John Mayer to make JPJ a "wonderland"

news-mayerHeartthrob crooner John Mayer announces a stop at Charlottesville's John Paul Jones Arena during his upcoming North American tour in spring 2010 with a March 16 concert.

The seven-time Grammy winner hit the music scene in 2001 with Room for Squares, as his single "No Such Thing" and boyish good looks robbed the hearts of teens everywhere. The singer-songwriter has continued to push aside genre labels, collaborating with the likes of rappers Jay-Z and Kayne West, blues greats BB King and Eric Clapton, and pop sensation Taylor Swift.

And while his musical talent is unquestioned–- he was named one of modern rock's newest "Guitar Gods" by Rolling Stone magazine in 2007–- his personal life has garnered as much, if not more, media attention than his fingerpicking. By romancing high profile ladies including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, Mayer has ensured a long-lasting relationship with gossip rags and celebrity blogs.

JPJ is just one of 41 stops Mayer plans to make (he also swings by Washington DC's Verizon Center February 20). His fourth studio album, Battle Studies, releasing November 17, is a mesh of '70s and '80s California pop and rock influences, marking yet another shift in musical direction for the artist. Tickets go on sale through the John Paul Jones arena or Live Nation on Saturday, November 21. Ticket prices have not yet been released.


Well, here I am, and I hold JPJ blameless. I'm guessing people on here calling for boycotts aren't the concert type anyway, so no loss there. I might even go to this show. I know Mayer is kind of a girl act, but he seems pretty cool - and gentlemen should consider that the ratio will probably be very favorable - if you know what I mean.

yes, blameless, the ratio should be pretty good for such predatory attitudes at the john mayer concert. I'm guessing you skipped the metallica show because the ratio wasn't so good?

Show a little class.

There were other problems there besides the rigid enforcement of the no re-entry policy. Lots of booze sold within the arena and lots of fights. I didn't see security breaking up any of these fights. In fact I didn't see security anywhere except at the doors. For a concert like Metallica the arena should modify its security policies as well as its sale of booze. Its not a Disney on Ice environment.

"Really? That’s it? Other people do it and we told you so?"
Whether you like it or not. Yes, that's it.

"It’s not misplaced anger. It is a rational examination of the policy which led to this young woman being harmed."

Bull. As always someone tries to pin blame on others. Believe or not once in a while a persons actions is directly responsible for whatever happens.

Would not take my daughter to a show at JPJ, whether the Harrington disappearance is their fault or not. All they do there is rip off people. Harrington probably got injured at the hands of one of their security people. I've never had a problem with the door people which makes me surprised to hear that a door person wouldn't let the girl back in, even though it was raining and she was in a tee shirt with no coat.

John Mayer sucks and for that matter so do most of the acts they bring in. Pop music has been dead for years. The days of big arena shows are over. I'd rather watch a band on my big screen for free (YouTube) and invest the 100 dollars for tickets on my kid's college fund. Until UVA makes some changes, they're not getting any more of my hard earned money. I've got more important things to spend my money on.

it is only the court of public opinion that matters. Apparently there are enough people that want to defend JPJ's interests on these message boards.

I find it truly puzzling how the fiduciary interests of a large institution are considered more important than the safety of this young woman, but then I'm not from the south so I don't have that docile, plantation mentality that is so pervasive in these parts.

Thank you, Sparkyc. A voice of reason.

People: read your ticket. The policy is in place for the safety of many. Post 9/11 most venues have no re-entry policies including Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Littlejohn Coliseum and Casell Coliseum in Blacksburg. If the rule were not in place and they let someone back into JPJ with weapons and something happened, you'd be screaming "why did you let this happen?" It's a no win situation for the arena and a bonanza for people who have no clue how complex running a concert venue/arena is to voice their small minded opinions. JPJ is one of the best run operations in the country, and believe me I've been to a lot of venues.

I can't believe that an announcement for a good show turns into a forum for bashing the arena and for soulless people who think pop music is dead. These are probably the same people who complained that Charlottesville never got any good concert acts coming to town before the arena was built.

As a father I am heartbroken about the disappearance of Morgan Harrington and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to her and her family, but in my opinion, this is not the forum for it.

I have taken my children to the arena on many occasions, and it has always been an enjoyable night out, and will continue to take them anytime they want to go.

On to less morbid things....


My Bad! The above should read....

"...not one person I have spoken with holds JPJ blameless."

no one is "blaming" jpj. Clearly the policy in place at JPJ led in a concrete, factual way to this tragedy.

IF this policy were different, this woman would be alive and well today.

chouva, don't speak so fast. Providing the family could legally file a lawsuit against JPJ, I don't think any jury would have much sympathy for a multi million dollar conglomerate like JPJ. I'm not so sure JPJ could ever prevail in defending such a lawsuit.

Before ever filing though, the family has to prove that Morgan is no longer among us here on earth. Therefore, it's a little early for people to even be discussing a wrongful death lawsuit.

I can tell you from my travels and discussions about this tragic event with many folks, not one person holds JPJ blameless.

jeff, you have no clue what you are talking about. the policy had nothing to do with the girls disappearance.

JPJ would win any suit on court over this issue. if she was assaulted on the inside of arena by aguy who came back in with a fake ticket stub and stabbed her, people would be screaming about why was the guy let back in. JPJ's lawyer is not losing sleep over this re-entry issue.

If she wanted in bad enough she could have bought a ticket off a scalper.. there were plenty around.

Also, if she was turned away numerous times from numerous people then odds are she was physically ok. I wonder if any of the people who turned her away remember whether or not she appeared high or drunk?

This is tagic but to blame jpj is ridiculous. Do you think theat if she was grabbed that those folks would not have just grabbed someone else?

If you believe that then you must also believe that when the animals in this town go shopping for car radios they stop and go home if ther first car they come to is locked.

There are a lot of morons in this town who think we need "laws" to prevent everything. There are laws on the books about abduction. That is probably the issue here.

"I’m really curious as to why regular concert goers would be so emotionally attached to a policy which serves NO ONE but the venue’s financial interest."

Cause maybe the only reason there are concerts for regular concert goers to be going to is that there is income to be made from it by the people who manage, perform, promote, and build or own arenas. If venues can't have events because they fear lawsuits no matter what reasonable policies they have, then there will be no events.

I'm neither a U2 nor a Metallica fan, but clearly thousands of people recently were very happy our local venues have a financial interest in providing entertainment for them. There would be no money in the business moreover if hosting concerts weren't also in the interest of fans.

Mr/Mrs/Miss blameless, I said not one person I have spoken with holds JPJ blameless. If you are one of the many people I have spoken with, you're changing your tune now just to argue the issue. :)

And if you say the above during the jury selection process, I'm sure you would be excused by the plaintiff.

Well, you can count me in with the folks that don't hold JPJ responsible. Their policy is clearly stated, so they shouldn't have any problem in court if it comes to that.
I know people have been scoffing at JPJ saying something to the effect that their policy is standard for every other venue in the country. You might not like to hear it, but it's true.
With all that being said, obviously I hope Morgan is found alive and well. But misplaced anger at the venue itself serves absolutely no purpose.

J, the fact that the policy is clearly stated and shared by other venues does not in any way remove JPJ's responsibility!

What foolishness is this? "We clearly state our policy and other people have the same policy therefore the policy is not flawed nor in any way contributed to this situation."

Really? That's it? Other people do it and we told you so?

It's not misplaced anger. It is a rational examination of the policy which led to this young woman being harmed.

Charlottesville Pavilion is "in the country" and they do not have this policy. Wow. I didn't have to go very far to completely destroy your main argument; right across town.

Shaggy, JPJ's policy did not lead to this girl being taken. Likely, it was a sociopath who happened upon an easy target. That's who is at fault and no one/thing else. JPJ's policy is: you may not re-enter after leaving. It's policy is not: you may not re-enter after leaving and you must walk aimlessly across town alone at night.
I don't want to sound like I'm coming down hard on Morgan. I'm not trying to. It's just not the fault of the venue that she was taken/whatever.
But, on whatever side of this argument you fall, there are huge gaping holes in this story. Law enforcement knows more than they are saying, obviously. We can sit here and speculate and assign blame all day. But none of us had all the facts. I just get tired of reactionaries saying "boycott JPJ" or "demand that they change the policy" because they have no other straw at which to grab.

so.... a cigarette company isn't liable for the products they sell because they put a warning on the label and because they aren't the only ones selling it?

Sorry, deadhorse, but the "everybody does it so it's ok" defense doesn't hold up in court, even if it does hold up in your mind.

Again, NO ONE IS BLAMING JPJ. What is INESCAPABLY TRUE is that IF this policy were different, THIS WOMAN WOULD BE OUT OF HARMS WAY RIGHT NOW. This policy was part of a chain of events that led to what happened. YES of course the person that snatched this woman is to blame. NO ONE has said otherwise.

But apparently you guys want to defend this policy. WHY? What is it to you? I'm really curious as to why regular concert goers would be so emotionally attached to a policy which serves NO ONE but the venue's financial interest.

Not really a voice of reason. Probably just a JPJ shill hired to shape PR.

And for the record, Charlottesville's best concert act (and one of America's most successful) was born and bred right here, long before JPJ (in most ways a decent concert venue) was ever conceived. Some people may have complained that they wanted more money grubbing big industry recording artists to come to our little town, but they have probably realized by now that this is the true meaning of "soulless" -- industries that don't care about their fans, but only their dirty money.

If the door people had not turned the poor girl away, into the rain, she would be with her family and friends right now. Period. I hope that JPJ makes a public statement about their policy, and how they plan to change it.

A boycott campaign is already being prepared.

Speak, JPJ officials; speak, UVA: Why did you turn the girl away into the cold rain? And don't insult us by saying it was for security.

Don't pretend that you did it to protect people from themselves, tacitly vilifying the public by insinuating that people who need re-entry are people going outside to get wasted. That is already covered by the law, it doesn't need to be reinforced by JPJ's idiotic policy. If someone goes outside to get wasted, arrest them. But that would be hard with no command presence in the parking lot, now wouldn't it?

Why did you do it, JPJ? Did you do it for money? Voices of reason want to know.

Sure hope they straighten out their entrance policy before there are any more concerts here. If not we should boycott all events until they do.

Entrance policy? If you're referring to the Exit - No Re-entry policy it is standard practice just about everywhere. Yes, the community is experiencing one very tragic case right now that is loosely related but it is no reason to 'boycott' for policy change.

The policy is always widely publicized and is printed on every ticket you buy from them - should not be hard to comply with.

Word on the street is that people with professional ties to JPJ are commenting on message boards regarding the lame no re-entry policy.

Apparently, if a lawsuit is filed, they will employ the "everybody does it" defense, as if that child-like excuse somehow absolves them of responsibility of the consequences resulting from the policy.

Yes, there is a very tragic case right now. It's an odd time to be defending the policy that led indirectly to that tragedy.

chouva, apparently you are unaware that she tried to re-enter JPJ several, several times but was turned away each and every time due to this policy. The people that would not let her back into the concert for which she had purchased a ticket were some of the last people to see her prior to her disappearance.

This guy is a no-talent. Watch these ticket sales. May get canceled.

don't be so sure, lame act. I foresee every bored, middle-aged housewife within 100 miles flocking to this concert.

You know-kind of made sense to me after being explained.Yes,this was an unfortunate event in the case of Morgan Harrington.FOR SURE! BUT,as they said, if they allowed everyone to come and go as they please,then someone comes back in "drunk,stoned,or whatever else high" then falls down stairs and trips and causes someone to break their neck-then they will be sued for allowing people to re-enter under those conditions. I really do think that these venues do all they can do to prevent injuries to people inside by making sure to observe that people entering are not totally incapacitated to the point of possibly causing other patrons harm. It is their job to observe the actions of those entering,as well as try to the best of their ability to observe that no one is sneaking in anything that is not allowed (ie: drugs,bottles of alcohol, etc). To allow people to come and go as they please would cause SOO much effort to attempt to re-evaluate those people coming back in-over and over again.