CD release show for the new EP from the guitar-grit indie rockers and self-avowed space-cadets; "It's definitely indie dance-rock, but there's almost a minimalist style to it," says new drummer Kyle Woolard, who you might also know from his other band Uncle Jemima. "It's watertight – there's nothing there that doesn't need to be there." Nonetheless, some of the new Brenner-produced tracks come off harder than he describes, somewhere between newer Muse and pocket-protector STP. Similarly celestially-minded local quartet Corsair and songwriter Travis Elliott open.

Newly re-recorded:
Astronomers - Or Maybe It's Nothing
Astronomers - Perpetual Emotion
Astronomers - Stratagem

Astronomers - The Singularity
Astronomers - Shoes
Astronomers - My Hologram
Astronomers - Fermata

Corsair - Last Night On Earth
Corsair - Space Is A Lonely Place
Corsair - Starcophagus


Poor Corsair; they bore the brunt of it last time too.

this show has been moved to Astrolodge (2020 Pireus Row)

We like cancelling shows the week of to screw with bands.

Nate from Astronomers just sent over a few songs from the new record, so some of the MP3s above are now actually newer re-recorded versions of tunes you may have previously downloaded from this site as demos. Also, here's how to get there.