1,600 strong: High turnout in Charlottesville for Morgan Harrington search

news-findmorgan-volunteers-waitingVolunteers in the search for Morgan Harrington file into the Virginia Department of Forestry building around 9am Sunday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

They came from Richmond, from Falls Church, from Buena Vista, and beyond. They came alone, in pairs, and trios of friends. There was even a busload from the Roanoke medical center that employs the father of Morgan Dana Harrington, the young woman who disappeared October 17 during the Metallica concert in Charlottesville.

"We've had people from North Carolina, West Virginia, and even some from Pennsylvania," said Janice Liggett, the volunteer coordinator for the Laura Recovery Center, the Texas-based non-profit which has been coordinating a civilian search effort which has tallied, Liggett, said, about 1,600 volunteers in three days.

"I'm hoping to find some answers for them and do what I can to help," said one of them, Roanoke nurse Linda Matney, who climbed aboard the bus chartered by Carilion Clinic shortly before the vehicle began moving north at 7:15am Sunday.

Her search team, led by two rescue squad veterans from Stuarts Draft, was tasked with checking out the train tracks near DŒrty Nelly's restaurant. Another team heading out the same time was on its way to the UVA cemetery on Alderman Road. In all, 171 search teams went out over the three-day period.

"That people would drive for two two hours to be here is what you hold onto," said a grateful mother, Gil Harrington, watching the buzz of activity with her son and husband. "We feel like we have extended family now."

Mrs. Harrington said that as difficult as the three weeks without their daughter have been, the report of the November 5 massacre in Fort Hood, Texas, gave her something for which to be grateful.

"Those families did not have the chance to have a search," said Harrington. "We do. We still have the chance to find the needle in the haystack."

In teams of nine or ten, the search teams were getting instructions to scour the ground for clues such as clothing or jewelry or–- in a worst-case scenario–- a body.

Outside the Virginia Department of Forestry building, serving as command center for the search, Charlottesville businessperson Joan Fenton was carrying a loaded Panera Bread bag and enthusing about the donations from area businesses.

"It's been amazing," says Fenton. "Nobody says no."

Joel Briggs strolled by toting several cases of Red Bull energy drink to fuel the troops. "I  bought a whole bunch of them," he confessed, "and then my wife quit drinking them."

A few feet away, a woman who recently celebrated her 70th birthday, decided her talents were better suited for "KP" than scouring hills and ravines. "I feel it's my civic duty," said Alice Gibson, who recently moved here from Annapolis. "This could happen to any one of us."

As the Harringtons paused to speak with a reporter, Mrs. Harrington revealed that two days earlier she and her husband dialed Morgan Harringtons's cell phone just to hear their daughter's voice. The mother integrated her daughter's "I'll get right back to you" message into a poem she read for some of the searchers.

"I don't want her voice erased from the world," Mrs. Harrington explained.


On Monday morning, November 9, State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller issued the following statement, "Search parties did recover various articles of discarded clothing and objects. Unfortunately, none of those items has proven relevant to the case."

–-last updated 10:30am, Monday, November 9

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I agree with Chouva that talking about JPJ is a waste of time. And the reporters are weak. To me the policy about letting Patrons re-enter or not is beside the point. If Morgan was drinking or drugging or not is a side issue to me. JPJ could care less about what goes on OUTSIDE on their property. They make a good profit, and they offer security for their employees on the inside. If they keep their employees safe inside they can continue to work and the profit making continues. Patrons do benefit from the security on the inside of the Arena. JPJ/UVA is very quiet now after Morgan disappears from their property, and I have not heard anything about any reward money being offered from them or help in searching. The center must have liability insurance. The Reporters don't talk about this. I can't believe JPJ/UVA could not pay $10.00 an hour to someone needing a job to patrol the the property outside during a profitable concert. And security cameras would be asking for too much. If we could go back in time to that night maybe someone could of protected Morgan or helped Morgan and her fate would of been better.

It's called a toxicology report. They do them for suspicous deaths. They will find what was in her system, if there is enough of her left to do so.

Amy, you never address the question of this being a university facility not just any arena anywhere.

1st--I didn't know I was responsible for providing you with that answer...I am not a rep for JPJ or any arena.
2nd...I did state...JPJ Arena is NO different than any other arena.
I know many University arena's and they are all on campus and have all the same policy. Even non arenas have this policy.

--Curious-GEEEZ-Enough about JPJ already. If you took the time the read all the above comments then you would see it was covered from head to toe. Apparently, some people out there think policies are meant to be bended and broken. Black or white. Right or wrong. There is no gray when it comes to rules.

Bob and Dakota,
I disagree. I believe the LE knows a lot more than they are letting on. Why else would they disregard some information? Such as...the items the search team found, the tips on seeing Morgan at certain places, the injury from her fall, the mis-information about whether her car was there at the arena or not.
The clues that point to LE knowing more is that they keep searching the Pantops and withhold info from press that has obviously leaked somehow and because they have to for the sake of "surprising" the perp.
We don't want the perp knowing we know sort of attitude. Like a magician, LE and investigators cannot reveal all of their secrets. The public is only on a need-to-know basis right now...and right now we do not need to know certain info.
The friends know a lot more too I suspect. Why else leave your friend after a concert an hour or so away from where you live, in her car?
She obviously had to have met up with someone she knew and her friends knew and thought she would be ok. From what I have read Morgan is a smart girl.
I definitly would believe everything you read/hear either. It is still the media. Information is always skewed.

Just because a company can or cannot provide security cameras does not make them liable or neglectful if an accident were to occur. The company would have to be proven they knew about an incident and did nothing to be proven liable. Security measures are a bonus not a right. Law 101.
Furthurmore, I am sure the arena has cameras...just because you don't know what is on those cameras and the media doesnt know doesnt mean it hasnt been looked at.

,....I like Nancy's comment..."Maybe, if they hear enough complaints, or are sued, they will institute a change."
Too many people sueing--is this really the answer???
Just like McDonalds getting sued for making people fat...or...or..

Again, how about someone blame this person or persons who caused her to be missing??????????

All of you who are bent on crying foul at JPJ forget that Ms. Harrington is twenty years old. She is an adult (ie. old enough to take responsibility for being alert to her surroundings and safe given her circumstances). As a poster on another thread said, she was no four-year-old at a Sesame Street concert. When denied reentry, she could have stayed right outside the doors of JPJ, waiting for her friends, instead of taking off God-knows-where and telling them she "would find a ride home." The area just outside the doors is well lit and things that happen on the stairs there can be seen by people inside. I think there is even an overhang, so she could have been out of the rain.
And who knows? She may have been one of those "drunk and stoned" young people (perfectly concievable, the things young people do when their parents aren't looking would make some of you shudder), in which case she needed to be denied reentry. The arena officials are not babysitters, especially not for a twenty year old adult. If she was stoned/drunk, taking off by herself across the parking lot at night, heading towards the RV lot (which is sketchy at the best of times, there is no way I would go over there at night)she was not being very proactive in keeping herself from becoming a victim, either of her own stupidity or of someone else's.
I am not trying to "blame the victim," but at some point people, especially pretty young women like Ms. Harrington, need to start looking out for their own safety and not put themselves in dangerous situations when they have the option of being in a better situation. She could have stuck around the arena when she was denied reentry, but instead she chose to leave the relative safety of the well lit front door area.
I do hope she is found, safe and alive. I also know what being young and stupid is like, as I am 21 and have done some pretty stupid things in my life. However, my mom also raised me to take reaponsibility for my actions and to stay aware of my safety. Eventually, Ms. Harrington is going to have to bear some of the responsibility of her dissapearance.

I've read about different so-called sightings of Morgan at the concert and elsewhere after the concert. There seems to be a question as to whether she had tights on or not. Most of the sightings are of a woman sans tights. Can't her friends answer this simple question? I would hope at the very least they could remember that.
Also, why have no photos of Morgan been released that were taken at the concert or on her way to the concert. Surely, there must be a few pics on one of the friend's cell phones or on Morgan's. It would be easier to recall someone if we had a visual of her in her now famous attire. Even if there is no picture, some type of visual with someone who looked similar to Morgan. Also, was her hair up or down? And finally was she or wasn't she intoxicated? Why is this a big mystery? Again, friends should be able to answer this basic question. This is absolutely significant and should be shared with the public to know what her state of mind was. If she was intoxicated then it is more likely she could have taken a ride from a complete stranger and done something irrational.

Unfortunately, a lot of time has now elapsed. When people go missing time is of the essence and LE needs to act before the trail goes cold.

Chouva, you have been hounding every message board since October 19 defending JPJ's ridiculous policy that directly led to Morgan's disappearance. It is clear as a bell that security's refusal to allow Morgan to reenter directly led to her disappearance. yet you continually and ignorantly spout stupid things like "talking about the JPJ is a waste of time" and other drivel. What is your vested interest? Do you work there? Or are you just as ignorant and close minded as you appear continually looking for an argument

I definitly *wouldn't* believe everything you read/hear either.

I want Morgan's family to know I could not help with the screach I jave had both knees replaced and a real bad back. I am trying to get it out to everyone I can about Morgan. I pray she comes home safe and God Bless you all.

Mr/Mrs/Miss Gasbag: You make some good points, and in the case of poor Morgan, I imagine the University might pay off the family to make the matter go away, even without deposing her friends to see what illicit substances might have consumed that evening prior to entry.

Bigger picture, though, which is where this discussion seems to be heading in terms of JPJ liability, wouldn't you agree that drunken, stoned students don't make the most attractive plaintiffs?

Please don't blame the arena...its common practice everywhere. There are reasons why people cannot re-enter.
Blame the person or persons who took her for her missing!
People need to be held responsible for their own actions and stop blaming someone else.
A concert is always going to be filled with young drunk or stoned people--especially in a college town.
I am sure there was a reason for her to go outside that night. Unfortunately, she was probably in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm not a huge fan of the University's, but for all those speaking ominously of the liability they might face for their re-entry policy, I would suggest familiarizing yourselves with the doctrine of contributory negligence and how it is still the law of the Commonwealth.

Mr/Mrs/Miss JoeFriday, the defendant, John Paul Jones, has to prove the negligence of the plaintiff, Morgan Harrington.

Nothing can be proven at this point except 1) Morgan was injured and bleeding from a fall inside JPJ, 2) Morgan ended up outside the arena entrances for some reason, 3) Morgan was repeatedly denied re-entry, and 4) Morgan's purse and cell phone were found about a block away.

I'm not sure I see any negligence on the behalf of Morgan Harrington. Seems to me like JPJ should have sought medical attention for Morgan instead of debating re-entry with her. Morgan tried to get back inside where she would have been a lot safer and JPJ was negligent in not helping her remain safe.

Still back to the same point. This is a University facility not the Verizon Center or Nissan Pavilion. That is the point. Their concern for young people should necessitate a different re-entry policy.
We need to expect more from UVA, and why haven't they issued a statement ?

Sue; There were video clips of a blonde young woman in a dark top and mini-skirt without tights. I don't know whether or not these are the reports you are referencing. If so, a JMU student came forward and said she was the young woman in those clips. I believe in Virginia legally you must be 21 in order to buy and drink alcohol. I'm not sure, is this true in the case of beer? If Morgan was intoxicated, could it be that her friends haven't divluged that fact to protect the person who provided the alcohol? Or, if there were drugs involved, maybe they are trying to protect the supplier. This is only uninformed speculation, to the best of my knowledge, nothing has come forth that would indicate this group was impaired.I am really surprised that there haven't been any pictures of Morgan released from the day of the concert. I don't really find it too surprising that there aren't any security camera clips. No matter how many cameras are operating around the arena and parking lots, it would be close to impossible to have 100% coverage. But from experience, it seems that people with cameraphones are always snapping shots of each other. I just can't believe Morgan and her friends didn't take tons of pictures of each other in their concert clothes. I agree totally that if these pictures are available and made public they could bring back a memory to someone who was not aware before that he or she had seen or even talked to Morgan. It's been reported that she did appraoch several different doors trying to re-enter. Having said I'm not surprised there weren't security camera shots applies to when there were large numbers congregated in the lobby area, corridors, the concert area itself or the parking lots. I do find it somewhat odd that there would not have been security camera shots of her attempts to re-enter. Obviously, foot traffic would not be as congested as when the doors are opened for first entry. Mere speculaltion on my part, and I know speculation does not solve this mystery, but so much criticism has been leveled against the authorities about the lack of information. I do have to wonder if maybe they are holding back some clues or information that will be useful only if Morgan is found.

To Amy;

People should be responsible for their own actions--or lack of, and that should include the Officials of the JPJ Arena too for not providing any protection or security OUTSIDE on their property. They accepted a large sum of money and they did HOST the concert.

To JoeFriday:

I guess people that attend the JPJ Arena should be informed of the fact that they should fend for themselves in their parking lots if they fall victim to a crime. The only hope they have is maybe another Patron took a picture of them with a cell-phone to aid the Investigators. The JPJ Officials feel there isn't any duty to provide any security measures OUTSIDE on their property (Security Guards, security filming, lighting, etc.) I don't know if they protect the handicapped in their parking lots? Did the JPJ Arena Officials participate or help in the search for Morgan?

I still don't hear people addressing the fact, this is not a private entertainment facility, but a university building. Shouldn't that make a difference ?

UVA needs to step up and change the entrance policy at JPJ. Others have made the argument that this is standard procedure, maybe at Nissan and other private entertainment venues. This is a university facility and I hold them to a higher standard, in protecting the health and welfare of young people, and of our community.

Am I wrong ?

I am sorry. You all are right and I should be ashamed for my self-righteousness. My own life is in turmoil so my only escape is to ridicule others' comments on a blog. I should know better but I did not have a great upbringing which is why I feel entitled to believe I am the only opinion that matters. I need to seek out God and pray that I can gain knowledge and understanding through others. I need to have an open mind and realize that policy's have a reason to protect all. Let's all pray for Morgan's safe return.

What's your point?

As usual, the C'ville police are seemingly incompetent boobs unable to find their way to marked evidence found for them by 1600 volunteers. Why is that? Why no info from the family or friends re: communications with Morgan - does this not imply a connection (guilt) to these parties? The 'friends' silence and refusal to talk to media - again - no implied guilt or liability at the very least? Smells like lawyering up. I'm convinced it wasn't someone unfamiliar to Morgan and her disappearance may imply she got in a car with someone so she could have gone anywhere.

Only explanation to me that lets the Cville police and Morgan's family and friends save any face here would be that knowledge gained in the investigation points to a person familiar to Morgan - in which case I would guess the police would have to be more careful what they say and release.

re:"The arena also has a no cooler policy. Say you bring a cooler and are asked to take it back to your car or dispose of it”Šand you get hit by a car on your way back to your car”Šis the policy at fault for you getting hit because you didn’t abide by the policy????"

Another ridiculous hypothetical. It seems like you have no argument so you draw these weird hypotheticals that have NOTHING to do with WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

What happened was this: this policy led directly to this result.

re:"You have no right saying that the policy is at fault."


This is America. We have EVERY RIGHT saying WHATEVER WE WANT regarding the policies of JPJ, the Government or even the Hook's message boards.

If JPJ's policy were different, this young woman would be alive today.

another interesting item from the column is that the police at the time they were talking to the reporter were wrapping up a search of the State Farm area on top of Pantops. that's at least the second search they've done in the vicinity. earlier they were at the Ramada Inn parking lot.

why so much attention being paid to an area pretty far away from where Morgan last was seen?

1. why can't you answer the question?
2. Why are YOU attacking me? the hypothetical has nothing to do with this case--I am trying to get you to understand that just b/c there are rules/policies in place and an accident occurs is by no means held accountable for an accident. Most likely, policies are in place to keep from accidents.
You are outright blaming JPJ, seriously??? The mere fact that she was not able to re-enter -did not allow someone to abduct her/cause her disappearance.
You have skewed perception of cause and effect.
You sir are an opportunist--just waiting for accidents to happen in order to blame someone else!
ACCOUNTABILITY my friend...look it up.

My thoughts exactly. I thought it was the 3rd search there, though. I am betting someone called with a tip.

I have read much of this post and do not believe JPJ Arena to be held responsible. I have been to many sporting events in many different cities and have always seen the no re-entry policy. It's not even a new policy. For concerts the rules are much stricter.
Has anyone thought that she may have been extremely drunk and fell (hence the cut on her chin) and security removed her from the arena. I know they have thrown people out for being to drunk. And she couldn't get back in because she was too intoxicated.
Just a thought.
I hope she is found soon. I cannot fathom what her family is going through. *Prayers*

Why did she leave? Why did she walk away from the concert?
Why did she walk in that specific direction?

Side note--I am shocked to hear that people are shocked to be patted down or wanded post 9/11/2001 for any public event.
It should be. Terrorist target arena's and venues with large amounts of people.
And being a Metallica concert is going to be more strict in procedures. Its Metallica! Has anyone ever moshed while high or drunk at a heavy metal concert?? This is not the 60's. I have seen people leave with broken limbs, ribs and bloody faces. It is full of fights, partying and total debauchery. I am pretty sure there was way more policing going on inside the concert which would in turn lessen the security outside. Which in turn would be a perfect place for a perpetrator to target someone.

For what it's worth--I read that a national psychic has reported that she believes Morgan's location is either seven miles from the JPJ Arena or thirty miles from the arena. The 2nd location is suppose to begin with the letter G. Also mentioned was the Budget Inn Motel and the Pizza Hut by another national psychic. Pantops is about seven miles from the arena. I think the Investigators have nothing to loose if they take tips about where to look.


I don't know either about where the property lines are mapped, but I wish there had been a Security Officer who could of helped her or prevented her from leaving if she left willingly.

Outraged, they indeed booked some fabulous shows at U-Haul in those days! I inadvertently left out Janis Joplin, which was the most security protected concert (interior wise)that I remember attending... mainly because she was so agitatated at "the pigs" being there! Protecting the masses is what's it all about, I guess, hence the demise of Easters,leaving Scott Stadium...etc!
Yes, I was shocked at the "pat-down" in 2006, but what do you do?
You abide or walk away wasting $125 in tickets!

I still say it's not the policy to blame, but the lack of the human element of concern from security personnel, HER FRIENDS, people in the parking lot...etc.

No,we're not better off, if we fail to take care of one another, but my gut reaction is that there is more to this than we are being told, and I still don't believe that she is in this area!

God bless the Harrington's and let us hope they have some luck in locating her!

When this first happened, they said she went outside to have a cigarette. Then they said, she didn't have her ticket stub with her, so she couldn't get back in. No. 1 there should have been security outside to help her No. 2, her friends or one of them, should have gone and asked someone inside if she could get back in.
She did pay for the concert. That would be called "caring". That's swhat friends are for. They didn't do anything, right?

I have caught myself up on these comments. I must say that it got a little heated earlier. Did I miss something for shaggy to lay on the couch? Props to scoobydoo. He/she seems to have hit the nail on the head!
I did want to address Outrage's comment directly to me...."although Amy does truly seem to be a shill for JPJ or at least someone with a JPJ agenda. Why Amy? Too much Passion for someone without a JPJ career or aspiration. I’ve never seen someone so enamored of any policy w/o a personal reason"

Let me explain. I am not from around Charlottsville. In fact, I am not from Virginia...not even close. But my reason's to stick to a policy has no motives other than saying JPJ are not directly responsible for Morgan's disappearance..which shaggy is dead set on "changing " these policies b/c of this particular incident.
Changing a policy will not keep people from disappearing especially when the policy does more good than harm.
This is my point. All arena's, stadiums, concerts, sporting events have this policy in place because if people could come and go as they pleased there would be more liability for far more accidents. JPJ didn't know she was going to disappear that night. Therefore, JPJ is not negligent for the disappearance of Morgan. Letting her in may not have even helped. We don't know. There are so many what ifs...but those will not change anything NOW.

Morgan's parents are focused on only finding Morgan--so should we!
Lets focus on trying to find ways to help search for her and spread the word. I am posting flyers in my area. I-64 comes thru this way. I pray every night for Morgan's safe return.

Re Lin:
,"I was also at the Dead,James Gang,Rod,Grand Funk,James Brown, Dylan,Marshall Tucker,Boston,etc”Šall at U Hall and I think then, they could keep some of the exterior doors open”Šbut that was then and this is now!"
Lin, you saw some great performers in your time. I know you enjoyed them! Wow! What a lineup! I know your expectation for safety was assumed. and I know you had a great time.
Did you leave any of the shows early for any reason? were you denied re-admittance if so, what happened? As you say that was then... are we better now?


There have been other sightings. Most recently was the newspaper delivery woman who thought she saw her around 3:30 am on the morning of October 18 as she made her deliveries on campus. She's certain it was her and the girl she saw was with 2 other men, presumably students. The girl wore a black t-shirt, skirt and boots but no tights. Perhaps this was the woman in the video who has now been ruled out as Morgan. My point is, can't this be cleared up asking the friends if she had on tights or not.

There's so much about this case that is strange and inconsistent from the car to the tights to the bag that was found. Perhaps LE has the reasons but as we stand now there has been no progress. (Sorry if I have typos)

The ownership of the facility is immaterial to their re-entry policy. They followed best practices in their industry--which contribute to overall safety of all patrons. It is incumbent on them to follow the best agreed on practices that contribute to overall safety and clearly communicate those to patrons. It has been determined by JPJ, and every other arena in the country, that it is safer to keep people in the building rather than let them leave(to do who knows what) and re--enter. It is sound policy for any venue, regardless of who owns it and it contributes to the safety of the 100,000 plus patrons(probably far more) that attend events there.

The arena is not responsible for this. Morgan and her friends made a series of bad judgements that likely led her into the wrong hands. The blame should lie with the perpetrator, and her friends will likely be regretting their own conduct for the rest of their lives. It is natural to try to find someone to blame--in this case, we haven't found that person yet.

Amy, your sarcasm doesn't mask the fact that you are unable to state a cogent rationale for the policy other than JPJ's reduced liability. So they decided to implement THIS policy and the facts of this case are what resulted.

I don't have an emotional connection to this policy. I believe it needs to be amended. Just because some Dave Matthews Band fans aren't displeased with it isn't really a rational argument in support of it. Just because other venues do the same thing isn't a rational argument either.

We can agree to disagree, but the difference is that I'm right and you're wrong.

re:"I really believe security should be more stringent, not relaxed in the face of what very well might be a tragedy for Morgan and her family."

It is precisely this culture and climate of fear which led to the strict adherence to this policy, Amy. You should be pleased that all policies were followed!

Reminds me of when the stopped the Stones for 40 minutes so some Barney Fifes could run around Scott Stadium with their hounds. Amy would have been pleased as punch that she was being "protected" from a non-existent threat by nothing more than a dog's nose.

Young Morgan was in no way a threat to the concert goers at the Metallica concert. JPJ, as represented by their hired security, should have treated her differently than they did. She would be safe now if that were true.

Wow Shaggy, this is what Amy probably meant by attacking. That is very rude of you. You have done nothing but ridicule everyone who has posted.
The fact that most everyone commenting disagrees with you must have hurt your ego and now you are lashing out at everyone.

..."but the difference is that I’m right and you’re wrong."
Your maturity speaks volumes.

Mar and Ser,
You seem like very put together young people. I compliment both of you and your parents. It sounds like you had a firm foundation to begin with and now as young adults, you are logical and very responsible. If something really bad has happened to Morgan instead of the better option that she left on her own, I really don't see how people can seriously blame the arena if signs are posted as so many have stated. I am sure these signs did not read no re-entry except for Morgan Harrington or except for young vulnerable, women. When I was very young, I was taught that no means NO. The time to question the policy if she had any doubts was before she stepped through the exit doors, not when she was attempting to re-enter. What were Morgan's mistakes? 1, leaving the arena, 2, when she was denied re-entry, leaving the security of the well-lighted area adjacent to the building. After that, any fault as to what happened to her is in no way her own unless she has just decided to disappear. The person or persons responsible are the one(s) who took Morgan away if she left involuntarily.


LE isolated the most valuable resource at their disposal , 20,000+ possible witnesses that may have been able to offer leads if they had something to go on from day 1 ! More man hours have been spent on Morgan's disappearance by the general public/private sector than LE could ever offer!

The only credible eye witness to when Morgan was alive and well in my opinion was Mrs. Harrington when Morgan backed out of the driveway , with a hand sign of 2.4.1 . Everything after that fact is based on statements by those "friends"

I feel Morgan never made it to that Arena and the friends know why !

I have seen a previous bing link before but this one is slightly different in text and locations. I wonder if anyone asked David Gardner where the car was parked as he seems to have seen everyone as they arrived in her car. Hmmm.

I am reading everything on BlinkonCrime. All i can say is WOW!! What is going on???
Whats the info on Crozet? Where is that in reference to C-ville?


Use this link , the link allows you to move around the area with a birds eye view . Keep in mind you do not see any indication from LE of where Morgan's car was parked . Now ask yourself WHY after a month you don't see a point of interest listed for Morgan's car ?

Now keep in mind when looking at the timeline that the least reliable information in most cases are the " eye witnesses "


There have been several comments about why would an injured young lady be denied re-entry to the arena. Has it been made clear when Morgan's injury was noticed? Did someone in the parking lot report it, did the security person who denied her re-entry remember the blood, or was she seen inside the arena prior to leaving with blood on her chin? I've even read one remark that she had an injury on her nose, not chin. There are so many rumors being passed along by word of mouth that I don't think anyone in the public has the true picture of what happened that night prior to her disappearance. I have to believe that there are deliberate holes in the story being released by the authorities on the chance that someone will come forth with a statement or comment that could only be known to the person who is responsible for or assisted in the disappearance.

Wow,I thought she had driven from Roanoke to Harrisonburg, met friends, and came over here in someone else's car!

why? the JPJ thing is red herring. its an excuse.

1. not sure she was even there?
2. her friends story is weak
3. the disagreement on the car between father and LE is very strange
4. 3 seemingly rational people have reported seeing her within 48 hours of concert. where is more detail on this?
5. why was she at her dads house the night before concert and to be there again at noon the day after?? strange
6. did the family checkout in terms of their whereabouts between 8pm and 8am that night? sad, but you need to check this out and nail down a timeline for each of them.

Margie do you know if the RV lot and the bridge where she was last seen considered JPJ property? I am not from the area so not sure of the layout. If it is off the property and if they had security patrolling the property, would security see anything on the bridge or RV lot?

Amy, no where have I blamed JPJ. I merely point out the stupidity of this policy and hope that it changes

I am in no way attacking you. Please show me where I do this.

Americans have the right to question our laws and often laws change as a result. I am a true patriot.

re: "ACCOUNTABILITY my friend”Šlook it up."

JPJ should be accountable for its policies. I agree completely. Thanks for proving my point.

The JPJ, and other venues, including collegiate venues, operate under a non-readmittance policy to alleviate these problems! You cannot leave Scott Stadium at half-time and tailgate, unless you plan to stay outside... to alleviate these problems!

I attended the Dave Matthews opening of the JPJ in 2006, and when my date and I walked to the side entrance for admittance, the security people divided the males and females in separate lines, for a "pat-down"... checking for hidden alcohol bottles! They run a "tight ship"! They have to!

Shaggy, let me ask, if not the no re-entry policy, what do you suggest large arenas do to help protect people within their facility? Just proving that you have been inside the building does not prove that you are now fit to re-enter. If I go into the parking lot, drink a pint of vodka and come immediately back to the facility, I might be in pretty good condition by the time I reach the door, by the time I reach my seat, I might not be able to stand on my own. I hate to make this assumption, but let's just speculate that whoever took Morgan has been trolling arenas in Virginia and adjoining states for sometime waiting for just such an opportunity. Isn't it just possible that having a no re-entry policy, thus encouraging attendees to stay within the confines of a facility, might have saved another young woman from this fate because she heeded the policy. If Morgan was indeed abducted, as so many of us fear, then the perpetrator was an opportunist waiting for an easy target. Unfortunately, on October 17 Morgan was an easy target. She was alone, in a badly lighted area, away from her friends and other concert goers. When she found that she could not return to the arena, she made the decision to leave the relative safety of the immediate vicinity. In a perfect world, Morgan and other young people like her, should be able to walk any street without fear. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and never has been. If Morgan is being held against her will or has been harmed, the person who has harmed her is at fault, not the security person doing his/her duty to the 10,000 other concert goers, not the facility and not the facility's policy. I'm watching now the memorial service for the people killed at Fort Hood, at a military facility. This event proves you are not completely safe no matter where you are. Maybe it's imperfect, but no re-entry at arenas provides at least one extra layer of security to concert goers and sports fans. I really believe security should be more stringent, not relaxed in the face of what very well might be a tragedy for Morgan and her family.

Again people I am so astonished at how many of you have time to argue about anything and everything but how to find Morgan. A girl is missing and it is exceedingly unlikely that she has disappeared of her own accord. This means that someone has taken her. Finding that person and therefore finding Morgan is the issue.

I lived in Cville and had several family members attend UVA. Dont know about the policy at the arena. However, I thought Cville was a relatively safe town, and would have assumed that as a University town, there was some extra security surrounding the university population. I watch the news on this every day and havnt seen anything new from the police --either state or local. Has anyone else seen any new information from the police?

One thing is certain, the woman surely believes that she saw her at that Sheetz in the Orange area! It can't do any harm to do a thorough search up there... although it is in the opposite direction of where she lives!

I still don't understand the tranportation situation between Morgan and the people she was with.

Perhaps, we will find out more this afternoon, as the Harringtons' tapeing with Dr. Phil is being aired!

JPJ Arena is NO different than any other arena. There are policies that need be followed. As long as we are doing "what ifs"...
What if everyone WAS allowed a re-entry all acrossed the US in all arenas and all venues??
Well then you will have people sneaking in with a ticket stub, piggy backing off a friend. That in itself sounds to more liable than letting someone re-enter. JPJ is not babysitters they aren't going to keep track of every person coming or going...too much at risk. And if it did happen...they would be far more responsible for more accidents happening.

A rule is a rule. Its not just JPJ is every sporting event, venue, concert, in all arenas in all stadiums in America. And if you change it for one stadium...the all must be changed.

I am not emotionally attached to this policy---its people that don't want to follow policies that I have an issue with!!!
If it is reversed than some will complain about that.
For someone to Place blame on a company for DOING THEIR JOB...is ridiculous. JPJ Is not responsible for her disappearance....
Now do you want to start blaming her friends too...what about the car company that sold her the car that drove her to the concert..
why not blame her parents for buying the tickets...etc

You are delusional if you think that anyone but the perpetrator is responsible.

This young lady could have very easily gotten back into the JPJ. All she had to do was shell out the extra $75 for another ticket and they would have let her back in. All of you saying this is a security issue are incorrect, this is a money issue. If she would have had the $75 to pay for reentry, this would have never happened. Praise the almighty dollar.

Thank you ser! Finally someone on here that gets it!

Not so fast--not true. If the event was sold out..then she wouldnt have gotten a ticket. And what makes you think if she got back in that nothing wouldve happened? I have been to many concerts and know more things (drugs, sex, rape..etc) are likely to happen inside a concert than outside.
Why can't someone blame the person to caused her to be missing--HELLO???

not sold out, not even close. so to me it is a money issue for JPJ. This does not absolve the person who did this but it did provide him/her the opportunity

"Nancy November 9th, 2009 | 6:32 am
UVA needs to step up and change the entrance policy at JPJ. Others have made the argument that this is standard procedure, maybe at Nissan and other private entertainment venues. This is a university facility and I hold them to a higher standard, in protecting the health and welfare of young people, and of our community.

Am I wrong ?
Will November 9th, 2009 | 9:05 am
Nancy said: ââ?¬Å?UVA needs to step up and change the entrance policy at JPJ”Š Am I wrong?”

You are not wrong. Unless security on grounds is assured, a rigid no-reentry policy irresponsible."

~do either of you know how many people are told when they exit that they can't come back in? And they leave on their own accord. I too hope that Morgan is fine but I can't hold JPJ responsible. She's a grown woman it was her decision to make. Plus everyone makes it sound like it was a carnival atmosphere in the parking lot. Not.

I talked to a girl at the concert and she said there were large numbers of underage young people who were drunk and stoned. This is a known fact, and the University needs a system to protect these young people if they try to reenter. There should be training to recognize this and a place for these people to go --not left to wander outside separated from their friends. Again, this is not a private entertainment facility, this is a university building and I feel they must be held responsible ethically and legally for what occurs there, and for the safety of those who use this facility.

Outraged, we (meaning the entire country) were much more naieve about the definition of safety when arenas and sports stadiums had open door policies. Even though the possibility existed, few of us even thought about some nut or yes, a terrorist walking into a crowded arena, a shopping center, a school, a college campus or a military base, opening fire and killing 10s or even 100s of people. It's been a year or more since I've been to a concert at the arena, so I don't remember if there are metal detectors at the entrances. If not, there should be. This country protects our artifacts at museums in DC with metal detectors, as they should, but most large facilities have nothing to protect us other than security doing a half way check of bags and a few security cameras. I know as does everyone else, that Morgan was no danger to anyone. But to say in the face of this possible tragedy that the no re-entry policy should be scrapped is not the answer. I do think there should be some consideration of an alternate location to wait out a concert or sporting event if someone is not beligerent and is willing to be reasonably screened, can wait if he or she ends up in the same situation as Morgan. Are any of these discussions about the policy helping to find Morgan? No, but maybe they can bring about some sort of change short of allowing anyone and everyone who leaves the arena from gaining automatic re-entry. As for a boycott, I have bought tickets for two events for my family since Morgan disappeared. My children have never been allowed to leave their seats without adult supervision, but I will be even more aware of safety procedures and there will be a group of us traveling to and from our cars. Security can provide only so much protection, the public needs to try to be pro-active also. Look out for others who might be in trouble. If you don't feel comfortable addresing the situation yourself, call 911 immediately. Is there any indication that any of the people who think they came into contact with Morgan in the parking lot offered her shelter or just company so she would not be alone?

Nancy, you are right about this. I understand that 20 yr olds are adults but they are very young adults. This arena makes huge amounts of money with such events and needs to make security a much higher priority. Until they make changes, I would suggest that older adults do everything in their power to discourage young adults from attending such events at the JPJ. College students are often not self supporting and older adults are footing their entertainment bills- tell your kids the damn concert is not worth it if the site security is inadequate.

I just don't understand what's going on with some of this investigation. Did the police look into her computer hard drive to see if she was meeting up with someone she met on one of those social networks? It just seems really strange to a lot of people that someone would have a ticket for 6 months and be extremely excited about the concert, then go out and not be able to return because she forgot her ticket. Was she meeting up with someone that no one else knew about? And who in the world calls their friends to say they will find another ride home, and the friends she came with are ok with that? It just sounds really suspious. I am also a 20 year old student, and some of the things that are being reported just don't add up!

my point, ser, is that the policy should be changed.

You need to read all the comments in a thread. Taking one out of context can make it seem non sequitar, however, I was responding to other comments.

Yikes, the state police are running the investigation, so your speculation is completely unfounded and ludicrous.

Emerald, I can vouch for "ser" being 21 years of age. She is my sister, I clearly remember when she was born and yes, she DOES have moments when she is reasonable, sensible and intelligent. She's also 21 and she has moments when she's not. It's part of what I call the Delusions of Immortality of Youth. I know I had delusions of immortality at that age. Sometimes still do. But I agree with your assessment of the points that she makes. Every so often, it takes a peer to make a reasonable argument. Not that "ser" was friends with Ms. Harrington, but she is of that generation.

Shaggy, the point that you and almost everyone else seems to miss is that, as easy as it is to blame JPJ or the friends or UVa, in a case such as this, the actual culpability could be much farther reaching. Have you stopped to consider that perhaps JPJ and UVa are also victims? Their reputation is being raked through the mud by people that who have absolutely no knowledge of police procedure or University policy.

In all of life, responsibility belongs to the individual. It can be shared by parents and friends but it is NOT up to our democratically elected government to babysit people, tell them what to do and when to do it. Anyone who thinks that stricter governmental control would prevent something like this from happening is welcome to emigrate to a society where there are no freedoms.

Sue, interesting, I hadn't heard about the report from the newspaper delivery person. The clips shown on TV of the young lady from JMU appeared to be inside the arena. She looked so much like Morgan, that apparently her father thought it could have been his daughter.

re:"drunken, stoned students don’t make the most attractive plaintiffs?"

Gee, Joe, if they EVER FIND HER BODY, then maybe UVA can pay to see if she was drunk so that they can then besmirch the reputation of the DEAD GIRL?

Show a little class.


Here's the link to the Daily Progress article re: the sighting. If this is deemed to be credible, the "timeline" should be updated.


I think that the arena should simply taze anyone that wants to leave. After all who do they think they are walking out of a concert in the middle of a performance? I think metallica should sue JPJ for allowing people to leave and hurting their feelings.

Why would someone think they have the right to leave just because they choose to??? Why didn't the arena hold an intervention to get her to stay? why didn't they make he sign a release form and have an armed escort meet her outside?

What is wrong with you people?

20 year old kids drive up to Sugar hollow and get wasted out of their minds all summer. They HIDE from the cops. Assuming somebody kidnapped her, the only thing a different policy would have accomplished is the timing of the abduction and possibly made it YOUR daughter instead.

Ever wonder what the song "trippin billies" is about? Google it.

re:"Have you stopped to consider that perhaps JPJ and UVa are also victims? Their reputation is being raked through the mud by people that who have absolutely no knowledge of police procedure or University policy."

Here we have it! UVA and JPJ are the real victims.

WOW. unreal. Just wow.

Really? Is that really what you think? JPJ SHOULD have it's reputation raked through the coals! That's the point. Their policy is stupid, only serves them and resulted in this tragedy. It should change NOW.

Procedures and Policies change ALL THE TIME when they don't work.

I am not scared to voice my opinion against a policy which is DETRIMENTAL to the public and only serves JPJ's selfish interests.

If this policy were different, Morgan would be alive today.

I wish I could be there searching I am a mother of 3 children and pray that they are stay safe everyday. One thing I think we can do for the world that is missing loved ones if we learned anything from jaycee dugard so many people should have know. Peek over your neighbors fench if you see something that dont look right report it and keep reporting it with every law inforcment in your town. We have to come together and even if you can't be there searching maybe you can help just by looking over a gate. God bless this family I prey for your daughter safe return

Amy, your hypothetical is kind of ridiculous.

What happened to her DID happen. Yes, IF she was let back into the concert maybe something bad COULD have happened inside the arena. Also, maybe she would have been killed in an accident on the drive home.

Don't quit your day job. A straight line can be drawn from JPJ's enforcement of their policy and this tragedy.

All anyone is saying is CHANGE THE POLICY. Some people are apparently emotionally attached to this policy! Very, very strange indeed.

I just do not understand while so much time has been devoted to discussing the no admit policy and JPJ's liability rather that discussing how and what can be done to find Morgan. I am a mother of college age kids and although I do not condone some of their activities, it is all a part of growing up. No child deserves to have harm come to them because they were being a kid. I agree that more details need to be released because I think by releasing those details they will get more information. For example, what about the person that reported seeing Morgan at 3:30 am with 2 males. . .why hasn't anyone followed up on that lead or at least addressed that lead as credible or not? Although not likely, she may still be alive. At this point, I think all information should be released. . . how horrible would it be to find that she was actually alive and could have been found if only some piece of vital information had not been released. . . remember it was the public that caught the sniper after the license plate was released. . .

The main reason that I can see why so much effort has been devoted to the discussion of the no re-admittance policy at JPJ is quite simply, and for lack of a better analogy, it was, and is "ground zero" in Morgan's disappearance. See the timeline. I am curious as a parent myself, and I mean no disrespect to you, which of your chilren's activities don't you condone? If you don't condone them, do you allow them anyway in spite of yourself or your beliefs, and them? Are they better or safer because of your condemnation?
Now the reason to question JPJ's policies and re-admittance policies is to make our kids safer in the future. Let's not make the same mistake twice. Morgan has vanished, I feel partially due to negligence on part of the venue. However, I believe and pray that she will be safely reunited with her family soon. But don't let it happen again.
I'm fairly confident that all leads are being followed up by local and state and even federal Law enforcement. They sometimes hold back information as to not tip off suspects in terms of what they do know. It's sort of like a poker hand. It's frustrating I know, especially in the case of a missing person.
I truly believe that now JPJ must reevaluate its no re-admission policy in the sake of safety going forward. Please let's learn some sort of lesson here and make JPJ the venue where we can send our children and ourselves to a concert or show with full expectations that when it ends they will return to us just as we sent them only better for the experience.

Hey Amy -- it's for a jury to decide.

Thank you scooby doo, mar, ser and April. Finally, people who understand that actions have consequences and policies are in place for a reason. Regardless, we still need to stay focused about finding Morgan.
I can see where some people are just trying to blame anyone for her disappearance in order to justify...but it does not make it morally right. You can blame all you want but it won't make her return any quicker. Let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers and not to forget that finding her is more important that trying to figure out the mystery behind that fateful night. Let's leave that up to LE and PI's.

I was stating hypotheticals to prove a point to another poster. For you to imply that you know more about this case makes me suspicious of you.
Your comment "Clearly THIS policy led to THIS situation"
You have no right saying that the policy is at fault. She may have left the venue on her own accord. It is a fact that the guards tell you that once you leave you will not be re admitted even with a ticket stub. It is posted, spoken, on the website and on the ticket itself. Like I said before, in bad situations it is usually one misfortunate event leading up to another to cause accidents.

The arena also has a no cooler policy. Say you bring a cooler and are asked to take it back to your car or dispose of it...and you get hit by a car on your way back to your car...is the policy at fault for you getting hit because you didn't abide by the policy??????

you mean the post where he told us to google "trippin billies" and talked about getting wasted at sugar hollow?

Wow, can't argue with that!

I mean, seriously. you can't.

Mary, I'm not lashing out. The policy is ridiculous. The fear that inspired it is misplaced.

I don't have respect for the argument that a policy is right because it's a policy and therefore shouldn't change because it's right. But that's pretty much the arguments on this thread.

This policy was strictly adhered to. I'm sorry to say that Morgan would be safe today if it wasn't.

Re:Lin and others
"I attended the Dave Matthews opening of the JPJ in 2006, and when my date and I walked to the side entrance for admittance, the security people divided the males and females in separate lines, for a ââ?¬Å?pat-down””Š checking for hidden alcohol bottles! They run a ââ?¬Å?tight ship”! They have to!"

Not so hard to realize or understand that in the post 9/11/01 era that the younger generation take erosion of their basic rights as a given. This is no attack against you Lin or DMB fans, but I have been to many events at JPJ and have never seen this occur. Even at the "Dead" (talk about a subculture,) such heavy handed security pranks did not occur. Had this happened I probably would have sarcastically objected, but then, I probably would have been refused admittance for being an argumentative freak. .Why are policies for some concerts different from others? It's probably because the young are continually indoctrinated to the new world order. Mr Jefferson would not be happy.
Amy & Shaggy both have good points aside from the personal attacks, although Amy does truly seem to be a shill for JPJ or at least someone with a JPJ agenda. Why Amy? Too much Passion for someone without a JPJ career or aspiration. I've never seen someone so enamored of any policy w/o a personal reason. IMHO.
and then there's ScoobyDoo

"I think that the arena should simply taze anyone that wants to leave. After all who do they think they are walking out of a concert in the middle of a performance? I think metallica should sue JPJ for allowing people to leave and hurting their feelings."

I thought that this particular gem of cynicism was refreshingly hilarious in the face of this overly sad story. I even LOLed.

I still believe that there are gray areas in any policy and that the onus of responsibility "still falls squarely on the shoulders of JPJ" A certain amount of discretion is required, or should be; of anyone entrusted with "security" in any venue anywhere. It should be apparent to anyone with discretion that an injured young adult female requesting re-admittance would or should be given more latitude than a hypothetical large young inebriated male suspiciously attempting to "beat the system" I realize that this smacks of some sort of profiling but let's get real here OK? It happens at your local airport in real time. Can I get a thought or a prayer? This could have been prevented if JPJ had some sort of latitude in their policy. As I said before, Security could have stayed with Morgan until her friends came to get her. Let's create such a place of safety moving forward. I know it requires change, and change is hard. But Charlottesville is one of the greatest places to live in the country because we are leaders not followers.
Let's hope that Morgan Is found and returned to her family, safely, today!
Please JPJ do some furthur training to address security concerns and amend this re-admittance policy. Compromise for safety! And from a purely selfish perspective Please add another smoking area! We're not cattle, nor are we pigs, just addicted, although, we may be pariahs. we're not bad people, just need more space to puff on the side where we sit.

The point is, as a university facility they should be held to a higher standard and should change their way of operating this facility to provide a higher level of safety for the young people and students attending these events. Maybe, if they hear enough complaints, or are sued, they will institute a change. So far I haven't heard any such statement from UVA, the owner of this property.

I read somewhere that the investigators did not even consider all of the items found during the searches to be worthy of further investigation. I was on a search, and we were told if we found something potentially related, to tag a nearby spot with evidence tape and write down the location and report what we found during our de-briefing. We weren't supposed to touch anything or disturb it in any way. So how is it that police felt that out of everything found, none of it was even worth going out again to look at? I realize they can't investigate everything, but if someone finds, say, a men's shirt, isn't there a possibility, however remote, that it could have Morgan's blood or some other DNA evidence on it? Short of any other clues, wouldn't something like that at least warrant sending out an investigator to actually look at the evidence and see if it warrants more attention?

I would love to hear someone with inside knowledge of criminal investigations comment on how these this is usually done.

Clarification on previous post: I read that investigators didn't investigate ANY of the items found by searchers.

Two additional comments and I for one will let the no re-entry policy rest, but continue to pray for Morgan and her family. After all, we wouldn't be having this discussion if not for the fact that she is missing. Those who say that the no re-entry policy at UVa events have no correlation to 9/11/2001 obviously did not attend games at Scott Stadium before that Tuesday. The next game was scheduled for a Thursday, 9/13/2001. As were so many sporting events, that game was postponed to a later date. I do not remember the date of the next home game, but I do remember the ribbons painted onto the field and the banners across the stop of the stadium. I also remember that it gave me a chill when the announcement was made that there would be no return to the stadium if anyone left at 1/2 time. It was another reminder of the reality that we now lived in a changed world. I don't remember at that time whether or not readmittance was allowed on a previously unused ticket. I think, for security reasons, this is a bad addition to the policy. If I wished someone in the arena harm, having to pay for an additional ticket would not be a deterrent. I hope this whole sad event will cause a complete review and strenthening of security both inside and outside of the arena. There have been questions about why UVa and the people running security have made no comments. The people asking these questions have apparently never worked in a corporate environment. Whether or not a company feels a law suit would have merit in the courts, employees are always told when there is even a possibility of litigation that no public statements are to be made. I remember being told when I was hired, never say anything in public or put anything in writing that you are not willing to repeat or have read in court. At the appropriate time, I hope UVa and arena management will make a public statement, but I can understand the silence at this time if there is nothing to be said that would aid in the search. And just so there is no doubt, my defense of the no re-entry policy comes only from my belief that my family is safer and much more likely to enjoy attending events with this policy in place. I do not, nor does anyone in my family work for UVa, the arena or RMC. God bless Morgan, god bless her family, and may she return to her family soon.

To Amy:

Walmart feels a moral duty (and maybe a legal duty) to provide security measures in their parking lots for their Patrons, they understand. I don't want my Mail-man to fall on unsalted ice on my driveway and I would protect him from biting dogs too. I feel this way--as a duty. The issue to me borders on neglect. Ignorance under the law isn't bliss.

I am disabled, not able to participate in the search, but I want Morgans family to know that I am following all the media coverage and am here at home praying continually that they find their daughter safe and no harm has come to her! I pray that this has a happy ending soon and for all concerned! I praise all those who have given their time and energy to help in the search for Morgan, I know God will put a star in their crown. I am sure that there are many, many people that share my feelings. God Bless you all!

I echo Dakota's comments. Law enforcement has bungled this case from the start, when the lead investigator told the public that Harrington was wearing a Panera t-shirt. The public ignored him and on its own accord decided that he must have meant Pantera. Law enforcement aren't the only ones who have bungled this case. JPJ should also answer for its lackluster performance.

If the door people had not turned the poor girl away, into the rain, she would be with her family and friends right now. Period. I hope that JPJ makes a public statement about their policy, and how they plan to change it.

A boycott campaign is already being prepared.

Speak, JPJ officials; speak, UVA: Why did you turn the girl away into the cold rain? And don’t insult us by saying it was for security.

Don’t pretend that you did it to protect people from themselves, tacitly vilifying the public by insinuating that people who need re-entry are people going outside to get wasted. That is already covered by the law, it doesn’t need to be reinforced by JPJ’s idiotic policy. If someone goes outside to get wasted, arrest them. But that would be hard with no law enforcement in the parking lot, now wouldn’t it?

Margie and Nancy,
What is with the urge to place blame on the arena?

"I guess people that attend the JPJ Arena should be informed of the fact that they should fend for themselves in their parking lots if they fall victim to a crime."

I don't think anyone needs to be informed they need to fend for themselves--That is a given everywhere!!
I would not dare take litigation against Wal-Mart if some crazy were to steal my purse in the a wal mart parking lot!
Wal Mart would not deem libel!
Do you understand yet that no one is to blame but the person who caused her to be missing?

I still want to know what the VSP found on her computer. She had to be communicating with someone prior to the concert. I don't think Morgan was all sugar and spice like her parents believe she was. I hope the best for all of them.

You have completed left the reservation and lost all understanding on ALL of my posts. Go back and re-read them...S-L-O-W-L-Y.
If Morgan wanted to stay inside the arena all she had to do was stay in the arena and not leave.
Just b/c YOU don't like a policy shouldn't mean it should be changed.
Now you are just taking quotes of mine and re-writing the meanings.
I WILL SAY IT AGAIN---The policy is not to blame for her disappearance. The perp is.
Unless you are the perp and trying to find a way to take eyes off of you...hmm???
Do you blame your school for your ignorance??

seems to be some new info today that her car was left in crozet, and she was seen in crozet at brownsville market after concert.the car story never added up and now appears to be falling apart. if true, this eliminates the whole JPJ issue of this story.LE or family never said the car was in crozet and the friends never said they had any type of stop in crozet. this stroy is going to have a strange ending

I don't give must credence to the Crozet, Brownsville Market report, but just for people who aren't familiar with Charlottesville, the bridge where Morgan was last reported to have been seen is on Copeley Road (or Copeley Street, I'm not sure of the correct name.) If she was headed away from the arena area, she would have come to the Ivy Road/250W intersection maybe a city block from the bridge.

Amy ,

I would take that sighting with a grain of salt .

there seem to be 3 credible stories in the 48 hours after the event where morgan was seen by others.

the newspaper lady at 330 in the am
at a Sheetz in Orange the next day
At the metallica concert by a father and son the next night

the reporters on this issue must just stink, as they need to be pressing LE on these 3 leads and get them to either publicly discount these leads or comment on them.

talking about the JPJ is a waste of time

There are smoking sections inside the arena. there is no re-admittance even with a ticket stub. People cannot come and go as they please for an event. She had her car there, why didn't she get her keys to sit in her car until the show was over?

sad very sad. Unless they get lucky and stumble on the perp, i dont think this one is ever solved. i dont trust her friends, but they would of cracked by now if they played a bigger role, other than simple negligent friends. they must not have any clue or they would of broken by now. even if she ran off, 3 weeks is a long time and she would have made some type of communication by now.

ser, she is the VICTIM.

Why are people eager to find out if she was intoxicated? The context is JPJ's liability. So JPJ is eager to find out if she was drunk so that it doesn't have to change the policy?

Show some class, people.

Amy, a rule does not remove liability. So what if other venues adopt the same rule. Some venues don't. So what?

Clearly THIS policy led to THIS situation. That is undeniable. Yes, the perpetrator is responsible. Since you are fond of hypotheticals, I would posit that IF this policy wasn't in place, this woman would be safe right now.

Ser,Are you sure your 21 years old...If you are then i congratulate you because you are one very responsibly,intelligent sensibly young adult and a breath of fresh air in this day and age..If all young people thought like you the world would be such a better place.I agree with you 100 percent on everything you said..Parents dont have a clue to what their children are up to once their out of sight and what they tell them is a fraction of the truth..Parents always claim they know exactly what their children are like and know them in every way,,this is rubbish.When their at home they are different totally to when their with their friends.Of course thank god there are still some young people with wonderful relationships with their parents and are very honest and open with them and visa vera,,these relationships are special and it should be that way with parents and their children but sadley it is not always that way..You obviously have a great relationship with your parents and that is brilliant.I agree with you she is an adult and responsible for her own actions.Who knows what happened that led up to the point it is at now but obviously something did.
Now we have a missing girl and no clue as to where she is.I would like to remind everyone out there that although this is very tragic for the people that love Mogan,i would like to say that there are thousands apon thousands of people, young and old that are missing right now all around the world that are somebodys loved one and many hearts are breaking not just morgans family...
There is alot of focus on this case and its very important we focas also on all the other missing people out there.

All I can say is this--it speaks VOLUMES to me that UVA/JPJ Officials are so silent with their OUTSIDE security policies. In this world we live in today, we have to be mindful of the need to take care of and protect each other, especially the ones with the money and ability to do so.

What was untrue?

Nancy said: "UVA needs to step up and change the entrance policy at JPJ... Am I wrong?"

You are not wrong. Unless security on grounds is assured, a rigid no-reentry policy irresponsible.

re:"because you didn’t abide by the policy?"

Oh and by the way, Morgan abided by the policy TO THE LETTER. She DID NOT RE-ENTER THE ARENA.

Because of this policy, she is no longer with us.


"The fastest way to turn an active case COLD is to frustrate the public with inconsistencies and unclear information."


Shaggy, I'm the Dave Matthews fan WHO IS CONCERNED... but you are missing the point most of us are attempting to convey!
You need to scroll up about 10 or 12 threads, and read what "Scoobydoo" said! I'm sure you are familiar with him!

I think they should take retina scans of every concert goer, breathalizers and pee tests. Then if someone wants to leave and come back they could simply go through the eye scan to confirm who they are, pass a breathalizer to make sure they won't fall down drunk and hurt anybody, and if they make it that far then they can simply hang in the "holding " area and wait for the toxicolgy report to come back if a few days. If they pass then they should be able to return to their seat.

It is hard enough to search 16000 people without having to search half of them twice. It is not as much about money as it is common sense. JPJ made a decision that kidnappings aside... the other 15999 people were better off without people running in and out to get drunk or high between bands. With everyone in from the beginning the obliterated drunks are few, far between and manageable.

JPJ has ZERO obligation legally or morally to protect people from being kidnapped ... probably off their grounds?..... beyond lights and normal security.

Of course we we could just imbed all pretty white girls with a GPS chip and add it to the price of admission.

Back off the JPJ thing and lets talk about what to do with the sickos that do this kind of crap.

well said, scoob. I think the policy should be amended, but clearly the jerk that did this isn't JPJ.

Outraged (and others), thank you for the well thought out, well written posts. While I may not agree with all of your points, you do make good arguements and it is nice to see reasonable discussion.
And, scoobydoo, I have some ideas for what can be done with these sickos, but I'm also pretty sure they are the kinds of ideas that will get deleted as soon as the moderators see them... :)

Outrage,I was also at the Dead,James Gang,Rod,Grand Funk,James Brown, Dylan,Marshall Tucker,Boston,etc...all at U Hall and I think then, they could keep some of the exterior doors open...but that was then and this is now!

I was told by RNC people that the group had been to BW3 before the Metallica Show,so I assume they were having a good time.Have you noticed that they haven't said anything about that on tv or internet coverage!

Amy, the 'couch-sitting' shaggy wasn't the real shaggy. It was an impostor attempting mockery.

I wonder why David Gardner is the only person that knows exactly where Morgan's car was parked ? That's assuming his story is crediable .

Again I don't buy it . David Gardner is another one looking for his 15 min of fame .


this is the link to the David Gardner story.
He knows exactly where they were parked if he saw them get out of the car.

Amy and Margie,
The RV parking lot and the bridge are diagonally across from The JPJ Arena... maybe 150 to 200 yards from the front of the Arena. The entire area is UVA property. The lot is tucked in next to the track and field (unlighted)spot.Beside that is the baseball stadium, and another stadium where soccer and lacrosse are played.

Unless they had parked their car in that grassy area, I can not imagine why she walked to that area.If there were no other game activities with lights on over there, it is really dark this time of the year!

Crozet is located approximately 15 miles west of Charlottesville and is a straight shot on rt 250 w to I-64. The Arena is also off of rt 250 or Ivy Rd. in C-ville. This is the first I've heard of a Crozet connection

You mean the same David Gardner that said Morgan ask him what the opening acts were to a concert she was excited about for 6 month's . I find it hard to believe Morgan didn't know who the opening bands were .

I don't buy it ! If it were true would we not have a detailed description of the make , model and color of Morgan's car and it's EXACT location the night of this event to put out to the public to jog memories of those who may have parked/ or been in the area of Morgan's car .

So what is with this new sighting that no one seems to know..?????
It was posted Nov 8-9. She told police and they investigated the tapes but did not see anything?????
She saw her Sunday morning. I dunno but it sounds pretty real.

Her bank account was overdrawn so it wasn't a money issue for them, the issue was on her. We don't know the details, why she went outside in the first place or where she was headed or what happened to her. The event/management assumes no legal responsibilty to someone if they opt to leave the event (with a verbal warning)
It could have been someone else. In any incident it is usually a chain of misfortunate events that lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Same with a car accident...a stray bullet...etc

Not true was meaning that nothing would've happened to her if she got back in. We don't know that. She may have been targeted...or not.

I have read she was hurt, she might have fallen victim to the whole idea, "OKAY OKAY I AM FINE, leave me alone". and everyone left her alone,then she went down to the ladies room to freshing up and settle her nerves from being kinda embarressed...and ended up outside the arena...she could have had a head injury when she fell...and noone paid much attention to how she was acting becasue her frined around her knew what the obvious was......someone took that as an opportunity to make her feel better by offering her drugs to calm her... i have seen people solicit unassuming bystanders and offer them some stuff before....not even knowing them and offer it to whomever would take it...freaked me out. ..people are always apt to shushing someone if a concernt or movie is going on...anything just to hush them..silence them, make it appear everything is less offensive then it really is....she feel into misfortune becasue she was niave....it is a cruel world.