we're jaded?

People, please think about the family and about Morgan when you are writing these things.

The hand signals 2 4 1 OK came from Gil and her brother and sisters when they were children( 4 kids) Two sets of kids (the two older) 4(the total number of kids) one the family of kids. OK Its a little silly but it was started when the siblings were kids and was family signal for the kids. Gil brought it to her family and uses it with them.

Someone has control of Morgan somewhere and hopefully she is still with us. The Harringtons are trying to do everything that they can to keep this going so that someone who may have seen something or someone who want a reward will come forward.
The best thing you could do would be to pass out fliers in your area especially if you are on the East Coast. Meanwhile, the Harringtons are trying to exist and to do what they can. This being said, if you have any suggestions as to how to get the word out in a better way, please do go onto the website, and let them know. Meanwhile, pray for Morgan and for her family.

The issue is a missing young adult and trying to get her back.

Part of the problem is that there don't seem to be any real news people working on this. Someone should be out there asking these questions of the people who can really answer them, and none of us can really do that.

what about people who sell tickes out side, maybe she was trying to get one for somebody has anybody thought about that

And the biggest thing for me would be the weather, i live in michigan and its 40 to 45 here, she would have been getting cood fast, a warm car might have made her make the worse choice yet

"Interesting post, Cents."

Thanks. I know it can't just be me wondering why the heck her family and friends keep obsessively saying "2 4 1" in all their pics, posts and interviews, and doing the corresponding hand signal, and even have the dotted number code on their front door. Maybe it means nothing, but this whole case is high strangeness through and through, so it was worth mentioning. And my apologies to her family and friends if it isn't something sinister, and I truly do hope that Morgan is found safe and well.

"Hmm" - I'm not trying to make any particular point, and I never said anything close to "So because you think the family had some cheesy signal with one another it means they did something to her?" I'm just pointing something out. So make of it what you will. I don't believe her family did anything to her. I don't think anybody out there thinks such a thing, and I haven't seen any comments indicating that. I'm just wondering, What's up with all this 2 4 1 nonsense?? Why, am I not allowed to ask that? I've never seen people be like that, and it's definitely been something featured in pics and interviews and comments. The Hook has featured pictures of Morgan's mom doing the V/2 hand signal, featured a close up image of the 2 4 1 dot stickers on their front door, the whole story of the Harrington 2 4 1 was emphasized in one of the earlier articles, and there have even been comments posted in the articles where people are signing off "2 4 1 Morgan!" and I'm not supposed to question this? The Hook **goes out of their way to bring attention to this** and nobody is supposed to acknowledge it?? VERY interesting.

If somebody goes out of their way to bring attention to something I'm going to look closer and go "huh" and ask why. There's nothing wrong with that.

The 241 means I love you 2much, 4ever, and once (1ce) more. That's how they communicated the love to each other. Each family is different, and no one should judge that. I hope she turns out to be ok. Even if she's run away, she should at least let someone know that's she's ok.

I think there is a good chance that the investigators are doing some "out of the box" thinking, as well. (pardon the cliche, folks but I'm at work and my posting time is limited!)

I have been reading all these comments and the lack of empathy for this family by some of the posts is unreal. Thank you "loggedin" for clarifying the "241", and hopefully people will understand. As far as why it is being so focused on and emphasized is in my opinion all they have left to hold on to right now. That is how they communicated, little subtle expressions of love, how is that wierd? While on tv they are desperate and holding on to the hope that she is out there and watching. It is there way to let her know (If she is indeed watching) to communicate to her and let her know they love her.
This family is distraught and desparate, they are at a loss and have no idea where there daughter is. If I thought my daughter was missing, I don't know how I would be acting, and the whole world would probably think I was "wierd". Nobody knows how they would react unless it has happened to them. They appear to be deeply worried for their daughter and I hope to god she is found safe.

or, alternatively, she was stumbling drunk--would explain why she didn't have the car keys--and injured herself in an addled fall.

If she fell hard enough to have a bloody chin she could have had a concussion, even if she wasn't drunk. The effects don't always show up right away, and she could have been disoriented and wandered off somewhere where she normally wouldn't have gone.

Helen calm down and read what was written. First the injury apparently occured inside of the arena. With maybe 10,000 people in attendance, Morgan would not have had to run outside looking for help. If the injury was as minor as indicated there could very well have been no evidence left by the time she attempted re-entry. I don't believe this story states at all that she asked for any type of help from either security or other concertgoers because she was in danger. If she had a disagreement with her friends or someone else, I can see how possibly she would have been upset and left, and then decided she wanted to return. None of us know, but makes more sense than if she was simply looking for a bathroom. Another point, Morgan is not a teenager, true only one year past, but she is a college junior, living independently in her own apartment. Most of the attendees at the concert were probably in her age group or a bit older. Should the arena have had an open door policy since concertgoers were young? As for a massive search, it's not like she disappeared in a forest where massive manpower might be of some use. It sounds like the wooded areas near the parking lots have been searched. If that has been done, then a possibility is that she either was taken away or left in a car, going west, east, north or south. Where do you start? Another possibility, she either went to or was taken to an apartment or residence in the area. Private citizens cannot search homes, and law enforcement have to have probable cause to engage in a search of private property. I have not personally been to the area around the arena since this happened, so I have no idea whether or not there are posters. If not, there certainly should be. I know frustration being posted is out of concern for Morgan. We all want her back home safely, but to blame anyone other than the person responsible for her disappearance accomplishes nothing other than causing some who should not be blamed to feel guilt that is not justified.

I highly doubt that she ran off. Her family does not seem creepy to me, but like loving parents. She was a beautiful girl and probably struck some loser as an easy target. I'm sorry to say that. She may have been taken against her will. I hope she is still alive and I hope someone helps to bring her home. It isn't right that young women are kidnapped, raped, murdered, assaulted, etc. It says a lot about our society. Why don't we look out for one another?


I'm glad somebody else pointed out the creepy signs/hand signals and such and that whole deal with the family. To the point of having dot sticker code on the front door and doing the weird V/2 hand sign. Every family is different, sure, but that's damn weird. It's almost like weird mind control and triggers. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the mom doing her weird V/2 hand signal in one pic, like hoping Morgan will see it and be triggered by the hand gesture or something. I don't necessarily think Morgan ran away, either alone or with anybody, not considering she had her tickets tacked up to the fridge for 6 months before the concert, I think she genuinely wanted to go to the concert. But I do think the family sounds and looks odd in photos I've seen thus far.

If I was Morgan's Mother I think I would be so panic stricken and out of it that my behavior might look strange. If I was in shock I don't think I would behave as well as Morgans' parents do. It must be especially difficult to focus and remain calm. I could see myself pulling my hair out and banging my head with the nightmare of the situation. I know I feel angry this happened. I have two daughters in their twenties so I feel strongly for her parents. They seem to have a lot of spiritual strength from their faith, that's good.

I had not heard of the number message before--it seems very innocuous and heartfelt. I was driving past the arena today and saw a news crew interviewing her parents in the r/v lot, along with a memorial set up at one end of the bridge where folks are bringing flowers, notes, etc. Trying to find out what happened to her may be the last, best thing they can do for their daughter. Expressions like this seem pretty common and genuine ways to try to connect with them--in memory and spirit. I can't imagine what they are feeling--and what many other parents of kids in similar situations feel--it is wrenching.

Are police checking out ALL the roadies for all three bands and also the local Union Halls as often times when theese bands are on tour they use local Union Halls to supply carpenters, pipefitters and electicians to set up the show. Also note that roadies party outside the arena in their semis and vans and RVs and if Morgan took her friends suggestion and tried "an alternate entrance", the roadies and band security teams would have been at those alternate doors and outside the arena.

This is an interesting development, and I wonder why police are so quick to characterize this as a minor injury consistent with slipping and falling. Did her friends witness her falling? Normally, if a 20-year-old slips and falls (which would be unusual in itself, especially if the pavement was dry) she would put her hands or wrist out to catch herself. Falling and hitting your chin on something just seems like an odd injury for a 20-year-old, particularly if she was sober.

Seems (to me, anyway) that the bloody chin might be a vital bitMost of us are just on the outside, and don't "need to know" all the details but it's frustrating to hear conflicting stories about whose car was where, etc. We can only hope the investigators are on top of this while it's still a hot case. I hope whatever we learn here can help to make this community safer in the future. and I hope we can clean up the area where the shootings were reported last night. It's not really very safe out there, is it?

somehow, part of my previous post didn't make it. My point about the bloody chin was that maybe it'll help someone remember seeing her.

Excellent work getting all these facts together, thank you. We were wondering why the sightings of her falling and injuring herself were not released in the timeline.

Thanks for writing this article. It definitely sheds light that there is more here than meets the eye.

I think she ran off and I certainly hope that is true, since the alternatives are quite horrible.


I have spent the better part of a morning combing through the sex offenders in Charlottesville. I know the first thought for many when it comes to sex offenders is crimes against children. What many don't understand is many sex offenders are violent rapists. And the sentencing for rapists continue to be TOO SHORT (sadly thanks to courts' views all the way to the SUPREME COURT this violence returns to our streets. Stats have shown as rapists are allowed to continue, and there is no rehabilitation that works to correct EVIL, often times the crime escaluates to killing). What I found remarkable was the number of RAPISTS who live in and around Charlottesville and work in the fast food industry. Begged the question, when and where did Morgan and her group eat? I thought I saw where one rapist works driving some sort of truck around Charlottesville selling hot dogs. Not sure of the hours of operations or if that vehicle was near the arena the night of the concert? I havent seen any report about this specific grid check. I would like to know if a SWEEP was made of these men. Where were they that night and were their homes searched in the wake of Morgan's disappearance. Another reason to employ the FBI early and get their dogs busy! This may sound off to some but there are MANY documented cases of men who rape and kill who grab women because of the way women are dressed. I know girls SHOULD be able to wear whatever they want and minis are back in style (I remember them when they were in style the first time!) Morgan was wearing black boots and a black mini skirt and possibly walking along a roadway. Most of us would see a normal college gal but a rapist might see something else. I mean no disrespect to Morgan! It angers me that a segment of our society has to worry about such things. It wasn't that long ago when defense attorneys could actually introduce the way a woman was dressed into evidence and many of those men even if convicted are now OUT! My first thought was Morgan could have been hit by a car because her clothes were so dark but after viewing how many rapists are out and about in Charlottesville (I wish they all were electronically tracked the moment they set foot outside of prison), I can't help but wonder how many of them attended that heavy metal concert? Another good reason to possibly disclose some footage from that night? And how many rapists were out and about around Charlottesville that night? Wouldn't this be a job the local sheriff would have done? Anyone ask Sheriff Cornelia Johnson? Just wondering...

was she really a Metallica fan or a fan of lamb of god the opening group anyone here know.

Veracity, actually, I believe any tips should be directed to the various police departments, the State Police or the FBI. They are in the lead in the investigation, not the Sheriffs Departments of either Albemarle or Charlottesville. I don't have it right at hand, but I believe any of the local news websites for the TV stations, and maybe even the home page for the Hook has the tip line noted. I do want to agree with whoever posted, while there are some wild ideas being bandied about, I think all are out of concern for Morgan.

...that's "coal bin."

while i do think all roadies & staff should be checked out
including all that were working that night at the concert--

it's beyond ridiculous to imply that because it was Lamb Of God playing-
it was more dangerous than Bon Jovi.

have we learned nothing from predators
that work for good ole churches and police departments even!

pedators are everywhere.

Exactly why are Morgan's family members being called weird or strange? I think the hand signals and 241 say a lot about how close they all are. Many people, including myself, would love to have that kind of close knit family. Since when is it odd to love someone and show it? Imo, Megan was taken by someone (most likely a stranger) outside of the arena. Maybe she was on some type of drug that made her feel that it would be ok to walk somewhere and to find some way home. I believe her friends should have gone out to her as soon as she said she couldn't get back in. It was just a sick twist of fate that she ended up alone in the dark and someone took advantage of that. I really don't think she ran away. She had her own place, so there didn't seem to be a need to get away.0

Right-on Dakota!

totally agree.

I assume that a bleeding girl would be more memorable to people who might have seen her. I don't know if that info helped or not, and I suspect we are not being told much along those lines. I find some of the insulting comments to be out of line because I think there are legitimate questions we are entitled to ask, even if we are not solving anything here, and because I don't believe the police are doing everything they could or should and that is based on my opinion that I do not feel safe in Charlottesville (and this is nothing new). Why don't I move? Think I'll stick around and demand change instead (part of working for it is making it understood that your rights to live in peace are guaranteed).

Charlottesville hasn't been safe for a very long time. Expect no change, it will only get worse.

My understanding from people whom have been to JPJ Arena over the last few days is there is not a single flyer , poster or even a mention of this situation anywhere at the JPA .

How many people have moved through that arena since Morgan was reported as missing from that area.

Butt covering at it's finest !


We are deeply moved by the outpouring of support we've received since our daughter disappeared 16 days ago on October 17 from a concert in Charlottesville, VA.

At the request of friends and supporters, the Harrington family has established the Find Morgan Fund to help in the search for our daughter. The Harrington family will donate any unused funds to charities that assist families of missing persons and causes with which Morgan has been directly involved, including Mental Heath America of Roanoke Valley and OMNI Orphan Medical Network International.

Contributions may be sent by mail to the following address:

Find Morgan Fund
P.O. Box 7588
Roanoke, VA 24019

The Mental health connection could be cause for alarm .I remember Dr. Harrignton making a statement the "last 6 months have been good " I found it odd when he made that statement .

Well my theory as of now is the LE are onto somebody , or at least a strong lead as I feel Morgan knew whomever led her off . I don't feel for a second she left on her own free will . I also feel from looking at her pics she was full of fire ! She didn't get drug off fighting because she was under the influence of something . If not in an altered state that girl looks to me she would have caused a huge scene , that girl has fight in her and she would have left a clue of some kind of a struggle . I feel she was very altered , suffering from the face plant she did , confused and somebody took advantage of her because of her looks/condition . the pics attached are not of a weak women , you can see her self confidence that she had every reason to have .Morgan would have made a terrible scene leaving some kind of clue or getting somebody's attention , anything shy of a blindsided attack that girl would have left a clue !

JPJ Arena would have to produce a huge amount of garbage during an event such as Metalica . I wonder where the trash from JPJ ends up and how is it removed in bulk ? When was it moved ?

I don't find it odd that Morgan seemed to be so close with her parents. My daughter is several years older, but she still asks my opinion on clothes (doesn't usually take it but she asks.) We talk just about every day and see each other several times a week. I have most of her passwords just in case. She knows I respect her privacy and will not use them unless something happens. We talk about anything and everything except her love life. I believe I know most of the guys she has dated, but we operate on the premise of don't ask, don't tell about the depth of her relationships. As for being independent and living alone, lots of 20 years old in college have their own apartments, but are still dependent at least partly on their parents for support. If that is the case with Morgan, I can understand why her father would help balance her checking account. Her mother commented that the best case scenario is that Morgan is being held by someone. I know this comment was made because she just can't fathom that her daughter would walk away. If she is as close with her parents as my daughter is with us, I would agree, but on the chance that something was going on in her life that did cause her to need to disappear for awhile, I hope her friends are being completely open with what they know. Even if she did leave on her own, she could be in danger out in the world on her own.

Eileen - I think you're really reaching here, no offense. Suitcase tucked away? Come on. I also don't think it makes sense for a grown 20 year old who lives on their own "run away." A person "runs away" when they're a minor forced to live somewhere they don't want to. So that just doesn't make sense.

Ultimately none of this "armchair detective" really gets anybody anywhere. It's just people coming up with wild theories and asking the unanswerable. But that's just me.

@ Eileen I was leaning towards this being a runaway...but I go back and forth because I'm sure she was intoxicated and that could explain the winding up outside the area and wandering by the bridge.

At this poing there is more evidence of a runaway..I just don't see an abductor taking time to remove the battery...It's more feasable to me that she took out her battery and tossed the purse/phone by the bridge where she was spotted...

Just don't know..the story is fishy..so I'll get back on the fence -for now.

@ Margie the reporters are asking the right questions but LE and the parents are dodging and the friends aren't talking at all.

Why take the purs im sure she had a suitcase tucked away somwhere
and i think she had money put away tooooo remember her day saying he was going to balance her checkbook cause it was overdrawn and why kiss your girlfriend on the cheek cause u were just going to the bathroon that to me a goodby not ill be right back and if she was running away it would do no good for her to use the cell do u know what i mean ............. Something strang with that family if u ask meeee all the hand signals and stuff and her dad seem a bit over the top knowing all her passwords to her computer and doing her check book si is after all a 20 year old woman nlot a 15 yr old

Also, why can't a spokesperson from the JPJ arena step up to the plate and speak up and explain the security policies they offer patrons attending the arena inside and OUTSIDE on their property? Do they properly light the parking lots too? What kind of moral or legal obligation or duty do they have when they HOST a concert with regard to Patron safety? Do their policies measure up to the times we live in?

The problem with the runaway theory is that the purse (and battery-less cell phone I take it) were found in a parking lot. If you're running away why would you ditch your purse? I don't think she ran away. There's too much other evidence that something else, however fishy it was, went on.

Eileen - I think you're really reaching here, no offense. Suitcase tucked away? Come on. I also don't think it makes sense for a grown 20 year old who lives on their own to "run away." A person "runs away" when they're a minor forced to live somewhere they don't want to. So that just doesn't make sense.

Ultimately none of this "armchair detective" really gets anybody anywhere. It's just people coming up with wild theories and asking the unanswerable. But that's just me.

There was a rumor that there are no missing flyers of Morgan on the campus..Has anyone found out if this in fact the case ?

considering the topography of the area, and the reports of problems in the past during concerts with cell phone reception, is there a chance she was walking in an attempt to get a better signal? if i was at JPJ, that's the direction I would go

I've noticed that lots of newer parking lots are not well lit. The brighter lights, with light extending in a wider arc and radiating upward have come to be known as "light polution."

@ Emerald. Do you even know what you're talking about? I worked for the security and we all had to pass a criminal background check, get fingerprinted, etc. I came back to reread what you wrote because I thought I misread you. Believe me, the security company who works the events at JPJ (and at the Pavilion too) do not hire people on the same night. You can't work until you pass the check, the test for being a security guard and show up with your license.

I'm not an apologist for JPJ and I don't work for them now (mainly because I really didn't have time to usher as much as I could). I have seen security warn people before they leave. I've also been there for Martha's Market and almost started to go out the door before I was ready but remembered that I would have to pay to get back inside. This is true at movie theatres, high school sporting events -- I don't think I've been to many shows where you could leave.

I went over to JPJ to pick up tix for an upcoming show and I have to say, I keep forgetting just big the plaza area outside the doors is and thinking how far Morgan had to go to get to the bridge.

You have to keep in mind how many people come to these shows. I know that at the Super Bowl, there's a little "jail" that people can end up if they are disorderly. I don't know if JPJ has ever considered having a place (if there's room) for people who are out of it but usually if someone is really wasted, they call the cops and have them either escorted off the premises or arrested.

As someone posted above, this is a 20 year old, not a four year who went to Disney on Ice. I know she's her family's baby and I feel badly for them. She is, however, an adult and not a kid. I still haven't understood how come she ended up on the outside if she was going to the bathroom (and there are plenty, especially for an event of this size). I know I'm taking my teenaged daughter and her friend to the movies and this is a good opportunity to remind them about safety and sticking together and NOT LEAVE THE THEATRE if they didn't like the movie. It might be worth a discussion for all of you to have with your kids. You might assume that this would be common knowledge but who knows? Everyone thinks they're indestructible at that age. You'd think that people could be safe walking around but it isn't. The person who is at fault is the person who did this. Not JPJ, not Morgan, but the person who took her. (And I'm assuming that someone did.)

all of that dose matter, the time line outside, is all that police care about, and it's not good, what happen inside has no play out side, there two different events

she making one bad choice after another, and the way she dress, dose not help, first, shes not dress for the weather, and second, she stands out in a crowd let a lone by her self, headed in the worse direction poissible, and the time line is very very short

i was hoping that the older womans accout was right but police have not up dated it to that, so it must not have been the two poeple fighting outside, which out me back to the worse case

My gut tells me she ran off, also. The more I hear about her parents, the creepier they seem, especially the dad. (secret signs and such)

I pray that she is OK and the truth comes out.

Could 241 mean we(2 letters) love(4 letters) u(1 letter)--I have heard of 143 representing I love you--number of letters--simple, innocent cipher, perhaps?

I'm telling you, this whole 2-4-1 thing is creeping me out. I just saw some supposed friend of Morgan's named "Angie" over on another one of the Morgan articles sign out of her post saying "241 Morgan." What is it with her friends and family obsessively signing off with number codes like that?? Who *does* that? Nobody I've ever known. It really does reek of mind control.

Then her group of friends is called "The Nine"? When I saw that I thought, you gotta be kidding me. Do a search on "The Nine" on the 'net. Besides the TV show by the same name, The Nine, also known as "the Council of Nine," can be: 1)the Council that governs the Church of Satan; 2) A big time influential new age channeling cult started by Andre Puharich.

Coincidence, maybe, but this whole story and situation keeps getting weirder and weirder.

"Another discrepancy between what police and the family seem to know revolves around the vehicle that transported the young woman and three other concert-goers to Charlottesville. Police spokesperson Geller says that although driven by a friend, it was definitely Morgan Harrington’s own vehicle. Dr. Harrington has maintained, however, that his daughter’s 2006 Honda Civic, along with its keys, remained in Harrisonburg until retrieved Sunday by his daughter’s roommate who drove it back to the family home in Roanoke."

This is unclear. Did the police know the car had been here and then showed up at her home? I find that very strange - the discrepancy between what the police / dad are saying. Anyone?

This story just keeps getting stranger. It is obvious the authorities know more than they are telling the public (which is fine) but, for some of these new details to be a surprise to her father when he hears about them from the media is a little alarming.
It would also seem her having blood on her chin (as a result of a fall, scrape, whatever) would be an important piece of information.

This whole thing still doesn't add up to me. The shady details about the car, the fact that she left the arena, now this new info about a bloody chin. To me, it's starting to sound like she was intoxicated in one form or another. Lots of irrational behavior for a young woman that was seemingly so level-headed according to everything I've read.

Check out the on line info about the band "Lamb of God" and note one web site stated that they recorded a CD with members of a band called "Agents of Satan" and that the original name of "Lamb of God" was actually "Burn The Priest". Now check out the web info on "Pantera" and the lead members affinity for both The Occult and also modern day Church of Satan. Point is this: The "roadies" for a band like "Lamb of God" would be far different "element" that "roadies" for say a band like "Bon Jovi". ALL of wehich makes it imperative that all the bands crews etc. are checked out. ALSO cops should determine just what "The Nine" refers to as some stories have indicated that Morgans friends call themselves "The Nine". Now heres where this gets creepy: Church of Satan is governed by the "Council of Nine" and also "Nine Satanic Statements" which also can be found on line by doing research. Cops should look "outside the box" to find out if the term "The Nine" used by Morgans friends has any dark significance or just co incidence?

"Are police checking out ALL the roadies for all three bands and also the local Union Halls as often times when theese bands are on tour they use local Union Halls to supply carpenters, pipefitters and electicians to set up the show"

Geez, Kevin Clarke. This is Virginia, pay attention. Also, do you people really think all of your obvious ideas haven't occurred to the people who do this stuff for a living? And now the satanist conspiracy nutjobs have been let loose. Back off people and deal with your own lives a bit.

TO CC: If the police are busying themselves reading the "insight & assistance" of online commentators, then I know why she hasn't been found. Sure, some good ideas might come out...but I agree with CC, it's fine if to satisfy our own curiosities, we sit & spin ideas like we're all on CSI, but when you start thinking that the police are on HERE looking for new detective ideas from all of us, it will be a disappointing day. I don't see that by commenting on here any of us, including myself, are doing anything to bring Morgan back, at the very best, we are just showing our concern.

I'm pretty sure the police- and the FBI for that matter- deserve a little more credit than is being given by all the keyboard detectives out there. People need to start facing the fact that we probably don't know everything for a reason, evidence and tips are usually withheld because they may jeopardize some part of the case. I'm certain the FBI is capable of locating roadies, even if they did leave the next day. I think it's a good suggestion, but no so out of the box the bureau couldn't come up with it! Everyone is so critical of law enforcement but you only know what they've told us, they are not obligated to tell us every little thing they are doing...perhaps they want some groups of people to think they are off the hook, that they are NOT looking for them or NOT going to question them...as one other person mentioned, people sometimes relax as times goes by & then slip up in police interviews. I don't know, I too am just a concerned VA girl with no law enforcement expertise, who wants to see Morgan come home.

I can offer that I am 30 and occasionally ask my mom to come over to my house to give advice on something I'm wearing for a special occasion, simply because, we are close and I respect her opinion like any close friend. And if the family has a sacred little message that can also be signed, it's likely just that, lay off the satanic, mind control references, wow. I thought I watched too many crime shows...They are people in desperation clinging to what they can. Maybe the police advised the parents to release it, maybe Morgan might see a TV somewhere, maybe it tells her that if someone has her in a car or something, she could discreetly do the symbol at the window and someone might know it's her...who knows, there are a thousand reasons and maybe we don't know any of them!

As for her friends, I'm not sure I would not want to be publicly interviewed if my best friend vanished and was possibly abducted by someone who likes attractive 20- year old females, does that even make sense to be so public with their identities? I'm not sure I would not have even wanted my name or photo released out of fear I'd become the next target... just a thought. We don't know what's happened, so we don't know how they are feeling, maybe they are scared? Why do the police have to tell you why the friends are not doing interviews? Maybe, like Gil Harrington said, they are tyring to go to class, trying to maintain their daily responsibilities. I'm certain they are having a difficult enough time without adding press interviews into their schedules. People are so bizarre in their "entitlement theories".

We are praying for you Morgan, every day. Come home soon.

Big Dog, this is indeed sad, but it is one missing person from the area so I don't know that it is fair to the families of the others to say this is the worse thing that has happend in the last 35 years. We have several children missing who have never been accounted for. One 12 year old, Katie Worsky, was taken from a friends house in the middle of the night to never be seen again She was confirmed murdered through blood evidence, a person served time, not enough in my opinion, but did serve time. Her body has never been. There are at least 2 male children missing who have not been located, and a male student disappeared from the University in 85(?). Alicia Reynolds went missing on her way to Charlottesville and was discovered murdered months later. Her killer has not been found. People continue to state we don't know everything about Morgan's disappearance. We don't need to know everything. Some information, if kept secret, could possible help if there has been a crime committed. I do agree with Veracity, it would be good information to know what section did the group sit in, what door, if anyone knows, did Morgan use to exit? The whole situation with the car sounds very odd. Did the friend pick-up the car, if it was in Harrisonburg, after she was reported missing? If so, I would think the car would have been impounded to be searched for evidence that nothing had happened inside the car before arriving either in Harrisonburg or Charlottesville. I also find it odd that her friends didn't realize she was missing until the father became concerned unless they did not know she had not returned to Roanoke? The whole situation is confusing, whatever bit of information, however seemingly insignificant, anyone can offer might be the missing part that could answer so many questions.

Also, guys, there were nine friends... "the nine". All stories indicate there were nine closest friends from grade school that remained friends now into college, I haven't read anything yet to make me question that it was anything more- other than your own creepy comments. It is not so unusual for a group of friends to have a nickname, especially one so simply explained. Thank God there weren't only 6, that would really be creepy...

I know we're getting desperate but...

ReplyBigDog, I don't understand your post directed to me. At no time did I suggest that the Sheriff's department was in the lead for Morgan's case. That was one of the FLAWS I see in this case. Anyone in VA remember the Parkway killings? The State Police headed those cases too didn't they? How many are still missing? I don't find that the VA State Police have a great track record LEADING MISSING PERSON INVESTIGATIONS. I haven't figured out the why. Maybe someone else can sway me with some cases where they actually led the investigations successfully? In fact, who is this Mr. Rader we keep seeing front and center when they FINALLY held a news conference regarding Morgan's disappearance? Does he have specific training in missing persons cases? How many successful ones has he handled? The Department of Justice created training to help local and state departments better handle missing person cases. Does Virginia State Police have a Missing Person Task Force? IUs this who is heading this missing person case?

My question was about the Sheriff's department and specific to released rapists in the Charlottesville area. When this evil exits prison it is the Sheriff's department which has jurisdiction and contact. Most departments have specific officers who know these men and visit them on occasion. If there are surveillance films, maybe if the Sheriff's team took a look it would help. I also wonder if Charlottesville has neighborhood notificiation when new ones are released from prison? Now would be a great time to verify where these guys are and if any have vanished around the time Morgan disappeared. If any have slipped off the radar, wouldn't this be a great time for the media and the public help find these guys? Just wondering...

LK- I think your suggestion to check the train schedule and the cars that made their way through Charlottesville is a great one. There was a Sherlock Holmes story about a body found near the points of the track, the crime occured in a different part of London and the body was thrown out a window and onto the top of moving train, when the train turned at the points, the body fell off. Considering she was last seen at the Bridge, makes perfect sense to check the tracks below AND the trains. If she fell on her chin, I believe it was possible for her to have experienced balance issues. It is related to TMJ trauma. I hope the media will check to see when the tracks and the trains were checked - both with dogs and search parties.

Sounds To Me like Their All In A cult and the entire towns involved.Can only explain all the weird going ons,signs ect and maybe shes the sacrificial lamb.Ive heard of entire towns being involved in cults..Even members of the police ect..
Something very unhealthy going on here...

I have heard GOD mentioned all over the internet in reference to Morgan and her saftey . I don't remeber Morgans parents ever mentioning the word GOD or faith .

Has anyone else ?

cant believe this just made the news, saw this on the family website's forum a few days ago, that she fell on her face in front of some ppl and they called it in to the tip line

KUDOS Courteney Stuart. Keep asking Ms. Snead and Ms. Melvin and working to find out who this mystery man was who accompanied the group. Until Morgan's so-called friends give up the REAL time line and clears up the frustrating contradictions the police have released so far, the hunt for Morgan will continue at half speed. I can tell you if one of my friends disappeared I would do as many interviews as necessary to try and help find her and let the public know exactly what happened right up to the last moment I spoke, received word, or saw my friend.

Hope that cops will ask the friends who were at the concert with Morgan to take a polygraph as some things just dont add up. If they are telling the WHOLE truth than it should not bother them.

from "http://www.roanoke.com/news/breaking/wb/223189":

"The Rev. Diane Schribner Clevenger, who is acting as a spokeswoman for the Harrington family, said the parents of the missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington are encouraged by the energy being poured into the search for their daughter and are hopeful that she will soon return safely.

Dr. Dan Harrington, who is Carilion Clinic's vice president for academic affairs, and Gil Harrington, a nurse who is active with the Roanoke-based Orphan Medical Network International, have been going on television (see here for one broadcast) to ask for Morgan's return. They may appear on more shows Wednesday morning, said Clevenger, who is the minister at the interdenominational Christian Unity Church of Roanoke Valley.

Clevenger described Morgan Harrington, 20, as someone who loves art and music, and who keeps a wall of her Blacksburg apartment's bedroom decorated with music-related items. She has been a painter since childhood, Clevenger said."

To the sad, enraged all caps person. Are you not aware that you won't be likely to find unionized tradesmen around here? No unions = no union halls.

Now, there is a town of about 900 people in Franklin County named Union Hall if that's where you're suggesting police ought to be looking. I'm pretty sure they haven't looked there yet. I'm also pretty sure the police have several lists with varying priorities of people to ask questions to.

Making the online equivalent of shrieking that the police ought to be asking obvious questions to obvious people is hardly "helping with ideas." Like come on wrote above, it would be a very sorry situation indeed if the police were so inept that they needed guidance in performing basic police work from clueless commenters on a tabloid blog. Yes, I do mean you.

Dakota, has this now officially been classified as an abduction?

There's always a chance Morgan knows exactly where she is, whom she is with.... and is there voluntarily.


" You are seriously deluded however if you think it is of any value to have people ranting in a blog forum about how the police ought to be doing very obvious "

If that is what you choose to believe then so be it . My opinion is your are way off base .


Gasbag Self Ordained Expert :

I hope it's not true either , I wish someone close would verify that .

Heck , maybe I will call JPJA and see what they say .

JPJ Arena's web page makes no mention, neither does UVa's home page (nor is it in "today's news" there). Guess it's a drag. If it was my child, I'd be livid. So maybe the story'll just fade away, as others have done before it. What the heck, people are routinely getting shot in this town, and all we seem to be able to do about that is treat their wounds at the ER if they survive.

With you once again, Dakota...Those pics don't show a weak woman...I pray she's okay,

Nen and Boo...there are plenty of examples where people run away and the outsiders failed to understand WHY..."They seemed to have all she seemed so happy, etc.." With so much misinformation, secrecy and contradictions on the part of the parents, the friends and law enforcement how can you say for sure ? How can you rule anything in or out ?

Interesting story from JMU's The Breeze this morning:
Swift Arrest Follows Sexual Assault in On-Campus Dorm
November 2, 2009 • By Katie Thisdell, The Breeze
HARRISONBURG, Va. � A JMU student reported being sexually assaulted Friday night in her residence hall, leading to the arrest of a non student.
Travis James Mick, 19, is charged with entering property with the intent to damage, resisting arrest and object sexual penetration. Mick is being held by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office without bond. Don Egle, university spokesman, said he was also charged with trespassing.
Contact Katie Thisdell at breezenews@gmail.com.

I happen to think she planned to leave and never return. I think it was all set up from the time she got those concert tickets. People do run away you all know all u do need is look under the missing. Sorry but this family is creepy to me and i believe her friends knew all about it.

Lets not forget that the JPJ arena has not put forth any videos of the OUTSIDE parking lot and most importantly why not? And what does that mean? Nancy Grace was the first to ask about the security films and why not one clue from them. Sixteen thousand people paid a lot of money to the arena and no security films or security officers OUTSIDE? Why not? The LE, the JPJ Officials, and the media do not mention security film. I can't get past that, and I keep going over why did the investigators ask for the public to check to see if they have cell phone pictures to help. Is our security based on someone taking a cell phone picture of us in a parking lot? News people don't ask the right questions.

Has it been said there is no video, or just no video of Morgan? Also, I have heard it said that there was little or no security in the parking lots, is this bit of information coming from the authorities, concert goers or just speculation? I can certainly see why the request would be made for everyone to check their cell phones for any pictures that might contain Morgan. These pictures could be taken in areas away from the entrance doors where there are no security cameras. Being a woman, I can tell you, we even snap candid pitures in the bathroom of each other refreshing makeup or combing hair.

Internet sleuths if you will are absolutely a resource to Law enforcement ,if anyone believes different you are not keeping up with technology and the power of the internets voice .

Law enforcements decision to keep the fact hidden from the public that Morgan possibly suffered an injury is inexcusable and should be investigated .

Notice the headline of this article . "Unexplained injury: Tips flood in, but still no Morgan"

Had LE acknowledged Morgan may have had an injury this FLOOD of tips would have been fresh and available 11-13 days earlier when Morgan disappeared , The critical window was inexcusably missed by LE by withholding this information . Remembering a beautiful woman whom is missing takes on a whole new perspective and triggers information from people as stated in the headline of this article .

Human Flesh Search Engines are an internet powerhouse growing everyday with massive human collaboration . Many would be fooling themselves if they do not realize the power of the online voice .

Look at the discrepancies in this investigation alone , just between the information the LE is publishing versus what the Harrington are saying . Inexcusable !

Dakota, you are reading things into the headline that aren't there. It DOES NOT say that after finding out that Morgan had an injury that suddenly people had more useful information for police. It says that despite a flood of tips, such as the fact that she was injured, she still hasn't been found. Those are vastly different things.

The release of the timeline was noted as something that helped generate new information, because it gave people who may have seen something a context to consider when reflecting on their memories of that night. The news of her injury may do the same, but it is quite likely that the value of not releasing that information was weighed against the value of releasing it and it was decided that it shouldn't be for the time being.

The police choose to release or withhold information based on what they think to be best for their investigation, not to placate your sense of outrage. This is a criminal investigation as well as a search. The police have to conduct themselves in a manner that allows for apprehending and convicting anyone who may be responsible for her disappearance if there should be such a person, which it seems very likely there is.

The internet does have considerable potential for alerting members of the public to things that might then cause them to volunteer FACTUAL information that may be of use to law enforcement. You are seriously deluded however if you think it is of any value to have people ranting in a blog forum about how the police ought to be doing very obvious things. That's especially true when there is nothing to suggest the police aren't already doing those obvious things, nor is there anything to suggest that the police are searching here for a refresher course on how to do basic police work.

Waiting and Hoping

You are very correct there are few news people working on this. News organizations pass on important information wrapped in advertizing to run their organizations/ businesses . We have to ask ourselves what information have the news organization been given by LAW Enforcement recently to wrap their advertizing around to keep Morgan's story in their reporting ?

Every second Law Enforcement hides important information that could jog the memories of the public the deeper Morgan's story will get buried . AS it stands Morgan's story is over very soon if law enforcement does not first clear up the current discrepancies in the little info they gave out and second step up and tell the public what is going on . I mean , they kept most info they had secret to enhance the recovery of Morgan, correct ? It's day 13 ! Need I say anymore !


side note : NBC29 news today at 6:00 pm reported all new information today on Morgan's case , the largest TV station in C-ville, it consisted of NOTHING ! NOT A WORD ABOUT MORGAN MENTIONED. THE SAME GOES FOR THE REST OF THE AREAS NEWS SOURCES .

I guess according to LE no news is good news in an abduction . I see where it has worked out great for Morgan !

Forgive my frustration .


That's a pretty sad state of affairs if there are NO Morgan posters displayed at the John Paul Jones arena. I hope that's not true.

People of all ages and types run away. In December of 2007 a Rice University student disappeared. He had been working on a take-home final.

See this link:

Parents were baffled, friends confused. Months later, he was found in Berkeley.

People do strange things for strange reasons.

I hope this girl is safe, and I cannot fathom what her parents are going through. May the she and her family get all the love and support they need now.

As sad as it is . It seems like 90 percent of missing children wind up near water. Is it a policy immediately to search lakes and watery
places near where a person disappeared like this girl . Are they searching those areas or just following police procedure. I think they should do bot

Thanks to "Seen It Before"'s link a few posts above, I ended up on this page.
Thank you to "Seen It Before" for the link that got me to this link: "http://blinkoncrime.com/"
Now, finally, some things are starting to "make sense".

Please ignore/mentally "delete" the first sentence of my last post.

The entire story from the get-go has holes in it.. From the friends story to the parents..First the car driven to the arena was Morgans car, her father stated that on TV. .Now the car was at home.. Doesn't add up.. The first time the father was on the air, he stated" come home Morgan, we have a math test to study for".. Is that crazy or what. Your child is missing and your worried about a math test ! I think the father has a big part in whatever happened to Morgan..The mother is weird in general..If they think Morgan is seeing the 241 then they know more then what is being revealed..Perhaps the dress code that was chosen did not meet Daddys approval and he was the one in the parking lot that night.. He has all her passwords and keys to her place and car..He seems overbearing to say the least. The mom seems strung out on something to remain so calm and not show emotion.. Strange family with strange friends.

she makes it to the intersection, and is cold, gets in a car, and ends up in the RV lot, has her phone, purse toss out the window, and is undercontrol of the person, on ramps are 10 to 15 mins to the highway, 35 to 50 mins puts her 45 to 50 miles away from JPJ,

in any direction, which is why no body has been found, you figure the rest. I pray for the the Harrington family, to at lease find her and know that hers friends are just as broken hearted and kicking them selfs

From the reports, it sounds like a young lady matching Morgan's description was seen in the RV lot before being seen on the Copeley Street bridge. Had she been wandering through the lots closest to the arena, she would have reached the RV lot before the bridge. I don't think it's clear whether it's fact or not that she was seen approaching the intersection at Ivy Road, maybe a city block beyond the Copeley Street Bridge. I do agree, if she did get into or was forced into a car or an RV, she could be anywhere in the state or any other state. Prayers for her, her family and prayers for something to be located in the search this weekend.

I hope you know about the meeting tonight to plan the search of the area. This is a real substantive way to help. Your assistance would be appreciated.