Doctor wins Jeopardy cruise

snap-jeopardytrip-alfredoarcila-randalalakkis-alextrebek Like bunch of latter day Darwinesque explorers, Charlottesville doctor Randala Lakkis, center, just came back from a 10-day cruise to the Gal┬ípagos Islands with her husband, Alfredo Arcila Jr. (left) and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek (right). The doctor was one of 25 lucky winners in a contest celebrating the 25 years the venerable television show–- conceived in 1963 by Charlottesville-area resident Julann Griffin–- has aired under Trebek.

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Thank you for the link to Julann Griffin. Had never heard her side of the Jeopardy story--fascinating and I love her quote

"It's a leftover from the days when women were just in the kitchen and expected not to take the credit," she says, "but I think we're outgrowing that, and I've just had to move on."