ââ?¬Ë?Updateââ?¬â?¢ on search for new UVA President

According to University Rector John O. Wynne, the update is that there will be no updates, as “presidential searches can be effective only if candidates are assured of confidentiality. We also have been warned that a breach causes candidates to withdraw, threatening the viability of the search. We cannot take such a risk.” As such, Wynne says no information on candidates will be released until a final decision is made. Oh, he also adds that there is “no firm deadline” for making the decision.

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This is consistent with the UVa ethos -- no non-good news must ever get aired, and anyone who doesn't get offered or take the job would be unavoidably besmirched with the stain of negativity. It's the same reason UVa frowns on football fans booing Al Groh's failure, and is not willing to admit any responsibility of it's no-re-entry rule for the disappearance of Morgan Harrington.

We wouldn't want anyone to google their candidates and find out something --would we.

Anybody who has ever participated in a search for an executive knows that this is standard. If happy happy happy were looking to switch from Micky Ds to BK they wouldn't want word to get out and lose working the drive through if it fails to come to fruition.

How hard is it to find someone who can figure out how to spend 55k per student per year to give a mediocre education? The only skill they really need is the ability to play smoke and mirrors so that people don't look at the amount of money being wasted. (of cousre the abilty to kiss some A$$ doesn't hurt either.)