Humpty Dumpty listed in Baron's arrest warrant

news-devere-austinAmong the items allegedly purloined September 22 from Antiquer's Mall in Ruckersville that led to the arrest of Raymond J. Devere-Austin, the Baron of Delvin, are cast-iron statues of Humpty Dumpty, a dog and a horsehead, according to the felony warrant. Devere-Austin, 76, a writer, actor and stuntman, also directed TV classics like The Avengers, The Saint, Hawaii Five-O, Hart to Hart and Magnum PI. A woman answering the phone at his Buck Mountain Road residence declined to comment or take a message for Devere-Austin. He was arrested October 26, and a court date will be set November 18.


Sad, royalty is certainly suffering in this economic climate.

A very minor part of the story - but a part of your headline - Mr. Devere-Austin does not appear entitled to claim his title. It belongs to the current 13th Earl of Westmeath (Ireland) (according to Burke's Peerage)