Thomas shows support for 'flow control'

During a call-in to Coy Barefoot’s radio show on Friday, recently elected County Supe Rodney Thomas(R) was asked if he would support a controversial “flow control” ordinance in conjunction with the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority’s plan for a new privately operated Ivy Transfer station, which would essentially give monopoly control over trash collection, and put the Authority's nemesis Peter Van der Linde, who operates an the $11 million Materials Recovery Facility in Zion Crossroads, out of business.

“I would,” said Thomas.

Last month, following a story about an Authority board meeting during which the possibility of adopting a “flow control” ordinance was discussed, County Supe Ken Boyd (R), who also sits on the Authority’s board, hit the air waves to do a little damage control. During a call-in on Rob Schilling’s radio show Boyd bristled at the suggestion that he supported such an ordinance, saying that he had learned that it was “illegal.” Later, Authority director Tom Frederick assured elected officials that he was “not working” on a flow control ordinance.


I am disappointed that Thomas would voice his support for this, rather than saying, "Let me look at the proposal and I'll think about it". Considering all the drama over the water plan, he should take a more cautious approach with any new trash plan.

Gee, and I always thought Republicans were totally in favor of, you know, PRIVATE ENTERPRISE and opposed to, you know, government-controlled services.

Those silly Republicans, always saying one thing and doing something else!

And who was it that predicted that flow control would return as soon as the election was over ? I can't wait until the people of Albemarle who thought they were electing a business friendly conservative read this. Isn't this the kind of government control businesses face in China ? Could someone talk to Mr. Thomas, maybe he misspoke.

I'd like to give Mr. Thomas the benefit of the doubt, that he does not yet understand what has been going on behind the scenes. I am confident, once he meets and speaks to Mr. Van der Linde, and understands that this would mean, not private enterprise, but a government monopoly posing as private enterprise, he will reconsider what he said on this show. Has anyone asked him if he meant to say this, maybe he didn't understand the question, and he is probably very tired and needs a break.

I would also hope once he hears the other side of the lawsuit story from Mr. Van der Linde, and reads the memo he handed out at the RSWA board meeting, refuting the charges against him, he will realize there is NO EVIDENCE, and that this lawsuit is a complete waste of tax payer money and should be stopped immediately.

Even though I am a city resident, I am hopeful that Mr. Thomas is independent enough in thought, as shown by his refusal to sign the water pledge, that he will not simply take the party line of RSWA, but will investigate these matters and ask hard questions and represent the people's will, not the entrenched bureaucracy.

We need community members to form a group, such as Citizens for A Sustainable Water Plan, to come forward and organize Citizens for a Sustainable Trash Plan, that can then become a voice for the people, and expose the harassment being perpetrated against Mr. Van der linde, that has been reported in the Hook and by other local news media, and demand a stop to it.

Mr. Thomas, we truly need a voice for the people in the county, and my hope is that you will be that voice in these dire economic times.