BizBrief: Freestyle yard sale this weekend

The once-a-year event that bargain-conscious skiers and snowboarders dream about happens this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–- as Freestyle, the sports shop on Westfield Road, holds its annual swap and yard sale. The event lets people who have excess/old equipment drop it off until Friday, and then the folks at Freestyle price it for sale. The sellers get "paid" in store credit, and the buyers often get a sweet deal–- although this reporter drew years of derision with a pair of pink skis obtained here for under $100.

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It's a great opportunity to help yourself AND help a local retailer. Freestyle has the quality employees and knowledge you normally find only at major ski resorts out west. Their yard sale is an institution ... and your store credit gives you access to their expertise as well as their products. Don't miss it!

My daughter got her first pair of skis at this sale. Great deals, and I've heard this is going to be a snowy winter.